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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
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Wolborg 2's shaft in Zeus CG + Base is actually one of the alternatives to using it with Dranzer S casings in BK's base for attack purposes (with the drawback of no left spin). It's a very tight fit and should stay fixed (mine does). Super fast just like the other one.

Btw, anyone mind testing what moves faster between a fixed Wolborg 2 shaft combo and a Uriel 2's attack tip based combo? Maybe do a video if possible. I remember Nic mentioning WB2 was still faster (the tip can be mint or slightly worn). I have no Uriel 2 so I can't test that one.
Wait, you use dranzer s' casings for that thing? That explains why it seemed odd to me using whatever casings I was, as you had to push it through... Derp. EDIT: Wait, nope, you still have to force the sides of the tip through the end of burning kerberous's base, and it's still difficult to remove :\

Hmm, Wb2 is likely in that kinda range, speaking from mislaunches of defensive zombies, but then it's also gonna be much more awkward to launch properly (and keep aggressive) as it's not a flat tip, so it'll lose traction once it hits the centre of the stadium in a relatively upright position, though I guess a more worn tip would reduce this, still... :\

I'll look into it next time I'm able to test anything in a stadium without waking family members. Can't do vids yet though, need to find a way to film and a good area and then learn to cut it properly. :\

In Zeus's SG, the tip still spins a bit freely, so for smash attack it could be a bit awkward, but idk really as I haven't tried it yet.
(Nov. 11, 2011  6:05 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Wait, you use dranzer s' casings for that thing? That explains why it seemed odd to me using whatever casings I was, as you had to push it through... Derp.

Dranzer S's casings are short, so this ends up with a lower height than with other casings. While the casings fit just fine in BK's base, their lower height means the rubber tip doesn't go through the opening at its bottom fully, so it stays "fixed".

On one hand it's kinda of a shame WB2's shaft doesn't spin freely in Zeus CG. The combo of those 2 along with Zeus base is quite low and with the shape of the base it would be very hard to upper attack effectively.
Right, just got home and tried it and I'm afraid it still has to be forced through similarly to taller casings, and is still difficult to remove, and it seems to be deformed quite badly by repeated insertion and removal... Nyeeeeehhhhhhhhh. I'll still give it a go when I can though, and yes it is quite perfectly fixed (though IIRC taller casings still fix it very firmly.)

Mmm, though in Zeus's SG, the tip still spins quite freely, so for smash attack it could be a bit awkward, but idk really as I haven't tried it yet.

If it did spin freely, I guess it could be good but even with a tip that low, EG bases still have pretty average LAD, especially when compared to that of Dragoon V2 or Burning Kerberous's bases with good Support Parts. And it'd have some issues with scraping I'd guess

Also, just realised the implications of using Dranzer S's casings in Burning Kerberous's base. Though that said seeing as that's mainly just the full auto clutch shaft and I generally do much better with Uriel 2's tip, meh. Still good to know though.
To add to your interpretation of my previous post, Bearing Stinger's shaft is, so far as I can tell, just a slightly wider tipped version of the original Wolborg's with the plastic that attaches it to the metal going a bit further up (so it's probably not quite as smooth either). The casing, however, is probably the tallest available since the tip of it's shaft is one of the thinest.

Zeus' tip is probably what inspired the design for the D tips but it does not work in the same way. It comes to a point like they do but its slopes are far less steep, to the extent that its motion resembles that of CS, though without the brief pauses when changing direction that the two materials' difference in friction causes. In my view, when on a very compact combo, it is one of the best attack tips there is, though I was never part of the competitive scene so take that with a pinch of salt.
(Nov. 11, 2011  12:12 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:37 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:32 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Okay im sure it is i did before, but IDK.
BTW genocide circle is good

man you're just killing McFrown inside


Sorry; but im just gonna have to take pics to rub it in now Tongue_out.

Is bearing gyros WD any good, i know its banned but just curious.
It's game-breakingly good.
I was hoping not to use bearing gyros until the tourney; but thats getting really hard now XD.
AR: Great Dragon
S-AR: Screw Zeus
WD: Wide Defence
S-ARConfusedcrew Zeus
BB: SG Wing base with storm grip rubber (if its legal)= King of smash (that lasts about 5 seconds on guess
This is all a guess but heck; seen it .
Is this even legal 0.0
I don't think any parts other than the AR of Bearing Gyros are legal.

I don't know about the base at all, I'm afraid, the AR configuration is though.
That's so ridiculous lol. Gabriel has the worst BB.
Yeah i know lol ,I'm only saying since the BB can hold an SAR and if its legal the plastic just needs to be changed with storm grip base. Still properly terrible though Tongue_out.
Zeus Sub-AR doesn't fit most other ARs since it's too chunky so it likely wouldn't fit the base anyway.
That's only because it clashes with AR's. You might need to use a smaller wd or something but nothing about the base should restrict it.
Ok. Are we sure it'll fit Great Dragon though? I know for a fact that it doesn't fit Gaia Dragoon V and G's ARs.

Also, there is one thing you can do in the way of customising Zeus' SG that actually works: removing the top bearing allows the shaft to tilt slightly, meaning it stays in attack mode far longer if using its own tip. I have been lead to believe this is illegal but it certainly works well.
Yes, and it is supposedly the best AR for it. Deikailo used a great dragoon/screw zeus combo as her main bey (iirc) for plastics remembrance day.

And yeah that no bearing thing is illegal.
So, would you mind explaining why it's illegal? I can't really see the difference between it and what you've been doing with the SG.
Oh yeah, great dragoon fixes it in place so it can use it's smash properly.

War lion fits screw zeus (and holds it in place) but not well enough, it damages both slightly and would probably increase the risk of war lion snapping. The dark series ar can be screwed on with it but it seems to bend it a little, war monkey seems fine but would probably be obscuring the contact points a little.

As for the sg thing "if there is room for a part it must be filled", and the casings have room for two bearings.

Plus I've been told previously that using a shaft and casings that can fit bearings without using bearings is illegal.

Plus, that wobbling is obviously not intended use.
Oh hey, there's another base that zeus's shaft can be used in, using wolborg's casings.

Sadly that base is trygle's ski base thing so yeah.

Worth noting by the way that I don't know if any of this is legal, and don't particularly care, other than the uriel 2 thing, as they are of no competitive use.
Hah, just realised trygle's sg jumping base can fit basically any bearing sg/shaft (though the ski's sit lower than some). Again useless, but it's that kinda thing I love about plastics.
Oh, btw, the hole in uriel 2's flat tip is exactly the right size to hold a shaft, so theoretically you could put it in wolborg 2's casings and have a bearing in there, though it still wouldn't move well due to the friction that keeps the tip in there. Still, just another weird coincidence.
Yay quadruple poasting!

Anyways, I did a quick comparison between uriel 2's tip and the fixed wolborg 2 tip thing. Keep in mind I'm used to uriel 2's tip and maybe I just didn't get the perfect angle for wolborg 2's, but anyways.

The only time wolborg 2's tip moved faster was when it went out of control, hitting walls and hurting itself. Sure, this could be deadly buuuut...

The attack doesn't last long enough. Remember, the tip is pointed, it reverts to defense, whereas uriel 2's keeps attacking.

Uriel 2's tip was faster outside of moments where wolborg 2's tip went crazy. Try as I might to reproduce that at launch or in any reliable manner, I couldn't.

Also, I think I matched that "out of control" speed with uriel 2's tip a few times, it just occured more (albeit randomly and not in a flower pattern) with wolborg 2's tip.

That said, wolborg 2's tip isn't a bad attack tip in that setup by any means, it's really very good, it's just that uriel 2's is probably the best, being more consistent and controllable.

This was all done in a tornado attack using a driger v2 ar and sp, 10 heavy and burning kerberous' base. Just cos I find driger v2+10 heavy to be the best choice for an sp enabled attacker.
I still like Wide Defense better.
I'm just perpetually infatuated with that weight disk.
Yeah, well, with Driger V2 I get the feeling it obstructs the slopes.

And if there's one thing I'm well known to dislike (eg my cw choice article thingo for mfb, anything I ever wrote about the screw wheel, etc), it's obstructin' da slopes.

Otherwise I'd totally be using it there.

IIRC the other day someone asked about weight disks and I was just like "Wide Defence for everything, srs". I wrote out a list of every combo and it was either first or second for everything other than compacts. Hazel had to remind me about driger V2.
yeah, slopes seem like NBD on Driger V2. It's more Smash than Upper tbh.
Really? Mine seems to be mainly upper attack, it does a lot of lifting. I mean, at that size it's going to have some smash, but mine seems to be less "pushing" them out and more "launching" them out Speechless

Could be due to what I'm playing against though. I've been using the "defense combo" listed on wolborg 2's article a lot, mainly for laughs, because despite the arguments for it's continued inclusion, it's really, really, really average at defence, and all the RPM in the world couldn't save it being thrown around like a wet doily, despite having sacrificed any semblance of life after death or spin steal for it, using 10 heavy and wolborg 1's base (along with using a right SG to just completely remove that ability). It also sacrifices any physical protection from upper attack in doing this.

I really should just do the damned testing and prove it but I'm really, really lazy.

That said, my Driger V2 combo is lifting weight-based defense combo's too soooo...

(Nov. 13, 2011  2:10 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, slopes seem like NBD on Driger V2. It's more Smash than Upper tbh.

My Driger V2 sends things flying vertically, or at a vertically-inclined angle, not horizontal. I rarely get straight "smash" KOs - at least based on appearances.

For the record, I typically tested it against Compacts and such.