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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
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I don't like the metal trigger. It feels comfortable but when attempting any kind of shooting technique it's just cumbersome.
Also Driger F's shaft preforms better in the Attack Stadium than Tornado Attack imo. Tornado Attack is too glossy (made out of POM?) and slick and metal tips lose a lot of speed.
IIRC i have rubber trigers i think comming, its nothing that i "noticed" exactly when i switched between staduims.
Seem about the same to me, though, the materials may be different. Will compare tomorrow if I remember.
So, why dont rubber bases act differently ?
(Oct. 13, 2011  5:15 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]So, why dont rubber bases act differently ?

They do?
What am I missing?
If you mean in Tornado Attack and not amongst themselves they face the same challenges as a metal tip but to a lesser extent. They're a bit slower with more stamina.
Right gottcha.
Hmmmm Survivor Ring vs Defence Ring vs Twin Guard vs Cross Survival
Lol whats better XD
Hmf, on my teenie tiny mind, I recall that I used Draciel G and Dragoon V2's base as an attack a few years ago. I always beleived in the draciel AR generation to have decent attack the way its shaped. But you guys are more experienced...... :V help me out?
Well, Draciel series has got the worst ARs throughout, IMO. Dragoon V2's base is extremely useful as it allows the use of Bearing Core. Otherwise, Dragoon Grip Attacker's BB is always better for attack. Smile
A better Left Spin AR I know of is 8 spiker. I hope this is what you needed?
Its also OK for attack but has recoil from when i had a look, might be decent for OHKO though
- If you were talking about Dragoon V2's AR, then yes, it has been great for OHKO combos. Even Beywiki says that. Smile
No i mean draciel G, it has a more range than say whale attacker (seaborg) i think. I think thought its isn't a solid weight at the contact point that ruins the potential.
I agree with you though. There is less weight at the contact points. Also, the contact points aren't well defined. In fact, they are too short. And as you said, the huge gaps between such short contact points= recoil. Smile
The only Draciel AR which I expected to have potential was Draciel V2. Well defined contact points(not THAT well defined, though) were what made me believe that it was good.
EDIT- Unfortunately, it turned out to be OK.
Carrying on from here:

I've posted this in random thoughts and other threads before, it can only be forced in unnaturally, and should certainly not be legal at all. If you go through the last few pages of random thoughts (though be aware I use 50 posts per page display so yeah), you'll find my discussion. I'm currently semi-talking about it with Kei to try to get to the bottom of it.

I'll copy over my post with all the stuff I noticed that is rather questionable in terms of the rules but still mentioned on beywiki when I get a moment.

: I figured that name was just because of it's ability to hold SP.

Uriel 1's BB can fit bearing cores. Uriel 2's might, but that doesn't mean it's tip will fit into other ones.

Wow we really spammed random thoughts what was it like 2 pages ?
Thats nice, uriel 1 is fairly carp though, mostly because the spikes are too thin, dragoon C2 would be better since they can hold an SP aswelll as bearing cores.
(Nov. 06, 2011  2:03 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Wow we really spammed random thoughts what was it like 2 pages ?
Thats nice, uriel 1 is fairly carp though, mostly because the spikes are too thin, dragoon C2 would be better since they can hold an SP aswelll as bearing cores.

Most of the posts in Random Thoughts weren't really discussing parts in a competitive or tournament nature, or even in a play environment, so they qualified more along the lines of Random Thoughts, otherwise I would've derailed it to this thread pretty quick myself.

I was always under the impression that modifying the tips on Dragoon V2 was allowed, especially given its prominent focus on several Beywiki articles.

All of the V2 Beyblades have "Customize" in their BB names, do they not? I also assumed it was attributed to SP.
That's what we were discussing, there's a few things like that on the wiki that are mentioned but don't match the rules all that well. EVERYONE uses customise grip for zombies though, but yeah, the rules state if the tip is part of the base, it must be used with that base. If it's part of the SG, it's fine to swap.

Which is funny, because Dranzer S's article iirc states that only dranzer S's SG can be used with the base, however, the tip is part of the SG, not the base, so you'd be able to use whatever you want.

And yeah, the customise thing I'm pretty sure is the SP thing.

: Yeah, uriel one also has those spikes, even wolborg 2's base would be better for zombies. Uriel 1 is like a mirrored Dragoon V with a thin AR that looks like turtle survivor.

OH also, in the OP you mentioned Gaia Dragoon S's Sub Ar. That thing is the same one that comes with Guardian Driger, and it sucks. The main AR, however, was used in combination with Zeus' sub-ar by Deikailo on plastics remembrance day, and it was very, very good.
Is gyro's BB any good for like anything at all ? Is it just the same as wolborg 4 im not sure tbh, it might be good for whats the name (i fogot) ?
Don't think the BB is legal, and they all had different bases/tips iirc for their respective gimmicks.

Btw, Seeing as Burning Kerberous' base is the narrowest base used for zombies/swapping sg's, I tried putting uriel 2's tip in that, it just fell through. Driger F's base might be the correct size (maybe a touch small), however all the mechanisms and stuff just get in the way, and would mangle the tip anyways. Also, this would mean uriel 2's bb would be too narrow for use with bearing sg's and stuff.
@th!nk- Oh, I thought it was because it could really be Customized....
But still, Customize Grip has been used in conjunction with Bearing Shafts all these years...
Who knows, this might be an exception to the Rules...
What about dragoon V2 BB, look alright but not sure...
What, for putting uriel 2's tip in? It's wider than Burning Kerberous' base, so no deal there. I've tried basically every bey I have that could fit it, though generally anything wide enough to fit a bearing SG is going to be too wide for it.

Pretty annoying design that. It's like Takara designed it so the self-destruction would counter it's great power so it didn't imbalance everything.

Given how widespread that particular use of customise grip is, I doubt it'd be changed. I don't think anyone would want to change it, and I'd trust the committee to find a good reason not to anyway Tongue_out_wink

BTW Poseidon, the only hole in any base I've found that would be the right size for uriel 2's tip is the grease ball canister of Draciel F, and not only would that be illegal, the whole tip thing doesn't fit in there anyways.
BRB, I just had an interesting idea that I need to disassemble a few beys to try...
Oh god this will be good, if this works i swear to gods ...
Hazel may need to do more than jelly shots of Kei's launcher grip to get it legalised, but it works.

SHORT VERSION: Uriel 2's Tip part fits snugly into the bottom of Wolborg 2's Casings. This can then be used in any base wolborg 2's sg will fit into, though Customise Grip Base would scrape, Burning Kerberous' Base is an excellent option (as the SG is quite tall, you want SP). It is just as fast and though it is not held in from falling out by anything but how perfectly it fits in and the friction of it's rubber, it is very stable, it's as though the two were made for each other.

Also, it's not dissimilar to removing Dragoon V2's tip to place a different SG in, so that's another plus on the "legalize it" side. And while it's only held in by (albeit very significant) friction, dranzer v's base lower section is only held in by a Magnetic SG so it's really the same thing, considering using a non-magnetic sg with that is legal (for example, I have a MWC from a draciel v2 that can hold it in place with friction), and Uriels tip is somewhat similar.
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OKay, wow uriel 2 is saved !
Any chance of a Youtube vid ?
I CANNOT DO VIDEOS :C Pics, I will get to work on but I am as good with a camera as griffolyons base is with umm, being anything other than a horrific pile of suck!