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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
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Still yet to find a good use for my magne wd, though I'm pretty sure it's missing the edge parts, it's still kinda meh, middling weight and rather plain weight distribution, and it's very thin (again, pretty sure it's missing the edges). Got another one coming though, but yeah, meh'd me.

10 Wide isn't bad, especially on a budget, for smash attackers, sure wide defense is better but IDK, I always see it as a "bonus", I don't get a really significant performance drop out of 10 Wide.

And then there's Heavy, which you've mentioned before, compact design and good synergy with the common 3-sided upper attack AR's.

Still, I do wanna play around with heavy and revolver attack, at the least, and probably wide attack as well.

I never got the "edges" to stay on my Magnetic Weight Disks - if you're referring to the black plastic "cases" on them when you get them. They always exploded clean off the Bey right away.
Yeah, pretty sure those are missing on mine. I think it happened to Kei and even he asked if it was legal, but I do recall it being said it wasn't, especially as it would affect performance. I'd imagine it was a weakness in the adhesive or whatever :\ And, I'm afraid, this is a weakness no amount of shoving parts into other parts is going to fix :\
Yeah, I honestly thought they were intended to pop off - there didn't seem to be any adhesive on them, like they were just held on by tension or something.
Well, IIRC both of my shipments have a bey with a magne WD, so I'll look into it myself soon Confused

Pretty sure on the first page of build me a combo someone mentions something about the plastic absorbing shock :\
Couple of extra photos for the Uriel 2 thing, just to show how it fits and such.

I'll spoiler them, though they're not bandwidth-killingly huge.

That is a startlingly perfect fit.
Nice pics, so Uriel 2 is worth having? Is the base good for attack? Sorry if Im slacking off, I just want to know whats so special about this bey. =/
Do you see that tip? That is the minigun of attack tips. That is like the Grip Flat Core Ultimate Version for Plastics.

Come on! Look at it!
+if you flip it around = RS. Tongue_out
Yeah, when I found out, my face exploded. You can still see the resultant red marks in that video (they're the ones that look suspiciously like acne).

That's what I meant when I said it almost seemed intentional, both layers fitting perfectly like that, there's no excessive force on either part, but the fit is so good that the tip doesn't budge, even in the fairly weighty combo I have on it, despite it's impressive speed and force.

Also, from what I can tell, the height is almost identical to the height that it sits at in uriel 2's base, so combo's come out the same height and everything.

Considering uriel 1 and wolborg 3 are the same bey, it's interesting that wolborg 2 happened to be the one shaft this works in, but maybe I'm just doing the very human thing of seeing patterns where there are none.

@®: basically what Dan said. It is insanely fast and powerful. And not too hard to control, though admittedly launching these kinds of beys has almost become second nature to me by now.

That said, it is quite tall, so many AR's won't make the best contact, hence the use of driger v2's sp (which basically neccessitates the AR and 10 heavy I guess). The only thing I've seen a defense combo do to survive (albeit in my somewhat restricted play ty ime so far) is have incredible luck with the wall and steal spin to survive the huge momentum loss caused by those hits.

: less minigun, more icbm and/or angry steven seagal.

That said, the rs mode is pretty terrible. Seaborg 1's base isn't regularly used for a reason, and this is like that except taller (thus more upper attack susceptible), and with probably even worse balance.

This setup would let you switch modes between battles without disassembling the bey though I'd think that'd be stretching the rules a little too far, and it sucks.
seeing patterns when there are none? we stopped calling that human, thats now autistic. (inb4someonethinksimcruel)

That is honestly so cool, which makes me pretty angry I didn't take a Uriel 2 when I had the chance.. Tongue_out

No, it's a very human thing. I won't carry the point further here in the interests of not breaking the rules/offending anybody's personal beliefs.

And yeah, it's cool. Didn't you manage to get one in the end?

Oh, by the way, I did some very informal LAD testing today (basically, weak hand spin it on a flat surface, see which spins smoothest and lasts longest after toppling, measured by the rather un-scientific device called "my eyes and brain") anyways, I'd been using Survivor Ring on my favourite zombie, have two cross survivors and a defense ring, which is favoured by Mc Frown (going off memory, if that's changed then my apologies). AAAANYWAYS, as usual I should have just shut up and listened to Mc Frown, Defense Ring was significantly better, and Survivor ring did the worst of the three. :\

Combo used wide survivor and burning kerberous' base and SG, FWIW. 'Course, didn't do it in a stadium or time anything, so don't take this as any real solid evidence, it's just an indication, really.

That said, I do wonder which one works best against upper attack, because I think that's why I went with survivor ring in the first place :\

voltaic ape is just a mad cool beyblade
as far as lad goes 10b Bistool is hella good (but not a Zombie)
As far as lad goes, spiral change wrecks bout everything.

Yeah, I always wanted voltaic ape, I have a red one with a green ar and a mint red one coming, along with bistool, and so much else.

Only thing with defense ring is idk if it protects from upper attack as well as survivor ring and cross survivor, given it lacks the same upward curve, but ehhh.
Woah hey Takara Zeus's SG is easily opened... IDK if anyone has ever bought an NIB one here but if so, did the SG come assembled or not?

No idea what this implies or what's legal, but I'll look into it.
Okay im sure it is i did before, but IDK.
BTW genocide circle is good
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:32 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Okay im sure it is i did before, but IDK.
BTW genocide circle is good

man you're just killing McFrown inside
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:31 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Woah hey Takara Zeus's SG is easily opened... IDK if anyone has ever bought an NIB one here but if so, did the SG come assembled or not?

No idea what this implies or what's legal, but I'll look into it.

i got them come have to assemble by yourself..XD
Wow, I must check if I can stick another shaft in there, or use it's shaft for something else or whatever cos that's like totally legit now.

: Really? Can't wait for mine then.
I dio't have the guts to actually use it, but it just looks epic Cool
Ohhhh, okay then.
Okay so I am done shaft and casing swappibg with zeus's sg.

In short, no real use tbh.

Three other shafts fit in zeus's casings. All of them sit very low, meaning there's little ground clearance, and it's best to use wolborg 4/rock bisons base with them. Anyway, first is wolborg 2's, it doesn't seem to spin perfectly freely in there (there's friction between the tip part and the casings, that said it's not very bad), but it's probably the tallest of the three (good for eg bases), and most useful, you could probably make some kinda defensive thing outta it, but it'd be more of a "hey that's interesting" than anything that great competitively.

Second is dranzer s's shaft. It doesn't spin freely in there at all (very restricted) and can only use a single bearing (the too one). It's also a horrible tip and you'd have to use wolborg 4/rock bisons base to prevent major scraping issues when it inevitably tilts.

Lastly, there's wolborg 1's shaft and tip. Again only the top bearing, but it spins the free-est of the lot. However, only the very tip protrudes from the sg, so it is comically short. It can only be used in wolborg 4/rock bisons base and even then would scrape quickly.

Now using the cew-enabled shaft in other sg's. There are three sg's that fit the shaft, and one of those (driger f's) will only work in a base that doesn't fit the tip.

The shaft also doesn't fit through burning kerberous's base, and dragoon v2 and draciel f's prevent cew attachment (which in all cases must be done after putting the sg in the base anyways). This is a pain as cew's greatly increase the height of a bey, making tall, cew-less monstrosities, with no ability to use support parts.

The other two are wolborg 1's casings, which are a nice fit but only worsen the height issues.

The second is dranzer s's are shorter, but do not give enough clearance in uriel 1's base to attach a cew.

Bases: uriel 1's (supposedly a mirror of dragoon v's) has at least some way to make contact with the opposing bey (though the spikes are thin and fragile), but only works with wolborg's casings.

wolborg 2: works with both but again, hilariously tall even with dranzer s's casings.

Wolborg 1: like wolborg 2's but worse.

Basically, they're all just bait for upper attack.

The only relevant beys I couldn't check out were bearing stinger as a whole and dragoon v's base (which is supposed to just mirror uriels anyways).

The best thing out of all of it is probably wolborg 2's shaft in zeus's sg. Meh.

That said I had loads of fun fiddling around so time well spent methinks.
Oh, also, with a magnetic sg (needed.for normal configuration anyway), uriel 1's tip can be used with dranzer v's base. No idea why you'd want to but whatever.
Bearing Stinger's shaft in Zeus' CEW works ok but is far too short and only just pokes out of Rock Bison's base.
The other way round is comically huge and will only fit the Bearing Stinger base, opening it up to all forms of attack on the SG as well as massive balance issues. Plus it doesn't even work as well as the shaft in the CEW anyway.

In short, messing with bearing stinger and Zeus is a complete failure, you're not missing much.
The first half sounds exactly like wolborg's shaft in zeus's sg, and the latter like zeus's shaft in any non eg base.

Tyvm for sharing, I can hold off getting a bearing stinger a little longer now :3

Yeah really the only usable combo out of this kinda thing would be wolborg 2's shaft in zeus's sg, in wolborg 4's base, probably with a wide defense and tiger defenser or something and even then, it wouldn't spin freely enough.

That said zeus's sg has amazing stamina, it's a great shame the bases from that series had such poor LAD.

Curious, just how useful is the light sharp cew? My zeus came instead with a metal change cew, and the only other one I have (and the one I use with it) is metal grip. I used to have a metal semi flat cew but that disappeared with a dragoon f ar, fake gyro wd, dranzer gt base and a broken turbo left eg. Anyways, yeah, light sharp.
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:37 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:32 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Okay im sure it is i did before, but IDK.
BTW genocide circle is good

man you're just killing McFrown inside