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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
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Thank you!
You should feel guilty right now, you re forcing me to buy a driger S(and I want it in white colour which will make my search a lot more hard ahah)
What s the main difference between trygle and driger G AR?
Also can you explain the different use of wide survivor and wide defence? I have both but they look quite similar in weight and shape so I can t figure how one could be better than the other in a certain combo!
Maybe it s better to use wide survivor for the zombies but just because wide survivor has a little "spike"(i don t know the exact word) which could affect the spin stealer effect in a negative way because of recoil
I will never feel guilty for making someone buy such a fantastic beyblade, ever.

Driger G's hangs over the Weight disk (which means it has a better attack range on tall bases, such as my uriel 2 setup), and has significantly more upper attack than Trygle's AR. Trygle's has less recoil, and arguably hits harder, and is a more conventional choice. It's fantastic on Grip Base.

Cross Griffon is similar to trygle but more violent. It hits harder, has more stopping power, but also has more recoil. It's amazing on SG Metal Flat 2, with 10 Wide and an HMC. (Just a bit of extra info :3)

Short Version: Wide Survivor for pure stamina (it's the lightest weight disk ever), Wide Defense if you want some Defense/are using attack.

Longwinded Version with details and stuff (Click to View)

But yeah, Wide Survivor for pure stamina, Wide Defense for Attack and Defense.
Why isn t cyber dragoon AR named when people talks about attack combos?
The shaps looks like he can give some really hard hit!
Maybe it has a strong recoil?
It has a huge amount of recoil, which means it's usage is limited to OHKO combo's (combo's that aim to KO the opponent in the first few seconds. They're basically smash combo's that have too much recoil to be any good).
Won t wide defence heavy metal core and a grip attacker base resolve the recoil problem?
Grip Attacker base can't use an HMC, it has an inbuilt SG, like all gen1 beys.

And no, that doesn't do enough, apparently (on storm grip, at least, and an HMC makes storm grip really slow). I haven't really tried it because I don't want to scuff mine up, but if you look at it, it hits with a lot of flat surfaces, which cause recoil.

I will try to give it a go in a couple of hours when I won't wake anyone by playing plastics, but yeah, it's supposedly very recoily.
Oh right I forgot grip attacker base can t hold any other SG ,My grip attacker has been taken out of his plastic box just once to take some pictures,I m quitr maniacal with the safe keeping my dragoons and my beys in general.
Well I ve got enough good pieces to do some tests,all I need to find is the courage to launch my plastics wearing down them D:

I ve seen draciel S base can hold 2 extra little metallic balls from gaia dragoon "s"
Is it legal?
I'm not sure how big the balls from Gaia Dragoon S are. The legal maximum on Draciel S is 4, two in each slot.

Apparently Draciel F can fit 6 somehow but I can't find any really legal way to do it.
The metallic balls from gaia dragoon are really little. I don t think draciel S can hold 2 other metals ball with the same dimension of draciel s or draciel F metal balls.The same goes for draciel F
I remember reading MBD can hold 4 metal balls!
But if this thing of putting gaia dragoons balls in dracielS base is legal,maybe draciel S base could performe better than MBD base
Draciel S can hold two of it's own size. Draciel F's are slightly larger, but two of them also fit.

Draciel F looks like it can only hold two balls.

Draciel S already has the advantage over MBD of being able to use an HMC, thus is preferred for pure defense. MBD Base is smaller, and is more commonly used in compacts (where Draciel S is too large).

Okay, tried Cyber Dragoon's AR on Wide Defense and Grip Base. It actually did nothing at all to the opposing weight-based defense combo. Barely moved it, even with good hits.

The AR of Cyber Dragoon is surprisingly terrible, loads of recoil, no smash at all Uncertain

Also tried Seaborg's base properly. War Lion, 10 heavy, HMC, Defense Grip Base (Seaborg). Man, that thing is insanely hard to KO. However, again, a good attacker without too much recoil has little problem destabilising and outspinning it. However, with Triple Wing, 10 Wide, and Grip Base (Grip Attacker), I had self-KO issues from recoil (I wish I had enough wide defenses to go around, really), so defensively it is amazing. I might even say tier one, with a note that it has very poor stamina.

My Uriel 2 attacker just destabilised and OS'd it, but this is an attacker that KO's wolborg 2-tipped defenders, so not a bad show from the old rubber tipped whale.

Oh, also, the SG sharp combo isn't worth using unless you use the exact combo, with an HMC. MG core doesn't cut it.
Gaia Dragoon's ball is just approximately 0.3 cm or 0.25 cm..i'm pretty sure it will easily drop out if put into Draciel S/F BB..
What if you put them on the inside, with a larger ball on the outside?

But yeah, just get balls to the same spec as any of the draciels (draciel F is best, being the largest) (I forget the spec though).
havent try still leave pretty much space i think..because the size of gaia dragoon ball is a bit more than half of draciel f i dont think it can fit 2 gaia dragon balls + one draciel f ball each side.. XD haha
Has anyone ever tried to rotate seaborg 1 sharp tip?
It fit perfectly in the base and it becomes a super wide flat rubber tip,i don t know if it s legal but still it is very funny to try!
I wonder, though, if you could fit a Draciel F and a Gaia Dragoon ball into a Draciel F base, cos only one bal fits in the slots there.

I still don't get how you can legally get 6 balls in, but if so, the two slots on the underside of MBD also fit metal balls perfectly, and I've seen it done on a few sites.

That said, you can put two weight disks on a bey, that's like, the only possible plastic thing other than switching base tips between like dragoon s, driger s, dranzer S (driger s tip on dranzer s base is incredible but I didn't tell you that Wink), that isn't legal.

: Yeah, I did that with my broken-tipped seaborg base, there's no way it's legal but man that thing is insane!
Actually an ucostumizer seaborg with a rotated tip is really funny to use!
It gives strong hits but the AR has a super recoil,usually both the beys fly out of the stadium!
i would try fitting the gaia dragoon's ball and draciel f balll when i'm back home later..XD
right now,at the campus,i only brought along my venusian g for sticker repair..XD
i would try both putting in draciel mbd too...but so far..i have two draciel mbd balls, two draciel s balls, two draciel f balls and 4 for the gaia dragoon..
(Jan. 09, 2012  2:32 PM)Gianmarco.93 Wrote: [ -> ]Actually an ucostumizer seaborg with a rotated tip is really funny to use!
It gives strong hits but the AR has a super recoil,usually both the beys fly out of the stadium!

Yes, Seaborg is an epic OHKO wheel!
Every battle ends in a grand fashion!

-Ben- Wow, I wonder why I never tried that... Actually, I never knew that the Metal Balls could be interchanged between beys. I actually found it too difficult to put in/remove those balls from the BB. Confused
Then again, I was probably too young (and hence weak) at that time...
Or, they end with Whale Attacker splitting in two, like mine did that time Uncertain

Wow, tornado attack is amazing. Bluezee's Spiral Change Base ZombieKiller/Spin Stealer/Life-After-Death Abuser Combo is actually usable to the full extent in it, as in, you can launch near 100% and generally it won't self KO like in tornado attack where that just makes it throw itself out of the ring like some kind of cartoon lemming.

Iscool, though I am still preferring the wolborg IV thing.
Um, th!nk made me do it-
OK, I know this is weird that my Dragoon G Recolor actually has a detachable CEW, but yeah. And yeah, I haven't customized it even once...
Definitely odd, that. I wonder what others have to say?


Did a bunch of stuff with zombies today, against that wolborg 4 base combo, because it tends to be a decent thing to test them against. It messes up defensive zombies badly, so yeah, I set about seeing how it did against other zombies.

During this, I also figured out that Hasbro Twin Horn + War Lion SAR isn’t as good as I initially believed: The ol’ Tiger Defenser has significantly better stamina, and doesn’t really have any negative effects defensively.

Then I was fiddling with bases, my Phantom Force MDBS tip now spins freely in customise grip, I also used my takara wolborg tip, and then did some stuff with Burning Kerberous’s SG and Base.

For a long time I thought that BK had worse stamina than MDBS and Wolborg 1’s shaft, but it turns out that I was wrong, it is significantly more stable, gets more rotations at low spin, and takes hits much better. Plus, it works with a better base. What’s not to like?

Anyway, here’s the testing (yes, actual testing! Of Plastics!), comparing Wolborg’s SG in Customise Grip Base to BK’s SG in Customise Bearing Base (one of the advantages of using Double Bearing Core is that it can be used in Customise Bearing Base, which just seems slightly better than CGB).

Only 10 rounds because it’s really late, I’m tired, and I don’t want to wear my parts too much.

Shielded Ball bearings used in all positions, tips all in good condition, etc. Dragon Winders, Neo Left and Right launchers used, EZ Customise Grips, and Tornado Attack. Straight shot for everything, as this was a stamina test. You might be able to net some KO’s with the wolborg IV thing, particularly against the wolborg 1 tipped combo.

W4 vs ZW

Alternating Launches, W4 Launched first R1

W4 Wins: 2/10 (all OS): 20%
ZW Wins: 8/10 (all OS): 80%

W4 vs ZBK

Alternating Launches, W4 Launched first R1

W4 Wins: 0/10: 0%
ZBK Wins: 10/10 (all OS): 100%


I know a 20% difference over 10 rounds each isn’t that much (I don’t want to scuff up my beys, and it’s midnight), but the details are all there: the Burning Kerberous SG/Base Zombie was outspinning by a significant margin, whereas everything with the Takara Wolborg tipped one was very, very close. Look at the draws for some detail there, there were none with BK’s SG/Base, but two with the Wolborg 1 shaft. This demonstrates how much better BK’s SG was doing in terms of stamina.

Add to this the fact that the Burning Kerberous SG takes hits much better, I honestly don’t know if there’s much point using anything else for stamina-based zombies Uncertain

For the record, though I didn’t test it formally, my phantom force MDBS tip now spins properly in my Customise Grip Base, and performs basically the same as Wolborg 1’s shaft, maybe slightly better.

Oh, and as Shielded Ball Bearings are a tight fit in the top slot of Double Bearing Core, so make sure when you place yours in that it sits centred (look through the top, the shaft should be dead in the middle).

So yeah, Tiger Defenser Rocks, Burning Kerberous is amazing.

And don't take this as any mark on the Wolborg 4 combo's performance, it really is a defense combo, and for a defense combo to manage even 20% against a rather potent zombie is very impressive, especially considering how amazing its defenses are.

Shame I'm using my BK base in my attacker, but I do have a second one on the way. Tongue_out

Anyway, I'm probably gonna go sleep now.

That's interesting. Is your Dragoon G the one from hasbro recolour or the Japanese one from the engine gear try set. It's easy to sell since there's always Japanese writing on bit chip stickers of japanese ones although i'm probably insulting your intelligence with this sentence. That reminds me that I should follow through with my wiki articles on plastic/hms sets idea since probably no one has any idea what the engine gear try set is apart from plastic buffs like me and th!nk.
His is the Hasbro Recolour.

Honestly, even I only have a vague idea of a few of the releases from around that time. Information is really, really hard to find. I generally end up searching each time they're mentioned. Uncertain
Yes that's why I want preserve the info in Wiki articles. My main knowledge about the sets just comes from being round long enough to see some of this stuff on YJA tbh.
(Jan. 10, 2012  1:09 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]:

That's interesting. Is your Dragoon G the one from hasbro recolour or the Japanese one from the engine gear try set. It's easy to sell since there's always Japanese writing on bit chip stickers of japanese ones although i'm probably insulting your intelligence with this sentence. That reminds me that I should follow through with my wiki articles on plastic/hms sets idea since probably no one has any idea what the engine gear try set is apart from plastic buffs like me and th!nk.

You are actually exaggerating my intelligence there. Tongue_out
I didn't even know that detachable tips were called CEWs. I always thought that the bottom of every EG was called a CEW. The only TT EG beys I owned back then were the ones with fixed EGs, so I thought that every "Japanese bey" was meant to be like that. I thought they were special edition beys, just because of the fact that they were Japanese(and, I held TT parts in low regard, as any other Hasbro-only person would; because Takara boxes looked pretty meh...)

OK, back on topic- Probably this recolored version of Dragoon G might have been given a CEW to make it more special. I remember quite well, that I found this quite later on in time. Probably when HMS was on the verge of declining...
So, it might be a "later release" by Hasbro. Smile
I know two more members (co-incidentally, they are Indian too) who owns the same bey. I may ask them about this, and confirm! Smile