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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. slightly different color to the original, may be a hasbro thing, like they recolored appolon ect.
I can't see anything on that page :\
Click on the trygator buton on the right hand side of the screen, if you can't see anything at all, its like an army green maybe a little lighter .
It appears to be talking about the random booster version, i.e. the takara one.
Yeah I know but it seems unproffesional, they could've took a picture of the haasbro one and wrote about the takra one. The takara one is more blue-y.
Are we even sure that Hasbro ever released Galeon 2 or Trygator at all? Have we got any proper proof? I've never heard of them and i'm pretty knowledgable about what was released. Also Hasbro did release Poseidon as Oceon Wrath G. It's pretty impossible to find i'm sure but search beyblade Ocean Wrath and it will bring up a few sites with pics. Another thing is that they released Death Gargoyle as Dark Gargoyle with an engine gear base. I owned one as a kid. But again very hard to find.
I posted a video including a galeon 2 with an engine gear. I guess there's a small chance it could be fake (Using a Zeus base and cutting stickers), but there are references to it, though they aren't that common.

I will alter poseidon's name when I get to the update.

I don't know about Trygator, but I'm assuming it was released as the others were. That said, it doesn't SEEM like rushing boar was released despite Rapid Eagle G and Dark Gargoyle Confused
I'm pretty sure Rushing Boar was released by hasbro.
Okay, will add it to the list when I next update it. Thanks Smile
Ignoring the discussion of the hasbro Releases, either I've overestimated the zombies, or WD just isn't good for Zombies.
It depends what you're using them against, what combo you're using, the shape your bearings/shaft etc are in, and so on. But Wide Defense is great for zombies (though for pure stamina, wide survivor is better).
Rushing boar got realsed eith a another name, I think; im sure it had G on the end though XD
When you see poseidon as a more green color, it's ocean wrath.
Oh wow, I need to update that list, don't I. I'll try and do that today!

Anyway, here's a little setup that I put together as a laugh because it looked like it would end the world with ridiculous recoil, yet actually managed to keep itself in on SG Flat, let alone a grip tip, and has some impressive smash power (though it admittedly does still lean towards OHKO, as it still loses spin pretty quickly).

AR: Dragon Breaker (Gaia Dragoon V)
SAR: War Bear (Galzzly)
WD: 10 Wide (or anything which, when the normal way up (flat bottom resting on BB/SG), restricts SAR movement through friction or whatever).
SG: (Neo) Left

I've positioned War Bear's SAR so it's about perpendicular to the most prominent spike of Dragon Breaker, without blocking any major impact points on it.

It's not really tournament-winning stuff, but it's very impressive for what it is, and a good use of two otherwise relatively useless parts.
Dragon Breaker is quite meh...
Still, getting it to produce smash attack is Gasp
Are the OHKOs as good as those of Dragoon V2's AR? Cool
Of course they won't match Seaborg's AR's strength. Tongue_out
Depends only on speed, does it? Then again, you use an ordinary flat tip...
I'm using it as a smash attack part, not a OHKO part, so eh.

FWIW, I hate OHKO in terms of competitive use, so I don't really compare them, but it works far better than most OHKO combo's I've made, as any smash attacker should.

Dragon Breaker isn't a bad part, there's a fair bit power on tap, but due to its odd shape, it also has recoil. War Bear SAR seems to work with it though, or something. I don't know why it works but it's surprisingly good. I mean, it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's very good for what it is.

It's basically putting an average part and a bad part together, setting them up badly (but legally, there is certainly no rule against putting the weight disk up the normal way) and it just working.
I thought you were using it as a Smash Combo having a fair bit of recoil, and which depends more on OHKOs(which is probably the definition of OHKO combos. Tongue_out).
About Dragon Breaker, I know its a good part, but I always thought the it self-KOed in a grand fashion. Maybe I never understood how to use it perfectly. Then again, I never customized my beys, so what I thought was bad about Dragon Breaker, might be the downside of the BB/WD etc.
Also hey, I checked out BeyWiki to see the new Basalt Horogium (and Death Quetz) article, and also ended up checking the wiki of Driger MS, Dragoon V2 and V.
There, I read that Dragoon V's AR name is Eight Attacker, and not Dragon Breaker. So, yeah! Smile
Derp, I missed the Gaia when I made that first post.

Dragoon V's AR is pretty meh from what I hear, but I don't have one yet.
Hence the confusion! XD
I thought- Just how did Dragoon V find such use?!
As for Dragon Breaker, I really liked its shape. It looked terrific, and simply ferocious!
I'd be happy to see it get some use, but I am quite certain that it won't cut past any top tier customs.
Yeah, Dragoon V is super fragile from what I've heard. It is very pretty though.

Yeah, Dragon Breaker has those two ferocious spikes at the side. And the War Bear SAR works really nicely with it, especially when the friction from the weight disk keeps it in place, it provides pretty big hits.
(Dec. 05, 2011  5:37 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 05, 2011  1:05 PM)Blitz Wrote: [ -> ]Managed to get -
NIB Phantom Force Bearing Stinger

When PF MDBS arrives, could you see if the Tip fits in Dragoon V2's base (in wolborgs SG)? A couple of us are finding it touches the edges and doesn't spin freely.

Just remembered this... My bad, anyway I just gave it ago and it's a snug fit but still manages to spin freely with mine.
Both of my PF MDBS Shafts fit in perfectly as well....
No trouble?
Hm, odd... Obviously, mine doesn't. Maybe it's my Dragoon V2 or something. I've got another coming so we shall see I guess.

Thanks for checking guys.
Scissor Arm (Crab Diver) Surprised me with how little recoil it actually produces despite its unorthodox shape....
Right Spin: Causes very little recoil for most of the AR, but because if how unorthodox and how light it weighs, no defense capabilities here. Uneven weight Distribution for Stamina Potential.
Left Spin: Too much recoil, and possible chance of breaking.

Mirage Goddess (Venus) Dissapointed me with how much recoil the protrusions cause in right spin, however in left spin, that's a different story....
Right Spin: Possible 2nd-3rd Tier Attack AR.
Left Spin: Very little recoil produced and is very Wide and Heavy. Perfect for Weight-based Defensives and possible usage in Zombie-based beyblades.
Zombie AR's need to be compact

TBH I dislike wider AR's (master draciel's for example) for weight based defense, I find it makes contact easier, especially for upper attackers. That said mirage goddess has been mentioned before...
I don't really like wide ARs for much of anything except hilarious OHKO combos, to be entirely honest.