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Full Version: 1/23/11 [Brooklyn, New York] Deikailo's Beyblade Birthday Battle!
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That stinks, Tongue_out i really wanted to meet everyone, ill try to change my appointment to 11:30 and ill try to make it if i don't then see you guys at darkrayeagle or cyes tournament Grin
Well, I can't wait to meet everybody lol, 5 hours till its officially the day for the tourny (for me atleast)
I am so ready for this tournament ! I have a whole team that wanted to come but didn't have rides to NY so we hope to have a tournament in NJ in a few weeks. I can't wait to meet all of you !

Administrator of NJBeyblader's Team
Member of the Beyshark's Team

haha, i'm ready bluezee. =) haha, i hope u use the proper combo this time... cause in my opinion, ur attack type was sooo much better. =)
If anybody wants (for fun) to try their combo against Libra, I'm buying one at the tourny.
See how the banned beast battles. (Triple B)
im comeing
I can't wait. I have two combos ready for the tournament. I don't know what to expect except the best. I hope we can break the record and have more than 58 people come. I've been practicing so much, one of my ripcords broke. I can't wait for this tournament.
Is it possible to get Transportation to Springvalley
? I fi have to wake up before 5 i can do it as long as its possible, and who should i contact that can give transportation
If anyone needs help tomorrow or in case you get lost
call me 3472473122

If I don't answer I'm probably on the Train
You can't answer on the train? lol
Its Underground
No Signal
I have T-mobile
lol. no wonder. XD yeah, i hope to see you all there, =) haha, thank you google maps!
If any players sell their parts or beyblades in kings games, you will be removed from the tournament and the store so I suggest you all drop the idea of a basalt now.

bubbletea, sorry, but I won't hold the tournament for you. You knew the tournament was at non and you knew about your dentist appointment. It's rude to say yes to both.
awww. wait, y not? can we at least sell outside of kings? (and i'm not trying to be a wise *** by asking but i just wanted to know. I know how stressed you are after planning everything.... u just sound a little stressed from ur last comment)...
Me and Sky have the same mind I swear, I asked the samething through PM lol
No means no. honor this so you don't ruin a chance at having this a regular venue because you can't follow rules.
sorry... i was just asking. ='( no need to be so snappy about it....
im coming i think im 13 and a new blader yeah first challenge a real challenge yeah
and idk how to get point lol
lol. u think ur 13 or you are 13? haha, either way, see you there! =)
i mean i think im coming and im 13 i live in nyc
in brooklyn
Sky, turns out you can buy from Dei but you have to pay taxes.
i care bout training hard and get my ranks in the top ten at least
my name is jason dupree wats yalls
deikailo how old will u be again
I am not going to sleep today, I'm gonna stay up pwning random people at Brawl until I have to go the tourny
Off topic but, if you wanna join me playing brawl Pm me
wat time to come idk
y such a small place
(Jan. 23, 2011  6:06 AM)darkessblader97 Wrote: [ -> ]wat time to come idk
y such a small place
come a little before 12 so we could get started right away. =)
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