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Full Version: 1/23/11 [Brooklyn, New York] Deikailo's Beyblade Birthday Battle!
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Mostly we're going to get a feel for everything. Where to keep our stuff, how to handle bladers, etc.
(Jan. 21, 2011  4:20 AM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]Jon, remember to get there an hour early.

I will Imma wake up at 7 pick up some guys and be on my way

Or later
Them and I are still planning it out
yeah, i'd like to help with stuff. lol. i hate being useless when work is being done around me... so if there's anything you need help with, just ask me dani. =) lol. and i think blowing out the candles of the cake should be the "closing ceremony" for the tournament. =) haha, it's all the more special. XD and yeah, we should organize the stuff for bags in a corner so we don't lose everything. and remember guys, don't bring things that you're not prepared to lose (no pun intended).
i might be able to come if you give me a specific time
noon... but the actual tournament is around 1
lol. hey guys. i just found out what the 2nd floor looks like:
(to give this post more purpose)
yeah, since there are sooo many windows, i definitely think we should keep the table for the cake, prizes, etc. in the far back (as far away from the bathroom as possible... even though it doesn't look that bad). but yeah, the room is so big... u weren't kidding. lol! man, guys, don't smack each other when u launch!!!! XD
Sky, I'm sorry to ruin your mood but.... That is not how it looks like anymore

It is a lot dirtier now, (not saying its a filth house, just not as clean as that anymore), and the walls are not orange they are more..dirty white.

Plus Sky, we will be far away from the bathroom. It's on the first floor not the second LOL, Those 3 doors you see are
1-The two you see behind the judge are the entrances to the staircase
2-That one in the side...well It's an office or something I think, I have never been in there,seen anyone go in there or even seen it opened lol.

Edit:You can see my special seat! woohoo, I won't tell you which one it is though
WHAT!!! no!
oh, who cares... just as long as it's roomy. i don't really care about the condition. haha.
still, seeing it's general appearance gets me excited. >:3 now i have no reason to lose! I'm gonna JUMP OUT THAT WINDOW!!!!! or try to win, either one is fine with me. LOL! but yeah, white is good too. it brightens up the room (haha, no matter how dirty the walls look... i'll lick them anyways!.... NOT! lol)
I might go Tomorrow after school and take some pictures to show you..or I may not cause i'm lazy.
(Jan. 21, 2011  6:01 AM)Sky Prince Wrote: [ -> ]noon... but the actual tournament is around 1
You can start helping by stop saying 1 since this entire event starts at noon
I dont want to go nvm
Cause I dont know you people I live on LI
i cant wait i have so many new combos to try out.
lol. sorry. i guess it was to late at night to think properly... i don't even know why i said 1. XD yeah, forget what i said.
beybkadefan1249, some of us are from LI too, =)
(Jan. 21, 2011  5:53 PM)Beybladefan1249 Wrote: [ -> ]I dont want to go nvm
Cause I dont know you people I live on LI
I don't understand why you wouldn't want to go to a tournament because you don't know "us people". This is a great way to meet new friends and expand on your knowledge and skill in Beyblade. Because you don't know us, we don't know your style and you don't know ours, making it an amazing learning experience.

You can't get better if you never challenge new opponents.
can anybody come to your birthday
(Jan. 21, 2011  9:14 PM)FlameLeone2300 Wrote: [ -> ]can anybody come to your birthday
yes its also a tournament its like a shes having a tournament to celebrate her birthday.
deikailo... take "aidenskai" off the list... apparently my girlfriend canceled last minute... she said she's gonna be busy.
Ahh dont want to add another cancel but...

It looks like my 2 friends cant make it x[
I however am of course still attending
I almost had 10 people setup to but it didn't urn out as expected. What a shame. Next tourney is what most of them said
XD bring it sky prince to home town d-
im going
dani, how early you want me to show up at the store? i wanna help with setting things up. (i'm no longer getting a ride from ikmv... i just got an off peak ticket from my mom)
Yeah same as Sky, I don't mind helping, tis be fun since tis be beyblade related..tis

Two days left, this is awesomesauce..

EditGaspff topic but today in School we saw a movie and the Main Character said tis a lot and I got hooked on it
anyone got a launcher grip i can buy? broke mine yesterday cuz i got mad at mah little bro and threw it at the wall.
Does my Takara Tomy passport count as WBO Passport?
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