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Full Version: 1/23/11 [Brooklyn, New York] Deikailo's Beyblade Birthday Battle!
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Noon means 12 am silver Uncertain Plus I don't think the tournament is gonna start 4 hours after the said time Uncertain, sorry Silver. Maybe the next one
Hey guys, I've been a bit busy catching up on life before the big event, but I just want to let everyone know that the prizes arrived and I ordered a little more of a variety than I thought I did. If you want your shot at an 85 track or need a Ray Gil, you've got your shot! Take a look at the prizes, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Oh, and you guys better watch out for me at the tournament. I got lucky and pulled a Grand Ketos WD145RS on the first try and a Killer Beafowl on the second RBV6 I opened. If my luck stays this strong, you're all in trouble. Wink

Now I'm going back to watching my chick flick before I run my daily errands.
wow, didn't know we'd have a tournament at 12 am (midnight).... man, guys, we're gonna have to leave MADDDDD early.
lol. i have a feeling joseph's gonna say "hey sky, i still didn't get my ray gil yet" lol. i hate you dani, keeping the good stuff to yourself.... haha, at least i know what bey i'm using against you. XD
Oh no, there are still 6 RBV6's left and 7 RBV5's left. I just have amazing luck pulling boosters.

Like the time I pulled 2 Elspeths at a Scars of Mirrodin MtG draft...
Im not good with AM and PM, sue me.
Dei, I got Ketos on my first try too, I bought the sonokong starter and It was in the box, woohoo!. Lol (I never bought a Random Booster, and I don't trust my luck)
But mine only cost me like, 600 yen. Tongue_out

By the way, yes, we will probably switch to double elimination. I'm not going to change it unless I know we're going to have 36+ people.
Oh Well I have no hope now

And It looks like I will probably be coming 1 or 2 friends
Jonn you scared me, I woke up from a nap and I saw someone posted in this thread. I saw it was dark out and thought "Aw snap I missed the tourny!" then I just see you'r message lol
lol. my girlfriend said she's scared to beat people. haha like she's 100% not confident that she's gonna win but she said that if she does, she's going to feel so bad. LMAO... no really, she will. she's not good with talking with total strangers so if anyone verses her, PLEASE no trash talk or cocky taunts... she will freak out... not kidding. so yeah... if anyone;s up against her, give her a nice warm "hello". haha, hopefully, she'll be less shy throughout the tournament. with that being said, dani, do you mind if she has her battles when i'm not battling? i'm REALLY not kidding when she's not good with total strangers...
If it turns out to be a double elimination. Can we just get an explanation here on how that system works. It will make things easier i reckon because I know most people will not know, which goes for me also. Also if you want I can keep an eye out on your gf Sky LOL.
Okay, so everyone, if you want to win your match against Sky Prince's girl, tell her how hard she's going down.

Uuum...I couldn't tell you since we're going to be doing 6-8 battles similtaneously...chances are she'll be battling when you are.

For the best explanation of double elim, google image search it.
what is the thing with double elimination? sorry im pretty new and this might be my first tournament and im not really familiar could you please explain

Look at the image
Basically the winners ascend in the tournament but all the losers get set up in another part of the bracket where they have a "second chance" so to be eliminated from the tournament you lose 2 matches. In the end the Winner of the winners and the Winner of the Losers face off for 1st place.
k thank you you are a life saver. I was worried cause i thought that meant like you would have multiple people playing in one match.
double elimination isn't too hard to understand. If you look at this image: and remember that if you lose twice, you're eliminated. If you lose once, you moved down to the loser bracket. if you win, you move on to the next round. In other words, it's survival of the fittest. so, pretty much:
2 losses = eliminated
1 loss = move to loser bracket
0 losses = possible winner.
and it IS possible for a person with 1 loss to beat someone with 0 losses (in the finals). if that happens in the finals, you go for another match, loser gets 2nd place
the 23rd is a sunday right.
I thought that today was wendsday so im all messed up right now.
Okay, I JUST cleared everything up with the store owner, Alex.

Registration will begin at noon on the first floor. Actual play time, realistically, will start at 1pm. There will be invidividual parts for sale (mostly IKMV's and my excess) as well as Hasbro Beyblades for anyone new to the game. All fees will be collected on the first floor, most likely by my brother. Spectators must pay the $5 admission. Parents and older siblings who were dragged by their kid brother/sister are exempted from this fee.
Double Elimination isn't that hard. Just one question, if in the finals the winner of the W Bracket loses, does he get to play the winner of the L Bracket again since he technically only lost once, or is that it?

Edit: I just looked it up. Most double elimination tournaments would have them play again, but in some cases it is just winner take all, or best of three. I think them playing again would be the most fair. Someone from the Committee should confirm this.
that is correct. however the WBO prefers to have that "two loss" thing into play. so yeah, if the winner in the Winners bracket loses, him/her and the other person has to battle again. =)
Can-Not-Wait. Getting-So-Hyped-
Sky Prince, it sounds like your GF is like this character from Victorius (Nick)'s grandma who is afraid of everything lol (No offense) <Off topic

To get on topic, So Double Elim is basically like a regular Block elimination only the second block is made of the losers from the first Block, and also, I'm probably gonna get there a bit early. So if anyone wants to free battle with me before the tourny starts, I'll be my usual seat (I have this special chair I sit in whenever I wait for a Yugioh Tournament or something to start. It's not really special, its a regular chair but I just always sit in it)
yeah, i just hope ikmv could drop me and my gf off so he could pick up some kids in jersey. =) if anyone's gonna be there early, u might see me and my girlfriend there.
See you and you'r GF there then Sky , I'll give you a few early fights before the Tourny. You'll know which chair is my special chair because..I'll be sitting in it.
lol. yes. thank you. i need some practice. it's me first time using an attack type beyblade so i definitely need some practice... my girlfriend too.... it's her first time playing beyblade. XD she still hasn't seen my video on the rules... ah but i guess i'll force her to watch it one way or another.
lol. so if there is a high member count, we might go to double elimination? sweet!
JonnB, Cye Kinomiya, and IKMV, PLEASE SHOW UP AN HOUR EARLY. We need to make sure we're all on the same page. Thank goodness my brother is coming! He's going to be in charge of registration since he basically does that for a living.

(Jan. 21, 2011  12:58 AM)Sky Prince Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, i just hope ikmv could drop me and my gf off so he could pick up some kids in jersey. =) if anyone's gonna be there early, u might see me and my girlfriend there.
He's not going to Jersey; I am.
oh. whoops. i mixed up who was going where. my bad. lol. will he be keeping track of who's buying passports? (just making sure). like he'll be keeping track which blader payed?
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