lilphilyb's Guide to Private Messaging

Hey guys, Priviate messaging is a major factor for the WBO. But parents and children who use the WBO may be concerned about what they get from Private messages. So this is a guide to Private Messaging.

What is a private message?

A private message is a messaging system to multiple users. Often for discussing combos or making friends. You or your child gets one as soon as they register by Kei discussing the rules to the WBO.

How do I disable Private messages?

It is in your or your child's settings under more options. There you can disable the option to receive any Private messages. If you want to disable a specific person from Private messaging you, just add the users's name under the block list under the buddy list.

I am worried about my child receiving any suspicious or innapropriatte Private messages. How can I be notified about Private messages?

At the registering screen or the profile settings screen, you can enter your email in the enter email spot so you can receive notifications about your child receiving a private message and what the message says. Your child has the option to disable that though so try to inforce the rule that the "Get an email when you get a private message" option is on.

Help! My child got a suspicious private message! What do I do?

Notify the administrators about it! They will take proper action.

My parents are so concered about these private messages. Why are they being so lame?

They love and care about you. They are concered because they think you are chatting with a child predator, even though most of the members on the WBO are very safe. You will feel the same when you are older.

What if a scammer PMs my child and he/she fell for it! Please help me!

First, install a VPN like Nord VPN, then, report the scammer to the administrators.

And there you have it, my guide to private messaging.
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