i have some issues in the beyblade community in the philippines

so basically i joined a tournament in the philippines in a mall, it is a grand tournament, i was expecting few bladers because i havent seen that many pinoy bladers in WBO, then i saw POOF a ton of bladers, some were in teams, i was suprised on how many people were there. so i asked them do they know WBO? most of them said no! I only have the abilitÿ to know bladers here in this community. how to to spread the word?
they're in wbba the official beyblade organization
(Jul. 13, 2019  3:42 AM)Godly_Requiem Wrote: they're in wbba the official beyblade organization

but my issue is that they dont know WBO
In Singapore and Japan and other countries in that region, the WBBA has enough established tournaments and presence that the WBO doesn't really have much appeal for people there.

In most other parts of the world, the WBBA has no presence, and Hasbro doesn't run all-ages tournaments, when they run tournaments at all. The WBO tries to address that shortfall.

It's not really an issue; you have a ton of WBBA tournaments going on in that region. Enjoy!

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While I will always encourage supporting WBBA events, I do think that at the same time there is still space for the WBO to exist in regions where they are active. We had many events in Asia during the MFB era, for instance. And there are things the WBO offers that the WBBA does not and/or cannot offer.

This is an area where I think we are lacking currently, so hopefully we can find ways moving forward to improve our presence in those regions and increase or better communicate the value of the WBO as an alternative that can co-exist with WBBA events. The same thing happens in Japan with WBBA events and private team events that offer different rulesets and environments; I think no matter what there will always be an appetite for both official and unofficial events.

So, I think it's on us to do things to help people like you Creeperalpha who want to build a WBO community in their region that already has WBBA events or private team events. We're not going to be able to attract everyone, but to start we need to build stronger ties and affiliations with international communities. There is value in independence, but I also think there is great value in unification or at least partnership. And we also need to create resources that speak to why choosing the WBO for some events is a nice complement to existing WBBA events.

We do have pages like Top 10 Reasons To Host Your Beyblade Tournament With worldbeyblade.org, but we can always be doing more, especially in terms of proactively reaching out to people and groups to better understand their perspective and see what is possible.

At the same time, it does ultimately require commitment from someone in that particular region who wants to make something happen. For you, I would recommend first reading through our rulebooks to familiarize yourself with them. Then, talk to any of your friends in the area about what sets the WBO apart from WBBA events and why you're interested in doing a WBO event. A good way to start might be to talk to some local teams and see if they'd be interested in doing a small WBO event as a test run during one of their regular team events.

Once you have at least four people interested, you can look into becoming an official WBO organizer. Here is the high level overview of the process:

Become an Organizer Process Outline (Click to View)
In many Asian countries like yours and mine, Takara Tomy has an official distributor. The distributors regularly organize free tournaments with prizes. They even send staff down to retail stores to promote the game.

WBO has primarily served to organized tournaments in countries where there is no regular official support, to fill the “gap” that the company is not fulfilling.

I believe that in our countries, most people who visit WBO do so not to join tournaments, but rather to obtain information(wiki, testing threads, etc). The reason why many Filipinos don’t know WBO is probably because they prefer Tagalog sources like Facebook pages, compared to English here. Also, they can already join official tournaments and are probably used to the standard WBBA rules - learning WBO rules and abiding by it won’t be easy to shift the community towards.
i was really interested in organizing tournaments while i was in singapore. unfortunately i had to travel to the states due to my fathers job. im still interested in hosting here though