Forum Announcement: Top 10 Reasons To Host Your Beyblade Tournament With

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Have you always wanted to play in a Beyblade tournament but there isn’t any close to you? Are you looking for an alternative to the restricted official tournaments run in your local scene? Do you want to play competitively as part of not just a local community, but a global one?

If so, you’re in the right place! If you're 13 years of age or older you can host a tournament with the support of But I’m sure you’re wondering what benefits and support we can offer.

Here’s the top 10 reasons to host your Beyblade tournament with

1. Be a part of the #1 community for Beyblade fans online

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We are the most active, longest-running, and largest online community for bladers and Beyblade fans, and we are the only organization that hosts worldwide Beyblade tournaments. Through a network of international volunteers, we organize competitively-ranked Beyblade tournaments across every major continent.

1,000+ tournaments hosted worldwide
125,000+ members
43,000+ followers on social media
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube combined)

2. Access the only worldwide Beyblade ranking system
Bladers competing in ranked official WBO events gain access to the only worldwide Beyblade ranking system.

[Image: EfuaOnM.png]

After each event, player battles are processed into the rankings so they can see where they stand not only within their local community, but worldwide.

Players can also track their individual match history on their user profiles.

3. There are no age limits
We’ve always believed that Beyblade is a game which can be appreciated by all-ages, and that’s why all of our tournaments have always been–and always will be–open to all to compete and have fun.

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4. We offer prize reimbursement support
Everyone loves prizes, right?

[Image: world-beyblade-organization-tournament-p...ment-2.jpg]

Prize Reimbursement
We offer prize reimbursement for all of our events in order to help build more excitement and motivation for players to attend and play their best. The amount of reimbursement scales up or down depending on the size of your tournament.

Access to Giveaway Top Prizes
Blader Passport holders in WBO tournaments also often gain access to the top prizes in our always highly anticipated BeyLotto giveaways like this one.

Search “Prizes” in the document

5. Tournament players can earn Bits for their profiles
Bits are cool collectible badges that are added to your profile and show on each of your posts. Players can showcase their skill and community involvement by collecting Bits at WBO tournaments!

Bits for Winning Tournaments

Players can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bit for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in regular tournaments (8+ participants).

Bits for Winning Club Format Tournaments

Players can earn the Club Master, Club Champion, and Club Ace Bits for accumulating wins in our free Club Format events (4-7 participants).

Bits for Accumulating Tournament Wins

Players can earn Bits like the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Onyx Bits for accumulating wins over several tournaments.

And there’s many more!

6. Use the most competitive tournament systems
We value how much fun Beyblade can be to play, but we also know that the most fun way to play for many of our members is to do so competitively!

[Image: wbo-beyblade-tournament-systems-challonge-2.jpg]
All WBO tournaments are run using an industry standard tournament software called Challonge.

That’s why we employ some of the most competitive and standard tournament systems used for competitive games around the world: Round Robin, Swiss, and Double Elimination. We also offer solutions for smaller events (4-7 participants) through our Club Format and a highly strategic, exciting spin on the classic Beyblade Deck Format for the final stages of our larger events that offers more player agency than the system used by TAKARA-TOMY.

Search “Tournament Systems” in the document

7. Present your tournament using our optimized event page designs
Our event page designs have been optimized specifically with Beyblade tournament organizers and players in mind:

[Image: world-beyblade-organization-tournament-page.jpg]

Beyblade Event Page Design Features:

8. We can send you signage and cards to promote your event

Large Banners
Hosting an event at a convention of hobby shop? Contact us and we can send you a large stand-up banner for you to display at the front of your event space.

[Image: world-beyblade-organization-stand-up-ban...hoto-2.jpg]

Promo Cards
We can send you promo cards advertising the WBO to help you attract more participants. Learn more here.

[Image: World-Beyblade-Organization-Promo-Card-Mockup-2.jpg]

9. Reach a Massive Audience of Beyblade Fans

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Over 100,000 Members
Events hosted through the WBO gain the benefit of being able to potentially reach our membership of over 100,000 Bladers.

Ranked #1 On Google for “Beyblade Tournaments”
We rank #1 on Google for the term “Beyblade Tournaments” and many other relevant search terms, which drives us traffic from thousands of interested Bladers across the globe. If you want to host a Beyblade tournament, there is no better place to advertise it than on as an official WBO event.

Social Media Outreach
All official events are promoted on the index of our website and can also be promoted on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) at your request.

10. Take advantage of our comprehensive Organizers’ Guide and rulebooks

[Image: WBO-Organizers-Guide-Cover-3D-2.png]

The experts on the WBO staff have spent years with the community crafting a set of the most comprehensive rules and resources in the world for the hosting of Beyblade tournaments.

All of our tournaments are run using the same guidelines and rules, so we can be sure that the WBO experience had by players around the globe is always consistent. This also means that comparing the skill level of players around the world through our rankings is more accurate.

“Sounds great! How do I get started?”

Glad to hear it! You’re just 4 steps away from being able to host your first event:

  • Step 1: Read the Organizer’s Guide
  • Step 2: Submit an Event Proposal
  • Step 3: Take the Organizer’s Quiz
  • Step 4: Get Approved, Post Your Event

Our guide linked below will walk you through each of the four above steps to becoming an Organizer:

We understand there is a lot to take in here, but don’t worry! You’re not alone. Our team of Organized Play Contributors is happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you on your journey to becoming a WBO Organizer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in our Discuss Forum or contact one of our Organized Play Contributors: The Supreme One, and Wombat.