how much money have you spent on blades

I've not kept solid records since I began. The conservative estimate would be somewhere in the range of $2000-$3000, but considering how prolific I was at one point, it might even go so high as $4500...
I've spent at least £100-£200 on them, I stopped just after I bought Drigger MS because i didn't like the sizes... But I spent a hell of a lot on the MG core ones.

My Grandad even went to Woolworths and bought Wolborg and a stadium in 2002 xD
I can happy say that I have spent £14 on Beyblades within a month, which is good for someone that doesn't really get any money.
Maybe $200. I really didn't buy many blades, let alone import them. Most of mine were passed on to me from an friend's old collection.
May: Around $320
June(yes,June): $445

I'll be soo dead before leaving off to Boston/Harvard in July. xD
go beyblade iv been playing for 6 yrs go bistool,bistool the playground terror was its nickname
bistool was my very first blade has never been beaten in 6 yrs my fave blade ever duh y am i going on about bistool the playground terror anyway back to the topic £100 grr to mum not let in me buy many
$300 over the past 2 months.
about $400 so far this year.
ant spent much on them at all really, probs £100 - £200 and that was ages ago. Now the MFB are out i dont know much i'll spend!
£150 in the last 2 months
Plastics - Probably around a grand once all said and done, including the ones my parents bought, and the ones I bought.
HMS - $200-$300
MFB - $8, lmao, my friend footed the bill for the MFB DS game, and a Storm Pegasis that is somewhere in the mail.
Ive been beyblading for 2 Months and spent about 300$(USD).
Well, in terms of plastics and HMS, which I bought years ago, I managed a lot from gifts, my birthday is June 24th and Christmas is exactly 6 months apart and, generally around the same time they released all their newer/good stuff. I was a big fan of Wolborg, Dranzer, and Driger so if they did come out that's where I usually spent all my money.

Now, I work full time and seem to have money to spend on hobbies frivolously, though I think I should cut back considering I only started MFB's half way through June.

After picking up a Storm Pegasis from Brad I had my girlfriend bring back around $400 CA worth of stuff, after spending about $130 on ebay myself.

Dropped another $300 just last week, some of it was a group order off of e-bay. Granted, a lot of the expense is shipping but still, cost is cost and I like having extra parts, especially when I've been going at things like I have been lately. Extra RF's, beylaunchers, light launchers, cords. It all adds up I suppose @@

Total in 6 weeks or so: $830

Ugh, don't make me add in my Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and uh... date expenses ^^;
Me personally: £0

now my parents?: easily over 400..but then i sold mine...and am now getting a job JUST to buy beys!

Damn u beyblades for being so addictive and hard to forget and love no matter how hard u try!
480$ but my things are being shiped from MOJ. so itl be a while before they get here..
(Jul. 24, 2009  11:49 PM)King-LLDrago Wrote: 480$ but my things are being shiped from MOJ. so itl be a while before they get here..

You could've EMS shipped it.
at least $300 total and at least $150 this year.
Good lord because of the stadiums my MOJ is going to be painful, but on MFB alone I wouldn't be surprised to be crossing $1000 soon
39 for metal fight dunno about the plastic thou
I spent $120
make that £250 now
50 on MFB this year, probably 110 total. lol, I got most of my blades back when plastics were out as presents, I was like, 7-10 XD probably out of my 20 or so plastic/ hms's I only bought 4 XD