how much money have you spent on blades

I've spent at least £100 on MFB but when has hasbro releases MFB in england its gonna be like £20 - £30 a month
A whole 20 $ Wink lol
25 $ if you include the bey stadium i bought this year. XD
Well i got a Master Dragoon for free as a Xmas Present , i havent bought blades in a while but i have used $350 in a week and im 13
o$ still waiting for relies in fall 2010
not including the blades i used to have before when i was still a kid, that is before they vanished Crying, and also not including the ones my friend gave me earlier this year, i've only spent about $30 so far on two MFBs on eBay
way 2 much.
im taking a break after this summer, got enough stuff for a while. i will still save money asides to buy the new releases when they eventually come out, only i wont buy like 7 of the same stuff haha.
Spent around $250-300 USD on MFB, stadiums accessories etc alone.

And about $60 on Plastics and HMS.
guys is that it? i've probably spent:

£500-£600 in my entire life
not sure, but if I had saved that money up I would probably be able to buy a nintendo 3DS DX good thing I only need mah nintendo DS light Joyful_3
$350 at the least, including tax lol. Sad part is this is in one year. Think of if I had saved that money....
In my whole life time, I've probably spent £400.
Approximately around $ 6000+ and counting....XD. There is a purpose to my madness though Wink I'm not
Though I Started Blading When The Original Series as Airing, I Didn't Buy Many Blades... A Rough Estimate Would Be Probably Around... $300 ? The Worth Would Go Through The Roof! (I Traded, Persuaded My Parents, And... Used Gift Cards)
I've bought at least $1000 dollars worth of beyblades, stadiums, and accesories in my lifetime. $140 of that amount has been in the past month Tongue_out
Dunno, mabye 180 dollers.
same as sexybunny4u... so much. I think it would be getting close to 2K Confused 100 beyblades.
Probs about £1000 GBP in 8 years, the plastic gen was well worth it though Smile
hmm lets see, I have been buying beys from stores for about a little over a year, and sometimes I would buy a bey every week for like 2 months so I would say 250.
I have spent at least $20 on blades in the past year, i lost all my other blades in a suitcase at an airport, it was like 200 dollars worth
I've probably spent around $200 since last mid-July which includes launchers and gear too.
I spent around 500€ (710$) since july but I spent 125$ for a dragoon ms nib and 115$ for a black dragoon ms nip
At the least 500 USD