future beyblade names

i checked, there's no other thread exactly like this that i could find.
post below what you think would be good future MFB beyblade names! Grin
ive noticed people posting pointless things, so ive decided to follow Kai-V's advice: Post potential Zero-G bey names that follow the [warrior type] [monster type].
if you post stupid beyblade names like 'Jesus'(sorry about that: it was a joke!) i hope that the moderator's delete the post, thanks!
If they continue with warriors then I think Cyborg Ninja/Shogun would be cool.
yeah, they should carry on with that for abit i think.
I still think Rook Scarab would be a kick arse name.
they should make a bey called Jesus...
what? that's a weird word. never seen that word lol.
if one name has to be used warrior wise i would LOVE to see Spartan or something along those lines
lol imagine a bey called Caesar Optimus Maximus
lol, they should make one based on... oh no wait... i was thinking of mythical creatures , there already taken :L.
they shoud make a bey called trpical bird
{sorry to double post} I thought of one! they should do one based on a hydra
yeah that would be cool
yeah that would be nice!!
Shadow Hydra DF105 MXF ( Metal Extreme Flat)
Blood Sparta would be a carp full name1 x)
Hurricane Griffon would be a cool name.Smile
Hm, how about a Poseidon-based bey? I know they already released a Dark Aquario 145WD with special stickers but, it would be nice for them to get creative with it, here is the name: Ocean Poseidon VS145 (Variable Shield 145) EWD
Jump Dolphin M145 __ . Makes sense, right?
Blizzard SnowMan TH170EDS (Name needs editing)
Basically the abominable snowman making it really tall and good uncustomised
Shining Paladin S145 (Free spinning swords attached like E145) MF
... If I am to leave this topic open, then people will really have to start understanding the logic of the Zero-G names (because guessing regular Metal Fight Beyblade names is pointless since they are obviously going in an entirely different direction now for at least two years).

Samurai Ifraid
Shinobi Salamander
Pirates Oroja

Do you not notice any logic ? It is always [Type of warrior/whatever.] [Type of mythical, imaginary creature.]. Almost everything posted in this thread up until now is basically considered SPAM since it does not fit that logic at all.
I agree with Kai-V. All this is is just Spam for ideas that have little chance of happening.
So it's confirmed it's "class" and myth creature combined.
It would be nice if theres leviathan or uroboros based bey.Like knight/paladi leviathan...
I WAS ABOUT TO SAY "Why hasn't Shogun been mentioned yet?"
Shogun Leviathan.
(Feb. 25, 2012  7:42 PM)galaxyunicorn Wrote: yeah that would be nice!!
Shadow Hydra DF105 MXF ( Metal Extreme Flat)

i was thingking more of
tempest hydra df105 ef
i think they should create one called tsunami shark