favourite anime character of all time

Oorichimaru or Gaara, both Naruto characters. Gotta catch them all, wait wrong line.
gouenji shuuya and fubuki shirou from inazuma eleven (best combo)
fire and ice, theres no mix better than it Smile
Goku and Ryuga are my favourite amine characters.They are invisible and everybody recognise them if they show there face off because they know they are strong.Also love the way Goku in Dragonball Z was very awesome even when he shout the sound blew away things on the sorrounding.
1. Gohan he's looks cool and is strong
2.Kyoya I like his attitude
3.Vegeta I like his attitude like kyoya
4.Ryuga his beyblade looks cool
5.Goku He's the #1 fighter in DBZ
6.Gingka He's the strongest blader
7.Goten He's adorable
8.Masamune He's fnny
9.Trunks He has an awesome sword
10.Kenta My zodiac is a sagittarius
I also forgot aang his epic.The way people respect him and how he fights shows pretty much how awesome he is and why Avatar: The Last Airbender is known as the best anime show ever.
(Apr. 22, 2012  11:09 AM)Blaze12xz Wrote: gouenji shuuya and fubuki shirou from inazuma eleven (best combo)
fire and ice, theres no mix better than it Smile
Dude, Kiyama Hiroto and Fubuki Shirou is better! Meteor and Blizzard is better than just fire and Ice. Plus, they have the best co-op move (for me): "The Birth."

Also personally, I like Yu Narukami from P4 The Animation and Setsuna F. Seiei from Mobile suit gundam. Yu's a total pimp with his social links and Setsuna's just an awesome kid riding titanic robots. I also like Lelouch from Code Geass, total bishounen. Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown, guy gets his arm cut off (spoilers for who are watching Guilty Crown) and still kick butt. Shin Kanzato from Persona -trinity soul- and his Persona Abel, awesome guy with an awesome persona that has an awesome sword. 'nuff said.

Meh, that's about it.
lady tsunade from naruto ..... oh yeah=)
shes a warrior and hotty
thats why shes awsomeXD
I would have to say Bkaura and Marik. They are the EVILIST combo in yugioh. And the abridged series, jolly good show AHAHAAAHAHA!
I would have to say Max Tate from Beyblade, i am a lot like him except that if you people really think he's a ladys man (i dont) i am definetly NOT into dating and stuff. I also sort of look like him and draciel is awesome!
I absolutely love Gohan(DragonBall Z) Sora(Kingdom Hearts, and Kyoya. I also like Yoshimori from Kekkaishi.
Chiyo from azumanga daioh because shes really funny
Hidan from the aktsuki in naruto shippuden as in the japanese episodes he swears his head off during his ark in the anime and Tobi before he gets serious as he is just too funny too be a bad guy
Zeo Abyss or Nile cause they both are somewhat sensible (not many of those in the show.)
(Apr. 29, 2012  9:16 PM)famemonster8 Wrote: Zeo Abyss or Nile cause they both are somewhat sensible (not many of those in the show.)

I forgot to mention Tsubasa, Ryuga, Benkei and Yu! Ryuga and Tsubasa are WAY more sensible than Zeo and Nile. Zeo made a bunch of foolish mistakes and got himself and his friends in trouble, and Nile is a lazy cheat. Ryuga can be a little silly sometimes, but he always crushes everyone in the end. Tsubasa isn't the strongest blader in the world, but he always fights fairly and with all his strength. Yu and Benkei are just ADORABLE!!!
Saying that Ryuga is sensible at all is just hilarious.
Natsu Dragneel,Gon Freecs ,and Yuse Fudo
Either Kazuto Kirigaya from SAO (Sword art online) or Juvia from Fairy Tale
Kazuto just cause his two swords are so bad*ss, Juvia, well, she's hot...
I have to say Levi. He's a bad***
Toki from Fist of the North Star, anybody who can be so compassionate and deadly is a great person
Asuna(Sao), Sasuke(naruto), or Yoshino(Date A Live)
L (Death Note),Tetsuya Kuroko,Shido Itsuka,Kirito(SAO),Asuna(SAO)
I picked L because he's sooooo smart and cute.Kirito because he and his swords are B@d@$$.Kuroko because he's just so good at pasing,als because he's B@d@$$.Shido because he's a lucky Mother****** and all the girls dig him.And Finally Asuna because she's hot.
My favorite anime characted used to be Hao Asakura from Shaman King but things change as time goes by.
Now it's Kyousuke Arasaki from Crash B-Daman followed by Rin from Togainu no Chi and Houka Inumuta from Kill la Kill.
(Jan. 02, 2011  10:43 PM)Ultimate Wrote: Tsubasa, Sasuke, Sora (Kingdom Hearts and Beyblade Metal Fusion), Roxas and GOKU!!!!!!!

I know this is an old thread but I was surprised I had a post here xD

It's been over 6 years now and I'm shocked how much this list has changed damn, now it's (in no particular order...)
Tyson/Tsubasa (Beyblade), Naruto (Naruto), Gohan (DBZ), Saitama (OPM), Veemon (Digimon), Yoh (Shaman King)

I'm not sure why I listed video game characters in my old post. I thought I was a bright kid Unhappy