[closed for now!!!]kaihiwatari5673's animated signature and avatar shop [free!!]

Poll: How are my signatures and avatars

Not at all!!
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New to the WBO, and you want to know what those things on the end of other people's posts, and you want one of those things, than this is the place for you!! This is my signature and avatar shop so you can request via post or via private message. And here are some of my example!!:

i will be making more throughout the rest of my youth life, you must know that since i just opened up i am a one man signature group and be expecting your signatures by 30 minutes or 1-2 days after your request because i will be making them by first come, first serve and they will be there to you by private message and posted in this thread (in case you forget to check here or on your message). Last thing, here is the signature format that you must use in order to get your signature:

size:any size but 500X200 is the maximum number of size that the WBO allows.
image:you can put image URL or the photo here
background: background colors that you want. Ex. Forest colors, Sky colors, fire colors etc.
etc:you want animation, inverted image etc.

And one more thing, I only do signatures and avatars and animations. NO USERBARS!!!
no offence but they look kinda small and empty
it's because I just started but I can only get better
looking forward to see what you can produce then
so do you want one or what?? accepting requests, tell your friends
size: 500x200
image: these twohttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20...attack.png
background: purple flames if possible
text: blue saying TEAM DRAGONIS in caps
Kaihiwatari, I think your sig is a bit big.... Read the signature limits about it...
But the sigs look great for someone who just began! I can't wait to see how you do!
i can only make the signatures of one photo so which one do you want?? The eagle or the kid??
the eagle
ok i will work on it as soon as i can.
wait i cancel
if you were making the sig u can still put it up as an example and attract people
Hi kaihiwatari! I like my current signature so I don't want one right now but good luck with your shop.
Kaihiwatari if want help improving your self tell me i will give you some tips... feel free to ask
Ok can you join forces with me in this shop??
I've read the OP over and I have a several things.

1. I'd put your examples in spoilers.
2. Don't take credit for our work. (The last thing about the animations and userbars.)
3. If I were you, I'd wait until I was better at graphics. It took me a few months beofre I asked to join the shop I'm in right now.
4. Learn to resize things. If I were you, I'd watch how-to videos on YouTube.
5. Seriously work on the quality of each sig.
6. The max size for each signature is 500 x 200. These are too big.

Don't take this the wrong way. I'm just trying to help. And about the second reason, if you really do that, I'll have to report this shop. Sorry to say that. :\

Hey Bro! This is your shop, not me, China's, and Tetsu's.
That would betaking credit.
Give your sigs more effort.
So just state in the OP you don't do userbars or animations.
ok i already updated the OP
how do you do spoilers??
like this: [ spoiler]blah blah blah[ / spoiler] just get rid of the spaces between and you get this:
ok still accepting requests
Too much lens flare... the text doesn't fit, the backgrounds aren't the best either... I suggest you read up on tuts first so you can improve first.
The signatures are too simple...
And also, what program do you use? If GIMP, they could surely improve...