close this pleasewhat is your favorite thing about beyblade

Poll: What is your favorite thing about beyblade

Building combos
Learning tricks
Getting the perfect launch
Buying stuff
Total: 100% 11 vote(s)
My favorite thing about beyblade is to learn new combos and tricks what's yours
My favorite thing is building fun combos.
Tournaments. Need I say more?
My favorite part about beyblade is making videos and also seeing people have fun blading.
My favourite thing about Beyblade is battling and making good combos that are also a lot of fun.
What I like about beyblade is the sheer simplicity of the game... 2 tips are launched into the stadium,
The last top spinning, or the last one remaining in the stadium, and now with burst, the last top in one piece wins!
Also, within this simple game, are vast and highly complex possibilities with combinations, launch techniques etc, etc, with a side of etc...

It’s also a game that anyone can enjoy. Young and old,
Male and Female, Hyper-n00b and seasoned veterans.

It’s just a fun game
I feel like making a launching technique and tactic for every bey(stock) is fun and you also get to be the guy your friends and brother ask advice from.
I like it when Beyblades have huge impacts and the parts fly into the most unexpected places (into a cup of drinking fluid, through the living room, down the stairs, on the roof, wedged between some cushions, in the Blader's face, etc)
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