(austin, Texas) are there any bladers near by?

so fyurity thats fine with me, but you gotta announce stuff like location maybe the prizes (if u want i can add $1.00-$2.00 to the fee and ill handle prizes
Ok all you bladers in texas here is the deal

Prizes: I may not bring a prize. If you want prizes YOU bring them. (or may borrow from the WBO if I can)
Date: Unknown AT THE MOMENT (will be weekend for those of you who work)
Place: Most likely...i'm not familiar with austin that much so please tell me a good place.
Time: afternoon-ish like 1:00
After I get all info and 8 people (who are defintly comin!)
i will make an event proposal. PLease bear with me.
fyurity, a good place is zilker park. its in austin (obviously) and its a place i go often. i also have 8 peeps:
1. PokeBlader 2. Beyblader51 3. beybladehawk10 4. maxdeese1 5. Venom 6. beyman111 7. Shinn 8. metabee
and u
can you put the event on a weekend instead of a wednesday
i did
why did pokebladers pm me its 8/10/11?
Ooh wrong calendwer sorry it will be 8/7/11
oh ok thnx i can come but are you making an event proposal?
Cool, Ziller Park put me on maybe list. I am coming Thursday - Monday.
Hm...I am not hosting the tourny anymore for I might not be able to go. If I can go I shall help ou with the tourny.
Hey guys, I need about 3 more peeps and i will propose
Im (most likely) there!
can i be in the tourney
will bring my tt atack areana
1 more peep needed, maxdeese!
I might be able to go I live in San Antonio, tx soo it's a lil far from me but maybe I can convince my parents to take me..?? What day/time/and location??
The date in the title is the day I'm planning to host the tourney. Are you guys OK with that? Here's some other info:

Time: 3:00-5:00
Place: Zilker Park
Prizes: 1st: $75 to spend at/on ToyWiz (giftcards?). 2nd: $50, and 3rd: $25.
Judges: Everyone needs to at least skim the rules. We will all take turns judging when we are not battleing. Stadiums: ToyWiz will supply the stadiums (or most of them), but anyone who has any, bring yours just in case.
Max People: 18 (may change to 24 people)
Is everyone able to come?

Yes and make sure their stadiums are TT and/or Sono. Attack (bb-10) or Super Attack Tongue_out
Ok if its on the 20th of august at 3:00pm to 5:00pm I'm most likely going to go. Is this tourney going to be one of the official tourneys sponsored by toywiz and the wbo??
maxdees1! turn your pm on i need you to plZ!
i know that got annoying...

anyway JAM i suggest you post everything here and wait for maxdeese1 to come on and check and he can respond
wise, you are, master fyurity.
Thank you Tongue_out But yeah...I guess his parents might of done his settings...but I dont wanna get off topic...