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Country: Registration Date: May. 30, 2011 Birthday: Apr. 08, 2000 (22 years old)

hi everyone my name is maxdeese 1 my real name is max simon. call me which ever one you want. i first started liking beyblade two years ago when beyblade metal fusion came out in america in 2010. i am pretty good at beyblade. i am also a member of team irshi maybe i didnt spell it right. i do have a lot of beyblades. i have about 170 because i counted themand i am not joking when i say i have that many beyblades. i would list them all if i didnt have so many. i aim to be number one in the world and to be the best beyblader ever. so if you want to chat, i will be more than happy to, just email me or pm me or skype. well im pretty sure we wil get along well and be good friends. well anyway, bye.

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