Zero G and L Drago Destructor question

I have been sifting through the forums for some time now and I noticed the banned list this had me have to rework two of my Beys I used as personals so I could be playing with my friends fairly. My Beys were L Drago Destructor S130LRF and Leviathan Dragoon SA165W2D I saw 4Ds were banned EXCLUDING Jade and both Synchrome Bey combos and SA165 were banned so I had stopped using em and even turned Dragoon into Gladiator Dragoon S145W2D. Are the Synchrome Beys and all 4Ds (minus Jade) still banned in standard or limited for the Metal era/saga?.
Standard has no bans.

Limited still bans Synchrome and most 4d's (all but Jade) as well as the big disk tracks, this is kind of the point of Limited - removing the parts (or setups in the case of Synchromes) that began the shift towards power creep in new releases, to create a format where older parts (and as a result some newer parts that just aren't that good) can still be used competitively. Jade is only unbanned because it is weak compared to other 4ds and doesn't dominate. Libra is also banned but really doesn't need to be, though it does become much more of a problem for me in the Hasbro Pro stadium.