Zero-G Sway Attack: SA165 vs. E230 vs. SP230

So, I made this thread to find out which of these tracks was best for sway, or if they were equal. Since the results will be close, we need tests from lots of others, too. Hopefully this will help get everything closer to a ZG tier list.

The opponents- The attacker MSF-L Goreim Wyvang SA165(Zero-G Attack)/E230(Lower/Upper)/SP230 GCF will be used for me. People don't have to use this exact combo, preferably just something like Synchrom CF/GCF.

The defender is my own benchmark- MF-H Diablo Kerbecs TH170 WB. This combo isn't too hard to sway, but also not too easy. I feel WB is great for benchmarking sway.


SA165 Attacker vs WB Defender

SA165:8 Wins(5 0GKO, 3 KO)
WB:12 Wins(7 0GKO, 4 OS, 1 KO)
1 Tie
SA165 Win Rate: 40%

E230 Attacker(Lower Mode) vs WB Defender

E230: 8 Wins(5 0GKO, 3 KO)
WB: 12 Wins(5 0GKO, 4 KO, 3 OS)
E230 Win Rate: 40%

SP230 Attacker vs WB Defender

SP230: 7 Wins(All 0GKO)
WB: 13 Wins(7 OS, 5 0GKO, 1 KO)
1 Tie
SP230 Win Rate:35%

E230 Attacker(Upper Mode) vs WB Defender

E230: 9 Wins(9 0GKO)
WB: 11 Wins(6 0GKO, 4 OS, 1 KO
E230 Win Rate: 45%
Hmm would you try E230 Upper mode? Usually it more effective than lower.
If I have time I will do MSF Balro Balro _______GCF vs Revizer Revizer E230___
I'm thinking what tip, if someone wants me to test one, tell me and I will do it (the first to answer me)
I'm not a genius on zero-g but I do own a stadium and kinda understand how it works, but would it be better if u used a tip like GF, I mean if you truly want to see the actual swaying should use a tip that does not interfere with the pure swaying of the track.
Yeah GF it mainly known as best tip if GCF/CF isn't available to them.
I know, but we're trying to see how well the track works with the bottom in sway, not how well it works by itself.
Ohh ok I thought you were purely testing tracks, sorry
I forgot, I can't test SP230... but well I can test SA165 and E230 anyway
Yeah, that'd still be great!
So it looks like it is a tie between SA165 and E230. Unfortunately, I can only do E230 tests since it's the only track I have that is included in these tests. Is it still fine? Nice tests too.
Yep, that would still be fantastic.

E230 in upper mode is quite good, too. I updated the OP with results for it.
Sorry guys, I started testing but I erased them... so I didn't actually completed the tests because I was pretty annoyed...