Youtube Channel and I'm Good At Images

Hey guys so whats up i'm new to this forum but that is not the topic.
So I have a youtube channel where I make beyblade videos and I really want to increase
my subscriber count and video views. The next thing is that i'm really good at making graphics
such as youtube background, beyblade signatures and many other things. I hope You guys check
out my Youtube channel!StupidEee
(May. 24, 2012  3:31 AM)Yukio Wrote: Why don't you put a link to your youtube channel?
Yeah he's right, how do you expect someone to see it if they can't find it?
I feel stupid now, LOL! How could I forget to put the link yet I try to type in my best grammar.
(PS I'm Texan) Here is the link
I made a few new video check it out here!
You can only Bump in the bey marketplace.
nice vids! Pretty good quality and a nice soundtrack for that first video.(music makes almost everything sound better)
Quote: you can only bumb in the bey marketplace
Sorry I didn't know that and thanks zanymidget for feedback can you subscribe?
I don't have a youtube account yet. As soon as I get one though, I will!