Your favourite Beyblade Burst combos as of right now


I'm looking for some of your favourite Beyblade Burst combos in the game right now

It could be from the current Beyblade Burst season or from the previous season.

Personally, my favourite combo is Judgment Diabolos (the gt chip that comes from Venom/Erase Diabolos), Blitz, Extreme'. This combo is extremely powerful in terms of attack and with the offensive rubber blades that come with the Judgment layer and the teeth of the Diabolos chip makes this beyblade hit harder than most attack type beys. 

Comment down below what your favourite combo is
I like dynamite f gear spriggan over rise-0 for standard. For limited I really enjoy using hazard Kerbeus 0 glaive unite’ for classic I love Xeno Xcaliber gravity Octa
Cho-Z: Hell Salamander.0Proof.Atomic
GT: Slash Diabolos1.Blitz.Destroy'
Sparking: Lucifer2 The End.Kou.Kick
DB: Dynamite Belial.Shot (LF) and Astral Bahamut.Over.Drift-0
I love Master Diabolos 7 Unite' and Rage Longinus 3A Xtend+. Attack mode is fun, defense is meh and stamina is op.
Sparking: Rage Helios2MCC Xceed'+Z 3A
DB: Vanish Bahamut over drift 10 or Roar Bahamut Giga Xtend+
Cho-Z: Hell salamander(level chip) 00 Turn Zeta'
cho-z honorable mentions:
Cho-Z valkyrie Zenith Jolt.
Archer hercules 10 expand eternal.

GT: Knockout Dragon ll so 1' Turn Destroy'
GT honorable mentions:
Judgement Diabolos Vanguard charge.
Lord Longinus Around Bearing

Sparking: First solomon Xtreme' 1A
Sparking honorable Mentions:
Brave solomon Destroy' 3A
curse Solomon wheel Drift 1S

DB: Roar longinus over drift -/+0
DB honorable mentions:
Dynamite(+F) Perseus karma destroy' -/+0
Guilty bahamut Nexus Quattro -/+ 2

(Sep. 24, 2021  6:16 AM)GhostFox Wrote: Sparking: Rage Helios2MCC Xceed'+Z 3A

Try Hard combo