Your Very First Beyblade

Back in the day, when I was a little kid. A Dragoon S. I remember breaking the Attack Ring and losing the rubber tip (and stupidly decided I liked it better without the tip because it was faster)
Driger G was the first bey I ever bought although I broke the bey in few days I still have the bit chip.
when beyblade came out back in the day i saw them all on the shelfs of toys r us and i was like what is this this is so cool so i asked my dad and mom to bey me one to try i cant fully remember who i got but im sure it was one of the blade breakers beys and after assembling the bey and playing with it i loved it ever since but with the times back in early 2000s i couldnt find many people to battle with or do tournaments so i stopped playing and collecting and then my cousin got me into metal saga and then after a fever induced decision i got into beyblade burst now im 100% in
Uhh... In metal fight i got flash sagittario and in burst i got pregen spriggan
Mines was the classic A-3 Driger-S, Hasbro brand.
My first bey was Lightning L-drago which automaticly made me the cool kid.
For metal fight it was a set with storm Pegasus and lighting l-drago Hasbro. For burst it was ifritor I2,
Zeutron z2, and xcalius x2.
My first takara tomy bey was hell Salmander.
Flame Libra, Flame Sagittario, Rock Pegasus. The First beys I ever had, and the ones ive lost most the parts to lol
Hasbro: Berserker Behemoth and Bandit Golem two pack in shogun steel, and in burst it was Doomscizor from the single layer system
TT: Fang Leone in the 4D system, and Hell Salamander in burst