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I have created the ultimate bey " Theseus Rashaka ", I'm new to the community but i have strong ambitions.
Can we make our own beyblade in this contest
I am thinking of starting somepoint write a Fanfic to take at first place in Metal Saga and then move for the Shogun Steel/Zero-G Era as next part.

For first, little Tournament, with few OC Teams too.

For next part, a story from perspective of a new blader as well as one of the OC Teams leaders after events of Zero-G story; Main focus being around "Balro" Warrior Wheel. I think I post a thread about it.
Would it be crazy to have a new evil bey as a bey that can cause gimmicks/ability’s to not work anymore and have a non burstable mode where it turns all black (in the anime of coarse)
(Jul. 03, 2020  5:03 PM)Admiral W Wrote: Is this where we can post fanfics?

No, press create thread in the “Your creations” sub forum.
Any1 got a good place to get the B-09 beystadium cheap?
[Image: image0.png]My take on the new spriggan coming in sparking
this was actually a pretty decent prediction
I'm thinking of doing a contest, a beyblade geek (trivia) quiz.
Hi I'm back and bringing back my top teir bey Omega Leagueious the beyblade with the glyph dragon top piece the Valcry energy layer with armor and the rotating performance tip that belongs to a pro series balkesh the ultimate minor league bey there is also Lord Leagueious Super Leagueious Emperor Leagueious and Zeus Leagueious all of which are core parts of my beyblade ladder sorry for rambling but those are some good combos

(Mar. 16, 2021  4:57 PM)Ryuga\s Son Wrote: I'm thinking of doing a contest, a beyblade geek (trivia) quiz.

Yes let's go I watched all of the anime btw cool gif