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drake tugstu V.S jane loyo (i made drake up and he is the main person so i might say i alot)

"hey jane!" i said "shut it and lets battle" jane said "fine" i said "....3...2...1...LET IT RIP" everybody yelled.
lnilth was roaring with speed so was jane's bey ( shono ) the first hit was intense so it fling lnilth flying but he managed to stand on his tip. my bey was already struggling to move on the next hit my bey was sent flying out the ring. "ha that was easier then i expected" jane said "..." i wasn't even mad. "...3" they yelled i was holding my launcher a little bit harder. "...2" they yelled my hands was starting to steam. "...1!" they yelled i was ready to strike. "LET IT RIP" i yelled more louder then the crowd i change the way i angle and launched it and let it rip. my speed was gaining more speed the second "HOW?!" jane yelled i said nothing. the first strike made shono fly almost out the ring but it didn't. when shono got to the middle "last moon..." i said. my hair turned white and my bey launched into the air my bey gained speed and hit it making shono bounce everywhere then thats where my bey change while her bey was bouncing my bey was hitting every time "thats it...SHOW HIM YOUR TRUE POWER" she yelled. our bit beast was shown my bit beast was a green and black hydra and hers was a bat it was intense but at the end she was sent flying and it was a burst in mid-air "better luck next time i guess..." i said walking out.
Guardian of the Forrest! Redeemer Lys

Misuki finds Drake resting on the fountain while Vis runs out and says, "Where is your brother?" Misuki grabs Drake and and says they don't know. Vis tells her, "well Myr is missing and we don't know what could happen."

Vis and Misuki trek through the woods and finds a clearing where Misuku is standing at a stadium that looks like it was once a Giant tree. A stone in the center is the target as Misuku launches Myr smashing the rock, the beyblade inside caught by Misuki. Vis takes both Myr and the new bey and says, "It is too dangerous to battle here with these beys." He starts to walk and says, "For safety these beys will not be touched until more research is done."

-end of part 33-

Boring but it is set up to later parts.

Lys is the counterpart of Myr.

Unwanted Guest! Dead Pheonix

As they return they see Zach battling and as they get there to watch a Crack is heard and Aeros spits into two. Vis gets his launcher ready. They launch and dead Pheonix clashes with Sonar which hits it with a barrage. The impact sends the armor away before a second attack sends the light dead core flying into Phi's hand. The armor lands and hits Sonar, almost bursting it.

Phi pulls revive phoenix out of his clothing and puts the dead armor on the revive core and gets ready to launch. Vis changes the mode on the launcher and driver and they launch. The initial impact sends both beys flying. Sonar rolling off the wall and the dead armor flying off Pheonix. Pheonix dives down and hits Sonar. As they collide Phi's eyes darken and the dead armor crashes into Sonar as well. Vis grins and says, "You're too predictable," Phi notices that the outer ring of Sonar has stopped but the Bulk of the layer is spinning undisputed.Vis yells, "Sonar!" As Pheonix rolls around Sonar, hitting the armor. The dead armor gets sent flying and Pheonix gets knocked off balance. Sonar uses this to their advantage and continues to push Pheonix. Pheonix slows and stops.

"Now, why are you here?*

-end of part 34-

Here you go.

Dead Pheonix losses alot of mass when the armor comes off. That can be exploited.
This is my own story about the Element-X beys from turbo.

A meteor colored green was flying through space and crashed down here on earth during the prehistoric times for Beyblades. Once the meteor landed lots of Beyblades got killed but …………………………………………………………. not killed. They has elemental powers, color and type changes, SLINGSHOCK TIPS!!!!! It was all called ...…………………. Element-X.
After their discovery, bladers from around the globe searched and searched and searched for the beys but more came and came and came and came and now, today these beys are worth from $15-50.
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You used the word would a lot, haha. It was good otherwise
Note: This was published elsewhere as a comedy sort of thing. This in an AU of mine, so inside jokes and stuff have been added. This is a universe where Norman dislikes a lot of the Snake Pit guys, because theyre quite annoying and crazy. Ashtem is trying to get Norman to socialize more, and “get along” with them. And it is not going well. Silver Eye is also Norman’s “nemesis,” known for bullying and making fun of Norman a lot in the Snake Pit

"Oh my gods..." a voice breathed out quietly as Norman was still trying to sleep. "How did this happen? Who did this?"

"Are you dumb?" another voice chimed, slightly concerned. "What is he doing out there? Who did this? Why is everyone gasping? Someone do something!" Norman didn't care for the voices nearby; he was actually trying to get something rare called 'sleep.'

"Stop gasping, everyone!" a younger voice hissed, and everyone still gasped. "Look! I don't know what is going on, but I know that this is not okay."

The other voice, slow and mysterious-sounding, replied. "Looks fine for now. He isn't going....Or at least, too fast. We have time to think before he floats away."

"Um, I think we need to think faster," the voice said, but quieter now. Norman wasn't sure if he was getting into deep sleep, or if the people are walking away. "Who did this? Who?"

"Who cares about who did it? We have to get Gold Eye because -- oh."

"Boa! Do your super Spiderman jumping that Boy Scouts taught you! He's getting away! Quick, guys. Run after him; we have to do something."

"I blame Gray Eye for this! I bet he did this to Gold Eye! Only he could be strong enough to bring a mattress and a person into a river."

"It wasn't me! Pretty sure it was Silver Eye. He's practically ten men in a hipster body."

"Oh boy. Ashtem is going to kill us when we pretty much did nothing."

The voices got even quieter, and Norman felt himself going towards bliss. For once, the Snake Pit wasn't full of kids screaming or obnoxious talking. It was hard to get some good sleep there, mainly because it had trauma and noises and whatnot. And right now, he was grateful that he was able to get some sleep. It felt like working endlessly until you got something you wanted.

And especially, Norman liked the environment he was sleeping in. He liked how the atmosphere was colder than it should be. The Snake Pit was getting a little stuffy after all, and sometimes hot because it was by the equator. Theodore still needed to implement more air vents, since even more Bladers came to the place. And best of all, it even felt like there was water dripping onto his exposed arms.

‘This is actually a good time to sleep.’


He felt like something was extremely wrong, but he guessed that it was his paranoia. What a good time to dream of water and rivers!

"Hey, Gold Eye!" someone who sounded like Yellow Eye cried out. "Wake up, pal! Wake up!"

"Don't startle him that way. He could be awake any moment now. It isn't that hard to wake up, especially since something is very wrong."

"Where's Boa? Is he hopping around in the trees now? What else can we do, in case Boa can't save him in time?"

"Somebody jump in the river!"

Norman wanted to wake up and yell at the obnoxious voices, so he got up, clutching the pillow in his arms. "Hey, what's with you all talking and stuff? I'm trying to get some sleep." he said tiredly, still angry because Theodore let the old Bladers come back. But that's when he noticed something really wrong, and looked at the edge of his 'bed.'

"Cripes!" he cursed, eyes wide and not knowing what to do. He didn't remember this at all; all he remembered was going to bed in his training clothes, and then plopping onto the bed. Not this.

His bed — or rather, it was instead a small and puffy mattress — was in the river, with him and his pillow on it. The river was pretty wide, flowing between medium and slow, and it was sending the mattress to what he thought was 'downstream.' Norman wasn't a professor for geography or anything, but downstream typically meant rapids and waterfalls and what not. And in a middle of a rainforest, that could be piranhas and crocodiles and whatever counts as bad.

"How did this happen?" he called out to the Bladers by his right, who were on land and chasing after him. Everyone seemed to be present, except for Boa and Silver. "Why am I here? I don't remember going to bed on a river."

"Hang on tight," Gray Eye advised him, taking in death glares frim a couple others. He turned to them, and said, "What? I wasn't the one who did this to him. You all can blame Silver Eye instead, and not me."

"Rescue is coming," Azure Eye called out afterwards, watching as Norman was trying to paddle. "Boa is currently trying to find a good spot to pull the rope down. Or something." that just made Norman even more concerned.

Violet Eye spoke up next, watching as the mattress swerved left and right. "Help is coming, dude. Can you swim?"

"Well, duh," Norman glared at all of them, his pillow soaking wet from trying to paddle. "But I am not sure what is in the water, if any. There could be crocodiles and piranhas and brain-eating amoeba."

"Can you jump onto a branch?" Black Eye asked, hopping over a couple stones in effort to keep up. "There's a couple branches up ahead. Just jump!"

"Jumping would push the mattress down!" Violet Eye slapped the younger male. "It could get even more wet and then it will sink or something... Well, maybe unless someone aided him."

"Good bye, Gold Eye," the others, Gray Eye and Azure Eye, decide to pull a Jerk Move and just wave good-bye at him. Norman groaned; so much for trying to live a peaceful life. Whoever placed him in this situation would not have a very happy outcome.

The river raced a little bit more faster, turning left and right and pulling in stray logs and branches. The Masked Bladers were even more horrified this time, their eyes wide instead of helping Norman out. Norman didn't know what to do, so he decided to sit criss-crossed on the mattress while hugging his pillow. ‘I swear I'm going to tell Ashtem about this.’

Finally, just as the river got even more faster, and rope with a noose-shaped end fell down from a mangrove tree. "Here I am. Now get on, Norman." Boa poked his head out from the leaves, prodding Norman to get on. The Masked Bladers stopped at the tree were Boa was, anticipating the moment Norman would be rescued. "There's not a lot of time left. You better get on, unless you would like to see a huge crocodile nest up ahead."

Norman flipped himself in another direction to face the direction his mattress was going. And using his wet pillow, he tried very hard to steer left to where the boys are. The mattress kept spinning and making him out of focus, but he tried to stand on it anyway. Just as Violet Eye said, it was sinking down, but kept going back up and repeat. The fact that it was sinking plus spinning made Norman sick somewhat. But he jumped up to reach Boa's rope, accidentally going too hard and swinging into the tree Boa was on. And the mattress just floated off with the river to who-knows-where.

"We're saved," Yellow Eye blinked, joining the others to examine Norman. Gray Eye and Azure Eye joined in as well, despite them waving good-bye to him previously. "Ashtem won't kill us because Gold Eye is still alive."

"Okay, since our lives are now secured, we can discuss about who did this," Boa said almost sarcastically, still hanging from the mangrove tree.

Gray Eye sighed out, looking at all of them. "Guys, like I said: Pretty sure it was Silver Eye who did this. I don't know how or why he would do such thing, but this was a really nasty prank."

"We should do the same to him and see if he likes it," Norman glowered, imagining Silver just floating off into nowhere, and possibly death. For some reason, it seems like Silver would actually do such prank. "I'm lucky someone found me out here."

"And it was me," Violet Eye huffed in, eyes full of pride. "Now you should find something to give me in return. You still haven't paid for wanting me to die."

Black Eye looked around. "We should get back. I don't think we went too far into the rainforest, so it should be fine. We can find our way using the river, and we can discuss about who did this later."

"Well," Norman sighed out, stretching, "I can't wait to find out who did this." It was obvious who did it, but Norman just couldn't wait. It would be fun to give some payback, or for Ashtem to do it. Looks like someone didn't learn his lesson.
Evolution! Enter GT

Phi disappears without a trace and Vis walks over to Zach. He picks up Aeros and tells him. "I can fix it for you."

"Now," Vis says, "What to do." He looks at the broken layer, the metal ring separated from the Layer which had cracked in multiple places. He gets an idea then starts building. He creates a three part layer and gives it to Zach.

"Lets test it." Says Zach, proud of his little brother's handiwork, readying his launcher," Ready?"
Vis gets his launcher ready and they launch. Aeros darts around the stadium and clashes with Sonar. The impact sends both beys back and Aeros bounces off the wall and hits Sonar from above and both beys burst.

Misuku, who was watching along with his sister, walks over and asks, "Could you upgrade Myr?"

Vis frowns at the idea of Myr being stronger so he says, "How about I teach you how to smith beyblades so you can help upgrade Drake." He turns to Misuki and says, "Zach can teach you."

The two groups design the cores and attack bases but then come together to create the GT Chip.

The two assemble the parts and launch. Drake Smashes into Draco but Draco resists getting knocked back and eventually wins by Stamina.

The two smile as someone walks into the dojo.

-End of Part 35-

GT time! Sonar will not have a GT evolution and will stay as CZ-Sonar.

Skin and Bone, Tooth and Nail! Decay Serpent

"Who are you?" Zach asks the stranger.

"Masaka Hiro." The boy replies.

Vis looks at Masaka and says, "Typically the first thing you do when you enter the dojo for the first time is to battle one of the four main bladers," He gestures Masaka to follow him, "But by the look of it you need something to eat."

They sit down to eat and Vis puts Sonar on the table. The bey catches the light as Vis says, "So why did you come to the dojo?"

Masaka smiles and tells him, "I was lost after a group of friends ditched me." He looks down at the plate, "I have been searching for three days when I found this place."

They finish eating and Vis says, "Well you are willing to stay." Vis then grins as Zach, Misuku, and Misuki appear, "But first you have to do a battle trial. Pick who you want to battle.

Masaka choose Zach. They get ready to launch. Masaka pulls weakly as they launch and Serpent wobbles in the center. If falls over but is caught by the dish on its driver and just spins there. Aeros dashes down to attack and after a small barrage, Aeros bursts. "Serpent is made to be strong while I am weak." Masaka says.

Vis grins and admires Serpent. "Amazing!" He says, "If you don't mind I would like to train you to improve your strength. If it is this powerful now, imagine if it had even more power behind it."

Zach grins as he watches Vis talk to Masaka. He is truly proud of his little brother.

-end of part 36-
Sides of a Coin! Iris and Sonar

Vis was training Masaka when he hears an overly energetic voice say, "Vis!"

"If it isn't Hita," Vis says as Sonar attacks Serpent. Sonar and Serpent stop spinning as Vis says, "Haven't you started beyblading?"

"Yep!" Hita says brightly, bringing out a colorful beyblade, "Say hello to Steel Iris!"

"That is a nice beyblade!" Vis says, mirroring the brightness, "I guess you want to battle?"

Hita gets their launcher and Vis gets ready. They launch and Sonar hits Iris which gets knocked back, "Iris!" Hita yells, "Shining counter!" The guard dish catches the stadium and starts to circle but Sonar catches up to Iris and bursts it.

"Your not bad." Says Vis. Hita grins then sees that Misuku and Misuki are battling. Draco gets sent out of the stadium and he catches it. He looks at the layer while Misuki walks over.

"Watch this," She says as she disassembles the layer, "The layer is three parts."

Hita lights up and turns to Zach, "Could you make me a beyblade like theirs?"

Vis hears this and says, "I'll help you make it."

The two bladers start to forge the parts and after a bit both Iris and Sonar have an upgrade.

"This is reflect Iris!" Hita says jumping up and down, "I want to test it!"

Zach agrees and brings out his bey, "This is tempest Aeros," He readys his launcher, "Ready?"

They launch and Iris spins in the center as Aeros circles. Aeros dives down and hits Iris. "Reflection Counter!" Hita calls as Iris starts to circle. Iris hits Aeros with the exposed weights and sends Aeros back. Iris circles back to the center as Aeros dives back down. Aeros hits Iris and bounces up. Zach calls out, "Aeros, tempest impact." Aeros lands on Iris and Iris bursts.

Hita grins as they grab Iris. Vis walks up and shows a new bey. "And this is echo Sonar."

They launch and Sonar spins in the center and when Aeros hits Sonar it rolls off and a clicking noise is made. The battle goes on and Sonar wins by Spin finish.

Vis asks if he could borrow Iris and he takes both beys apart. He switches the GT chips and the layers change. Iris becomes more defensive and Sonar locks.

"Sonar and Iris both change if the GT chip is changed." Vis says. Hita nods and says, "So you created the extra pieces."

The two talk about how their beys work and Zach just smiles.

-End of Part 37-
Lament Drive! Training Continues

Vis is training with Masaka when Misuki, with Misuku trailing behind, walks up and asks, "So we know that Myr and Lys are not to be used," Vis is startled and messes up a launch, "But what about the parts?"

Vis turns to the two and says, "What do you mean?"

"If the layer has to be examined why can't we use the rest of the parts?" Misuku responds with a grin.

"You already took the parts didn't you?"

Misuku lowers his head and Misuki says, "It was his idea."

"Let me see the two beys." Vis sighs as they hand him the beys. Vis looks and notices that the parts almost look like they were made for drake and draco, "Fine, let's test it."

"Alright!" Yells Misuku as he grabs his beyblade. Misuki picks up draco and walks to the stadium.

"Misuku," Vis says, "You will test your attack against Sonar."

"And You will go against Serpent," Says Masaka, "Miskuki is it?"

"Ok, first Misuku." Vis says as he readies his launcher, "First to three." They launch and Sonar spins in the center as Drake goes on a rampage and hits with a strong barrage. Each hit knocks only Sonar away due to the high friction. Drake circles as Misuku yells, "Madness claw strike!" Drake hits Sonar and the impact sends Sonar flying.

Vis catches Sonar and disassembles the layer. He switches the GT chip and turns the driver. He slides the switch on his launcher while bring it back and crouching. They launch and Sonar clashes with Drake. The impact knocks Drake off its path and it collides with the wall. It bounces off only to clash with Sonar again. The impact sends Sonar back but the negate frame catches Sonar before it hits the wall. Sonar intercepts Drake as it bounces off the wall and hits it again into the wall. Sonar goes to attack again but Drake bounces slightly and the movement changed. Both beys dash through the stadium and clash. Eventually, Drake bursts. Sonar bursts in Vis hands.

Both bladers grin and they launch. Both beyblades clash over and over. Drake, having more speed and grip, starts to push back Sonar until the negate frame catches the attack and Sonar bounces back and hits Drake. The impact sends Drake off course and the impulse driver switches to stamina. Sonar spins in the center as Drake rampages around the stadium. Drake starts to slow down and falls.

"Now for Misuki." Vis says, "Masaka."

"On it." he says, getting his launcher ready. Masaka launches with more force than usual. Serpent circles and attacks Draco. The impact sends both beys flying. The lament driver catches the stadium and Draco returns to the stadium. Serpent attacks again and again. Draco gets knocked back but doesn't have the spin to stay up right and falls over.

They get ready and launch. Serpent hits Draco and the driver bounces. The bounce made the tip off axis and when it hit the stadium it makes Draco bounce off the stadium and dive down at Serpent. "Lament drive" Misuki calls as Draco dives. The impact bursts Serpent.

Masaka unlocks the driver and switches the spin direction. He weak launches and Draco almost bursts due to the spin difference. The gain in spin makes Serpent circle around Draco. Each time Serpent hits it steals a little more spin to then waste it circling. Eventually, Draco bursts.

"Didn't expect that did you?" Masaka says with a smile

-end of part 38-
(Nemesis Joktron vs Strong Archer)
Latin: You will never escape! I will show you my true power! - He showed his Strong Archer 6Meteor Zephyr.
Davis: Witness my power, Latin! Let the fight begin! - He showed his Nemesis Joktron 7Danger Linear.
"3, 2, 1! LET IT RIP!"
The beyblades fell onto the arena.
David: Go, Joktron! Knife Defense!
Joktron sat in the centre and lowered his height. Archer was circling around furiously.
Latin: You're left-spin!? Go, Archer! Electric Arrow!
Archer hit the wall and threw a metal arrow in Joktron.
It hit him hard. Joktron lost balance and started scraping. The wheel from the Driver started drifting in circles, saving Joktron, until...
Davis: GO! Counter Throw!
Suddenly, Joktron accelerated and started drifeting towards Archer.
Latin: Archer Counter!
Archer slid on the curvature of the stadium, accelarated and in the last moment escaped Joktron's attack.
Davis: What!? Impossible!
Archer caught-up to Joktron and hit him from the back.
He hit the wall and using the wheel, immediatly slid into the centre, wobbling.
Latin: Strong Archer! Archer Bomb!
Archer headed towards Joktron and hit him, leaving a small bomb.
Then, Archer did a circle around Joktron and was ready to activate the bomb, but...
David: Joktron! Counter Boost!
He accelerated and somehow gained speed. JOktron was spinning so fast, that bomb unstuck and flew right into the wall, bursting.
Latin: Oh, you troublemaker! Die already! Archer! FINISH HIM!
Archer started going in the flower pattern very fast, hitting Joktron.
He was losing stamina and started to wobble more and more with every hit...
Latin: Final Strike! Archer!
Joktron was almost touching the floor, as he suddenly rushed at Archer.
Latin: How...?
They hit each other and clashed.
An explosion formed and stroke the stadium. Yellow glow filled it.
When the smoke was spread by the air, the only thing that was visible is a snapped Archer and almost out-of-stamina Joktron, that was spinning on its back.
Davis: See? - He took Joktron and walked away.


(Hell Yatagarasu vs Flying Yurdex)
Geo: Hey! Stop.
He turned around.
Yaeger: What do you want?
Geo: You think you are unbeatable, huh?
Yaeger: Yes, of course, no more talking.
He continued walking.
Yaeger: *Confused.* - Why are you so angry?
Yaeger: *Smiles misteriously.* - Oh, yeah. Of course, of course...
They walked up to the stadium.
Yaeger: Hell Yatagarasu.
He showed a dark blue beyblade with a three-legged crow in the centre.
Geo: Flying Yurdex.
He showed a grey-ish beyblades with a falling creature in the centre.
Yaeger: Ready?
Geo: Set!
Yaeger and Geo: 3, 2, 1! LET IT RIP!
The beyblades fell onto the arena.
Yatagarasu jumped on his Bounce driver, cushioning the impact from launch. Then, he sat in the centre.
Geo: "Left-Spin?"
Yurdex was drifting around, then headed immediatly to the centre.
Geo: Fly Strike!
Yurdex accelerated and hit Yatagarasu. The wing took the impact and there was no effect on Yatagrasu at all.
Geo: What!?
Yaeger: *Smiled Villaniously.* Yatagarasu. Wing Defense!
All 3 Wings Glowed.
Yurdex started going in a crazy flower pattern, but Yatagarasu took all the impacts with no effort.
Geo: Ugh... Go! The Flight of Yurdex!
Yurdex hit the wall of the stadium and flew above the stadium.
Yaeger: *Bored.* - So weak... I thought you would be stronger...
Geo: AH! What did you say? Yurdex!
The beast showed up.
Geo: Attack!
Suddenly, Yurdex fell onto the Yatagarasu.
The Bounce driver completely compressed.
Yaeger: Bounce Break!
Suddenly, Yatagarasu accelerated to a speed of sound and did circle around the stadium.
Yurdex hit the floor and sat in the centre. Yatagarasu slid towards him and hit.
A small explosion showed up. Yurdex cracked. More, and more, and more... SNAP!
Explosion spread around and wasn't visible anymore.
Yurdex bursted in pieces, leaving Yatagarasu the winner of the battle.
Geo: Aghr... Yurdex...
Yaeger: Hmph.
He took Yatagarasu, leaving Geo sitting on his knees with broken Yurdex in hands.

This was originally a humor thing I made and uploaded on WattPad. Features the Snake Pit

Sword In The Stone! Scabbard Xcalibur

"Man, when I heard you were running a dojo," Says Xander, "I wasn't expecting this."
"I am guessing you are Xander?" Vis says, "Are you not?" He nods and Vis gets his launcher ready, "I guess you know how things are done here."

They launch and Xcalibur slams into Sonar. The impact sends both beys back. Xcalibur losses a click and attacks again. Sonar stands its ground as the tip switches to defense. Xcalibur attacks again and loses another click. The impact also switches the impulse driver to attack. "True impact!" Xander yells as the two beys get ready to clash. The impact sends both beys flying. Sonar is caught by Vis, still spinning in his hand, and Xcalibur bursts when it hits the ground. Vis looks at Sonar and noticed that Sonar was on its sixth click.

Both bladers laugh and Masaka walks over and challenges the new blader.

The two get ready to launch and Serpent spins slowly in the center. Xcalibur attacks and Serpent gets sent to the top of the stadium. Serpent rolls down and it repeats. Each impact drains spin from Xcalibur. "Diving crush!" Yells Masaka as Serpent dives down and sends Xcalibur out.

"Now you know why I wanted to come here." Xander says, with an awkward smile, "There are just so many amazing bladers here."
"You are welcome to come and go as you please." Vis says as he walks away to watch over a battle.

-End of part 39-
- Nox Chaos vs Orb Egis -
Evel: By scientific analysis, Nox Chaos can't overpower my defense properties. I guarantee a burst finish.
Fax: Ha! I am a joke to you? Your analysis is false and I will prove it in a second!
They walked up to the arena.
Fax and Evel: 3, 2, 1! LET IT RIP!
The beyblades fell onto the arena.
Fax: Go, Ch- Wait, where are you? WHAT!?
Egis was suctioned to a slope of the stadium.
Evel: Quest driver. The Suction Cup increases the grip with the stadium, preventing knock-outs.
Fax: That's not a problem! Chaos! Nox Hammer!
Chaos did a circle, accelerated and hit Egis with its hammers 2 times.
Egis wobbled, unstuck and started to slip into the centre.
Evel: Oh, yes! Just as planned.
Fax: *Gasp.* - No! Prevent it, Chaos!
Egis was almost in the centre. Chaos headed towards Egis and hit it again.
The free-spinning bottom part of the Quest driver did a turn and accelerated.
Fax: What!?
Evel: Quest Counter!
It did a quick change of direction it was going and drifted towards Chaos.
Fax: NO!
It hit Chaos, sending it into the air. It landed in Fax's hand.
Evel: Hmph. No burst? Alright, second round!
But... Something changed. Fax's eyes are now... Red?
Fax: Oh, it is an end for you, NOW.
He turned around with a crazy smile on his face.
Evel and Fax: 3, 2, 1! LET IT RIP!
The beyblades onto the stadium.
Egis right away suctioned to the centre.
Evel: Perfect.
Fax: Aa-a-a-a-a-h! CHAOS!
The beast showed up.
Fax: Nox... SPIRAL!
Evel: What...?
Chaos stopped for a moment and then accelerated to a ludicrous speed.
Chaos crushed into Egis with all of its power.
Egis shaked. And the crack formed. It grew bigger and bigger, until...
SNAP! Egis' layer flew away, shattered to million pieces.
The Quest driver was still suctioned. Nox Chaos hit the wall and rushed and it.
It hit the driver and it cracked too.
Evel: Why...?
Fax: *Grinned.* - Because.
He took Chaos and walked away.
Xander's Challenge! Preparations

"So in two weeks?" Asks Vis.

Xander nods and he walks out.

Sonar clashes with Serpent and the impact sends both beys back. The disk on the driver catches Serpent and Sonar switches to Stamina. Serpent hits Sonar and both beys get knocked back. Serpent bursts as Misuku walks by.

"Mind if I battle Masaka?" He asks. Vis nods and gets out of the way. The two get ready to launch. Masaka launches hard and both beys clash. Serpent gets sent back and Drake attacks again. Serpent hits the wall and the grip causes it to get a burst of speed and attacks Drake. The impact pushes Drake out of its pattern and makes Serpent dive down. "Serpent's den" Yells Masaka as the impacts cause Drake to slow down. Drake starts to fall to the center while Serpent spirals. Drake runs out of stamina and falls.

Masaka unlocks the driver and gets ready. Masaka weak launches and Serpent spins in the center. Drake slams into Serpent and sends it flying into the wall. The rubber serpents catch the wall and Serpent dives back to the center. Drake attacks again and the same thing happens. Again and again Drake attacks, each one weaker than the last, until Serpent gets sent out of the center then dives back down, bursting Drake.

Both bladers pick up their beys and give each other a look of respect as Vis says, "Make sure to keep up your practice." He grins, "Xander is not to be underestimated,"

-End of part 40-
Vis (captain)

Burning blade:
Xander (captain)

You will just have to see in the next part.
Reaper of Souls! Axis Deathscyther.

"All right folks," Says the announcer as the crowd cheers, "Get ready for the first round!"

Masaka walks up as the announcer says, "Looks like it is Masaka Hiro vs Zela Dian." Masaka looks over and sees her ready her launcher. He weak launches and Serpent spins in the center. Deathscyther dives down and hits Serpent up. Serpent continues to get hit like this until the impact sends Serpent out.

"I guess that won't work." He says as he locks the driver. He tilts his launcher and they launch. Serpent intercepts Deathscyther and the impact sends both beys back. Deathscyther is the first to recover and attacks Serpent. Deathscyther pushes Serpent back until Masaka grins. The ring on the driver catches and causes Serpent to circle at high speeds. "Serpents volley!" yells Masaka as Serpent circles, slamming into Deathscyther. Each impact sends the bey into the next as Serpent starts to spin faster. "Deathscyther!" Says Zela, "Shadow Slash!" Deathscyther hits Serpent with the disk then follows with the layer. This knocks Serpent out its movement and it falls to the center. Deathscyther starts to wobble and falls over.

"Having fun?" Asks Masaka as he switches spin direction and unlocks the driver, "Because it has just begun." They launch and Serpent spins in the center as Deathscyther dives down to attack. The impact sends Deathscyther back. A second attempt sends Serpent back but the ring catches and brings it back to the center. "Having problems?" Masaka says, "Attacking will do more harm than good. There is no escaping the serpen-" Masaka is cut short by both beys bursting.

Masaka grits his teeth and locks the driver. Masaka puts his full force into the launch and Serpent slams into Deathscyther, the rubber snakes sending the bey back. "Serpent's Bite" Yells Masaka. Serpent continues to attack until Zela screams, "Deathscyther!," The bey hits the wall, "Reapers Hollow!" Deathscyther slams into Serpent and sends it flying. Serpent bursts as it flies past him.

-End of part 41-
Spectrum: 0

Burning Blade: 1
Sun Chariot! Cosmo Helios

"Up next we have Misuki vs Ashura." The two Bladers get ready and launch. Helios absorbs the landing and goes to the center while Draco bounces using Lament Drive to dive down. The two beys impact, pressing the tension driver down. The flat touches and Helios moves. Helios dives back down and pushes Draco back. Both beys stop spinning, Helios out spinning ever so slightly.

Ashura switches the mode on the driver. The two bladers launch. Draco spins in the center as Helios speeds down to the center. "Sun Chariot!" Yells Ashura as Helios slams into Draco. The Lament driver catches the stadium and makes Draco bounce back into the center to intercept Helios. "Lament Counter." Says Misuki as Draco jumps back into the center after each impact. Every couple impacts a click can be heard.
"One." Ashura says as the beys clash.
Draco bounces off as Ashura says, "Two."
Helios slams into Draco as she says, "Three."
Ashura turns around and holds four fingers in the air as a burst is heard, "Four."

"And the Score is one to two!" Yells the announcer.
Ashura's face drops as she turns around to see Helios bursted in the stadium. She picks up the beyblade and her face turns to rage as she sets Helios on the launcher. They launch and Helios rockets into Draco and hits it again and again. "Helios!" Screams Ashura, "End it! End it now!" Helios keeps attacking and then both beys get sent back. Draco catches the stadium and bounces down. "Dragons Keep!" Yells Misuki as The metal claw of the layer weight sends Helios flying. Helios bursts when it hits the wall.

-End of part 42-

Spectrum: 1

Burning Blade: 1
This thread has been dead so yeah. Also can you see if the story is good?

(Oct. 17, 2019  1:26 AM)DreamBlade Wrote: This thread has been dead so yeah. Also can you see if the story is good?

It's very good! I'd suggest making a thread for it!
(Oct. 18, 2019  1:22 AM)#Fafnir Wrote:
(Oct. 17, 2019  1:26 AM)DreamBlade Wrote: This thread has been dead so yeah. Also can you see if the story is good?

It's very good! I'd suggest making a thread for it!

I already have. I just have to rename it.