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No, it is not an anime. Locked destiny. Well, the word is created by me. It means that the main protagonist in the story is bound to have a good future in spite of many hardships that they have to conquer. Or in other words their future (destiny) is sealed (locked).
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(Nov. 10, 2017  9:02 PM)Dragunix Wrote: Not necessarily...niw that you mention it, I might ruin his luck...

And now that U mention it...I actually feel bad for Rykos...U r going To make his life miserable...
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If he ends up as the poor, defeated hero, then,
Then he'll be - what's known in my dictionary as - bonded labour.
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(Nov. 11, 2017  3:40 PM)Dragunix Wrote: Bonded labor?

As in he works hard to achieve his goals but gets crushed in the end? No, I'm not going to ruin him lile that.

Hey dragunix...Post Ur story...The way u r putting ur story...CAnt wait for the next part....
Beyblade Burst Tournament Round 1:
Aurora Hamasaki vs Generic Blader
The Generic Bey, R2BP took the middle as Frost Boreas swung around the stadium before angling onto the plastic tip and zooming in towards R2BP. It hit, pushing it way out toward the ridge. Then it sped up and slammed into R2BP, knocking it out of the stadium.
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(Nov. 11, 2017  7:10 PM)Ayane_2355 Wrote:
(Nov. 11, 2017  7:03 PM)Dragunix Wrote: Which story?

I think she means your story of Rykos. You keep talking about his adventures, so I'm pretty sure she assumes you have a written version.

exactly what I am talking about....
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Piluto vs Rykos Part 2
Piluto leapt into the air and grabbed onto the ceiling (because there was a chandelier or something) and held his launcher with his feet. "3, 2, 1, let it rip!" On the word rip he flung the launcher away from one foot but held the ripcord tightly in the other. Nemesis hit and bounced high into the air, before landing again and zooming around faster than Dragoon. It was about to hit Dragoon from behind when suddenly it's acceleration ring hit the stadium and it sped up, zooming around fast. "Go!  Nova Impact!" Rykos yelled. Suddenly Nemesis' ring hit the stadium and it rolled away from the attack. Dragoon continued to speed up and came in to attack Nemesis again, who rolled away again. Piluto grinned. "Nightmare Roller!" They repeated this pattern again and again as Nemesis' loop became smaller each time. Finally, the ring hit the stadium and Nemesis took the middle. "Go! Nova Storm!" Dragoon changed direction and zoomed inward like a rocket. Nemesis countered it and pushed it away. Dragoon zoomed back, but then the acceleration ridge hit the stadium and it changed direction. "One more time! Nova Storm!" Suddenly, it lost speed and began to wobble. Piluto grinned as it wobbled in and clashed with Nemesis. Dragoon was flung from the stadium. Midair, it burst. Piluto's grin widened as he let go and flipped over in midair, somehow landing on his feet next to the stadium even though he launched above the stadium.
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(Nov. 12, 2017  1:21 AM)Dragunix Wrote: Wait how did it just start wobbling out of nowhere?

It ran out of spin from the acceleration ring.
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(Nov. 12, 2017  1:37 AM)Dragunix Wrote: I'm gonna write up Vesper and Piluto vs Rykos and ??? Is that alright?

Fine by me. By the way, Piluto always does a test launch that causes his Beyblade to burst, and it allows him to see his opponents strategy. His personality is a lot like Reiji.
??? as in my character?
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(Nov. 12, 2017  3:26 AM)Dragunix Wrote: Rykos vs Piluto and Vesper (after @[dt1000] wrote Rykos vs Piluto)

Note: Some things in this are meant to be reminiscent of MFB, so please do not take it completely seriously and say something like:

"Physics are all wrong in this, you suck at writing."

Because we all know how much sense MFB made when it came to PHYSICS of all things.

Now, for a moment of silence as we begin reading.


Rykos scrambled up the stairs. He couldn't afford to waste more time, especially since Iris had given him his only chance to take this blader down. He burst into an endless hallway, running faster and faster, until he came to a door. Engraved in the center was an indentation, when, upon placing a bey within it, unlocked the doors. He came to a stop in a room, a beystadium in the center, while the walls were coated in cameras viewing the hideous complex. Another panel displayed information on several beyblades, where Rykos noted a certain metal-tipped bey fending off multiple opponents.

I'll be there soon, Oraiyun, I promise.

Rykos stopped, noticing a solitary figure standing with its back to him. The figure observed the panels for another moment, before picking up a bey from the desk in front of it. Whispers arose, and Rykos could swear he heard "another one to drain."

"Who do you think you are?" Rykos asked. The figure slowly turned around, hood falling backwards.

Rykos wasn't even ready for what he saw next.

The figure's face was now a black dragonic head, with a deep purple iris surrounding a pitch black slit pupil. The rest of the person's body was coated in black scales, with the occasional rust-red emerging from place to place. Two black, tattered wings unfurled themselves, their flowing form noticeable even in the dim light.

Rykos had seen that bey somewhere before. And his worst fears had been confirmed.

"Vesper? How exactly did you..." he trailed off, speechless. The other blader smirked, revealing luminescent fangs.

"All I did was accept it...what you were always too afraid to accept. That's why you could never beat me on your own, frail child. I accepted it. My bey's very soul and I...this is the pinnacle of Synchronization, don't you realize that?" Vesper's voice was elegant, yet unnerving, with a strange vibration set apart from the rest of the melodic voice emanating from the strangely menacing form of the dark blader. An abysmal miasma engulfed her form, sending a slight gust through the room.

In response, Rykos' aura ignited, a plume of scarlet in the glistening darkness.

"If you want it that way, so be it!" The white-haired blader lowers his launcher, pulling to his left and grasping it within his right hand." A timer began glowing within the center of the stadium.

And thus the unspoken countdown began.


"Shoot!" Not two, but three voices rang out in the tall room as beys began spinning within the stadium.

"What?" Rykos whirls around to find none other than Piluto sidling up next to Vesper, a smug grin plastered upon his face.

"You!" The blader simply chuckles.

"Nice to see you again too, Rykos. It won't be too long though. I'll make this quick since we need to simply burst your minuscule salamander once and for all. Then we'll move on to the more appealing prey, the ones who'll just scream in the most beautiful ways as we-"

"Shut up!" Dragoon rockets around in a Nova Launch, smashing into both of the beys with a fierce scarlet flame enveloping its "fangs." However, the valiant bey is pushed back, an intimidating wall of shadow its very opponent.

"Intertwining Oblivion!" both bladers shout. A shadowy mass (tell me what Nemesis' beast looks like) and a dark dragon spiral out of their respective beys, Tiamat's red "cracks" alight with a sadistic pleasure. As they almost burst Dragoon, another bey smashes into them, sending them hurtling sideways.

"And just who would like to become fodder for the darkness as well, hmm?" Piluto mutters. Standing behind Rykos is an older man, in his late 20s or early 30s. He sheathes his string launcher, a sapphire frame with exposed gears and a built in grip similar to some prototypes Rykos had seen. However, his bey radiated the most fearsome, yet welcoming light Rykos had ever seen.

However, Vesper's eyes had widened in shock. Her jaw was almost hanging to the floor, and for a brief moment the pressure had lifted.

"B-brother?" Piluto turned. This couldn't fall apart now, just because some man had come in. Right? Right?

"It's been too long...Kage." The shadows churned, blood-red flashes popping out occasionally.

"You...little...you don't deserve to call me by that name any longer, Ytrahnr!" Vesper cried angrily. Her features morphed into a frightened, confused, and frustrated state before shifting back to her usual demeanor of calm fury.

"Thank you, sir. But why?" Rykos asked. The man smiled. His eyes lit up, a white fire burning within them before winking out.

"Kage, don't do this to yourself. Don't hurt yourself more than we both are. I'm begging you." The dragonic blader seized up, staring at her brother in disbelief, before her eyes were swallowed up in a rage deeper than the Mariana Trench, deeper than the abyss of Tartarus. Ytrahnr sighed. "Rykos. Your father says hello. He also says that he apologizes for not coming himself. But as for the battle you were fighting..." the slightly swarthy blader turns back to the younger man. "If there's one thing my sister is right about...let it all through you. Those emotions, those fierce burning embers within you. Let that blader's spirit of your's explode from within!" Rykos stares at him with wide eyes.

"Hah! Just what do you think that will achieve, you geezer?" Piluto asks. But the thing he was unaware of...was the emotions boiling within Rykos.

The screens had been showcasing the defeat of his friends. Fyleon struggled to keep the other bladers off of a weakened sibling duo as Leviathan and Vulcan were launched again and again, every bey they slayed replaced by another in the room of struggles. Kioke was beginning to struggle as well, whereas Vis had began to break the most miniscule of sweat. But worst of all...

Worst of all...

Iris. Her left leg had been sprained, but now it was pockmarked with bruises from the beys flying everywhere. Her eyes were slowly losing their light, and she was being shielded by Oraiyun, whose muscular frame was beginning to show signs of cuts. One drop of blood hit the merciless, cold marble floor.

And that was all it took.

As one, they roared, Rykos and Dragoon, as an azure aura encroached upon their scarlet. The colors swirled together as a vibrant violet, before subsiding as the sapphire light overtook the scarlet.  His now golden eyes gained slitted pupils as well, but with a rhombus going through the middle. Azure scales overtook his body, as silver scales crossed over his eyes as well. A tail also grew, matching the azure color of the main scales. Two wings shot out of his back as well, but they---unlike the wings of Kage---were a magnificent, luminescent white rather than a mass of shadows.

He blinked. Blinked again.

Before, he had held back. This time...there would be no restraints upon him. And not a single tear would be shed as Piluto fell before him.

Part 2 upcoming

BTW, Ytrahnr is not going to be added until a later date, the date in question being unspecified. Same goes for Pt. 2 of this story. Man this took too long for something not worth 21 cents.

Also, every review is one donut to make Kage happy again.

Whoa. That's some fine writing, my friend. Nemesis is pretty much like you described, a vaguely humanoid mass of shadow with flame red eyes.
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(Nov. 12, 2017  3:38 AM)Dragunix Wrote: thanks y'all (Southern because why not, and because...well...)

so far, Kage has received 2 donuts.

Can I "borrow" one of those donuts?
I have a small question, @[Dragunix]: Are poems allowed on this thread?