Why do you like beyblade?

i like Beyblade, because of my little brother. He got me into the anime when i was about 11. After that i proceeded to buy Draciel, and Dranzer. Where my best friend and I battled all the time.
Now i really hang on to those memories by contuining to love beyblade. Most of my memories with my best friend revolve around beyblading.

that and because of the anime. It really brought me into it more and more.
Friends got me into it recently. Am yet to buy my own, so I play casually. Tis fun.
the reason i started playing with beyblades was because on my 7th birthday i got 2 Galzzly(don't know if i spelled that right) and Kid Dragoon. i would blade with my brother and began to like it (mainly because it was the only thing i could beat him at, he was 12 and i was 7 so yeah) then at school the teacher let us bring our beyblades and blade during recess, all 9 people who had beyblades using my thunder rumbler beystadium. then i just naturaly started to like beyblades. they are amazing toys, the fact that people of all ages can enjoy them is awesome. they were also easy to put together which was a huge factor since i was 7.
and that's why beyblades are awesome.
Beyblading is a sport that you can do everywhere at anytime! You make friends,
try some stratagies and spend time on fixing/modifing your beyblade(s). I love it
and I will keep enjoying it forever. Grin
^^ lol beyblade isn't a sport, it's a hobby Tongue_out
Lol I used to think it as a sport when I watched the show when I was like 5 or 6 ... XD
Come guys, where is your beyblade spirit? :p
(Jun. 06, 2009  5:17 PM)Kappa Wrote: Come guys, where is your beyblade spirit? :p

That doesn't change the fact that beyblade is not a sport.
(Jun. 06, 2009  5:27 PM)Aqua Wrote: That doesn't change the fact that beyblade is not a sport.
You can be so boring sometime. Speechless
(Jun. 06, 2009  5:34 PM)Kappa Wrote: You can be so boring sometime. Speechless

Because your post was just so amusing.

(Jun. 06, 2009  5:17 PM)Kappa Wrote: Come guys, where is your beyblade spirit? :p

Anyways w/e.

I think most people like beyblade because the game is so unique and interesting compared to a lot of games you see today. There's really no other game like beyblade. Plus it's a fun and good hobby to play and so is collecting them.
Because when I was younger I enjoyed Beyblade to no end, then it kinda died here and had no one to play it with, but I still bought them often for the fun of putting them together and mixing and matching parts. It feels pretty nostalgic when I play so I enjoy it when playing against my friends who also feel the same way about it.
i love to beyblade because it's engaging and fun! beyblade is the first real hobby i got into. it provided me with an outlet to express myself around other kids when playing, and they boosted my confidence whenever i won a battle! once i got the hang of the game and got a little experience, i was able to pass it on to the younger kids in my neighborhood. so, i'll always hold a love and respect for beyblades, even if they are toys! xD
In the days I was interested of playing and the motion of hitting and defending other blades, keeping balance, and how much stamina does my own blade has.
I loved the anime.. what i think is that Beyblade season 1 threw a few people off... and they just went for what ever beyblade looked best... i asked around my school people hated season 1 and they thought season 2 was boring. Tired i went off at them when most told me they never watched Season 3.

My Galman blade stayed hidden away in my room for years and when MFB started to come out. i found a beystadium for $5 and then started to launch and throw marbles at my Galman Blade which was fun.. done it ever since until i find some good opponents that live in adelaide. Tongue_out

1. Look at my sig

2. It is fun

3. I like how spinning tops work and science is always my type of subject (it is not related?)

4. The parts can be switched around here and there and I can always find ways to improve my bey

OVERALL: I like Beyblade (maybe even love the game)
I'm not sure...I guess the anime was nice and all and I like spending time with my sister, who's pretty much the only person I know who simply knows about Beyblades.
(May. 02, 2009  11:26 PM)Rocky Wrote: I have a bit beast in my beyblade and he's my best friend.

same here.. oh driger...
Well, I watched the anime when I was 6 or 7, recently got back into it. I bought some blades off ebay, my friends got some from a garage sale. The anime is really entertaining me, and the strategy and customization of beyblades is just so un-endingly fun.
-Shiny Shiny
-I have a thing for collecting stuff and organizing, like my video games are in alphabetical order lined up on a shelf, and I just like the look of the lined up console logos XD
-It's fun to customize
-The anime is one good commercial
-The battles are pretty fun to watch

And it may end up being my first online meet-up/tourney thing I go to.
I enjoy the social side to it, making acquaintances through friendly competition. I also like that it looks so simple but is so complex, like the slightest detail can make a huge impact. One wrong angle in your launch, one part in your build beng wrong can throw a whole match. There's a huge amount of technique and skill that goes into it which can go unnoticed by many.
I first got into beyblade when the series started and absolutely loved it!! I then went off it a while when people stopped playing it but now i have gotten into it again and would love to battle some more bladers other than my brother! lol

No one plays it in Newcastle anymore though Unhappy

If there is anyone from the UK that still plays it or if anyone knows of any Newcastle Upon Tyne events please let me know!
We have events in the UK all the time, but mostly around London. If you can make the trip you can definitely play.
I like beyblade for the collecting and the fun of battling others for a challenge.
I Like Blading cause I love custimizing and making them the best they can get, I thought I would drop out of blading for ever but thanks to Raykon and josh jf I am more in to it then ever. I love seing the blades knock each other around and watching the weak blades get smashed I quite enjoy playing in the WBO tornements cuase i make new friends. I hope Beyblades live on for ever.

(Jul. 06, 2009  2:34 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: We have events in the UK all the time, but mostly around London. If you can make the trip you can definitely play.

I think when the next London event is on if i can make i might come along and play.

Problem though, why is everyone playing with metal ones? I prefer the old ones like Dranzer, Drigger etc