Whine about your breaks

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Well I was just messing around with my Big Bang Pegasus and the FGrin made snapping noise and after the battle the tabs now come out of either side. My only other break was a MS bottom that just shattered and I got hit with the metal part
That 10 Wide looks like a break you'd see in the anime.
Simply amazing, and yet, sad at the same time.

Check out Akiras Daddys videos, I believe he has one to fix a broken F:D.
F4uver Retired
Well.....I have many things that have broke.My first break....the big bang metal core.It ckracked, and by by big bang.I have 2 more now, so its fine.next....i broke All 2 string luanchers, one LR luancher(i broke it the day i got it :C) and most rescently, the left string luancher.FAIL.And my saddest break EVER......The Blitz Wheel.IT SUCKS.A totally AWSOME METL WHEEL down the drain.
Janstarblast Retired
(Jan. 26, 2012  10:50 AM)th!nk Wrote:
(Jan. 25, 2012  2:16 PM)Janstarblast Wrote: Gasp
Throughout my life, I've NEVER seen a WD shatter like that. Chocked_2
ARs, OK.
BBs, OK.
WDs?! I can't even imagine that they could break like that.

They do. Structural weaknesses often cause that, especially with 10/8 Wide. Well, it's a rare break, but I've had it happen twice and there are a few in this thread.

OK, I have had WDs which snapped into two. But that one shattered like glass!
Seriously, I'll never like to see any of my WDs break like that, though.

I can imagine, since I would hate stepping on the pieces. Tongue_out
I had several 10 wides break that way, but I also occasionally used the really wide, extremely heavy illegal weight disks when I was goofing around.
Yeah... my Hasbro BeyLauncher just broke, sadly. I was launching Duo Uranus and when I pulled on the launcher, my arm flung back further than usual. I looked at my left hand...
I was holding the handle of the BeyLauncher.
Kinda sucks... now I only have my BeyLauncher L/R
Still works, but sadly not legal.
Imperial Retired
(Feb. 04, 2012  9:52 PM)CRUelty Wrote: Still works, but sadly not legal.

Although it stinks that it has a broken handle, it is still legal.
Quote from Rulebook: "You may use the BeyLauncher with a broken handle."
(Feb. 04, 2012  10:26 PM)Imperial Wrote: Although it stinks that it has a broken handle, it is still legal.
Quote from Rulebook: "You may use the BeyLauncher with a broken handle."
Oh really? Interesting...
Not like it'd really matter, lol. I'd probably never enter a tournament at this rate XD
I just broke my only Earth wheel... small breakage but still it looks bad. ):

Yeah that's the worst. Same thing happened to me, it's pretty unfortunate.
I'm being really careful with it now lol luckily spin tracks still fit on it. I hope can buy another E Virgo soon.

Ughhhhhh man, my Cetus CW broke!! And it wasn't even battling, I just was screwing in the Face when a blue piece came off. At first I didn't even know where it broke, but then I saw that it happened where the CW fits onto the MW in the center!! Know I may be getting the white one, but Hasbro only released that with a Beyblade holder. Afterwards, I checked my other CWs, and some showed signs of damage.... I'll keep good track of how much I screw in the Facebolts from now on.
i cracked my first bb10 a month ago, but i got a new one now.
Rev Up had a gear broken, W105 snapped in half, and BS was accidentally launched on the sidewalk.

At least they're carpy parts Tongue_out
Yay, another Beylauncher handle snapped off. This time was a Mars Red L/R ;(
I've broken like 5 in the past year... I'm scared to buy anymore. Confused
Ga' Retired
Get a Launcher Rubber for the L/Rs like I do, Chody.

Haven't broken my LR from the UDXS, not even a crack. Those Rubbers are really handy.
And now you people see why I hate football.. It makes me stronger and I break things more easily.
Learning to control your strength is a particularly necessary part of Beyblading. It is nowhere near necessary to pull at a strength that will break a handle.
Lol, maybe if he tried a hasbro light launcher, it might be as strong as a string launcher. xD
Well... i just had 2 Beylauncher R's 1, the string fryed and snaped, and the other had the handle break just like in the pic above. break on me, and 1 launcher grip, funny thing is that the grip broke where the 2 main parts link together, the 1 part that is in the handle shattered, so now the handle cant be hooked on to anything....well at least i have 3 more....
Primal Retired
Well, my Launcher Grip broke last night. At first, I thought the clip had just popped off like no big deal, because that's what it looked like at first glance. However, when I put the clip back in and snapped a Launcher into it, it was loose and the clip just fell out.
I should be buying a white 3Seg from Demon sometime soon ($10; not too bad Tongue_out)
Well, a while ago I was putting together a fury capricorn 100HF i got for christmas, (I told my cousin i didn't care which ones he got for me...) apparently I twisted the face bolt about an eighth of an inch too tight, and the spin track broke. completely in half. I tried to glue it... complete waste of time. when i tried to tighten it, the cracks opened up partially, and made the whole assembly rather loose, it fell apart immediately after launch and impact with the stadium. lol
I was messing around in the Hasbro PTW today for fun and..well, I launched Rock Leone 145WB and Fury Capricorn 100HF in the stadium.....Then it happen...every blader's fear...the spin track of Fury Capricorn snapped, so my performance tip won't stay on now. I had just bought it in January 10th too.
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