Which's Better Stamina Layer Deathscyther/Doomscizor Or DarkDeathscyther/DoomscizorD2

So uhhhh Which one is better again?????
I think that for the "rounder" design dark should be better
but again I know nothing about classic
These are both Attack layers
(Jun. 06, 2021  5:18 AM)BladerGem Wrote: These are both Attack layers

Well in the good ol days people used to use them as stamina beys because they were too round and smooth. Even now there are stamina/LAD combos that use Hollow.

(Jun. 06, 2021  2:51 AM)ElectroFalco Wrote: So uhhhh Which one is better again?????

I think it’s dark deathsyther but not 100% sure

(Jun. 06, 2021  3:04 AM)valtaoi_007 Wrote: I think that for the "rounder" design dark should be better
but again I know nothing about classic

Deathscyther and Dark Deathsycther stamina combos used to be what everyone ran in standard. Japanese players used to use Deathscyther so much that TT actually banned the layer at one point. I'm not too sure about the differences in the Hasbro versions of the layers but I do know that Dark Deathsycther was ran over Deathsycther on drivers such as Revolve. Dark Deathsycther will most likely have more stamina than Deathsycther especially if you balance tune the combo.
It's difficult to say, they're 4 different parts because the Hasbro and TT ones perform differently and have access to different Drivers.

Dark Deathscyther is probably the overall best. They might not have top-level stamina, but they have pretty good KO Defense, above average Burst Defense, and are good at destabilizing cone-shaped tips on ball-shaped Drivers like Orbit/Om/Yard/Ym because of the sloped design of the Layer. However due to D2's imbalance they shouldn't be used on cone shaped tips themselves.

Deathscyther has arguably the best stamina out of all the Layers in Classic, but is relatively easy to burst. In the past this was reduced by putting them on Orbit/Om, which not only has naturally higher burst resistance due to the design of the tip but also allows the combo to move to avoid attackers, but nowadays I'd say something like D.G.Zn'+Z is a solid contender for best overall stamina combo in classic right now. Use the Deathscyther layer wisely, as the teeth wear down very quickly (especially if you use a Dash/metal tab Driver)

Dark Doomscizor and Doomscizor are pretty much direct downgrades to their TT counterparts, unfortunately. Both of them have had their burst resistances nerfed, to the point that most people will need a super tight Driver to use them competitively. If you have one of those, they perform pretty similarly, but slightly worse, than the TT D2 and Deathscyther. Maybe a super tight Doomscizor on Liner-S could also function as a Burst Attacker.