Which Original Trilogy character do you hate the most ?

Actually outside of Ming Ming, the original series has the most positive reception when it comes to characters, so yeah, THIS SHOULD BE ENTERTAINING.
The little brat with green hair
Alright, I'll give my takes:
  • I do not like Hilary in V-Force. In G-Revolution, she's okay (even then, that's a stretch) but in V-Force, she was absolutely useless and pointless to have around. She served as The Heart of the team, which was very rarely useful since the other main characters did it too (like Max or hell, even Ray). She was also the annoying generic token girl, character archetypes in anime I never liked in the first place. Also, am I the only one who thinks she was put in the show specifically to strawman Beyblade detractors?
  • Also couldn't stand Tyson in V-Force. He was too whiny (more than he is in G-Revolution) and always reset every time he "learns a lesson" like whenever he's told he should stop being a brat and a jerk, he just goes back to acting like one in the next episode or two and it repeats over and over and over again!
Notice I didn't mention commonly disliked characters like Ming-Ming? Because she was meant to be unlikeable (at first anyway) and she does prove she is passionate about Beyblade which is cool.
(Aug. 17, 2019  5:04 PM)Valtgtchoz Wrote: The little brat with green hair

Max because I thought he was pretty annoying
(Aug. 20, 2019  9:06 PM)Zeutron Wrote: Max because I thought he was pretty annoying

Guessing the mustard gag too?
Daichi. Need I say more?
Gonna go with Doctor Zagato. I don't normally hate characters, but I do not appreciate characters that get off easy without good reason. Zagato in the manga is a particular creep and I have no clue why I should be happy he and Leon are okay now. I'm not; I want that boy somewhere genuinely safe. The anime version of Zagato at least is a good father. Not perfect by any means, but good. But then he has blood on his hands, which for the non-reason that we should just be happy for Zeo he'll never pay for it.

It's a shame too, since I really like the unexpectedness of having Pinocchio woven into Beyblade. But the references just go nowhere.

Runner-up vote goes to the animated version of the Shadow Bladers. There's honestly no point to them if all there is to them is that they're vessels. Their manga selves are fine - they get the necessary build-up that makes their predicament actually narratively relevant (I'll admit I have a fondness for the team). There was no reason the animated version had to get dressed down like that.
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(Aug. 17, 2019  5:04 PM)Valtgtchoz Wrote: The little  brat with green hair


I happened to forget his name.