Whats your Legend Beyblade

we all have a legend beyblade and we all are legend bladers (most of us are i know im not)whats your legend beyblade my legend bey blade is Solar Soviet/Killer Capricorn SW145WD epic balance and satelight of the stars but whats your legend bey the
be imaginitve kinda like in 4d's when each legend beyblade was a god of something like saturn...and venis.... i dont know
Torch Gil M145Q. I've never lost with it.
My first bey is: "why did you make a thread for this WTF130NO"

It is legendary because it's the god of questions I really shouldn't have to ask, but do. My other legend bey is

"why did I make a thread for this OMG125Y"

It's the god of questions you should have asked yourself before posting this thread.