Whats Your Beystadium

Yay! When to the Toys "r" us in hong kong and bought a whole lot of stuff including a TT Attack Stadium! So thats my stadium now!
(Nov. 02, 2011  7:01 PM)galaxyduude Wrote: I use the triangle stamina thing stadium

Huh? Is this from Hasbro?
TT Attack Stadium on my bed, at least when beys flyy out they don't go under my bed anymore!
I have a Pegasus yellow thunder whip staduim
I generally use either a BB-10, a hasbro pegasus thunder whip, super vortex, or black L-drago stadium.
I actually really want to try a Super Vortex Stadium. It just seems like fun because there's always messed up battles because the diameter is so small. Just smacking and flipping and stopping and cool funky stuff like that.

Just so this post actually fits in this topic, I use an Attack Stadium. I use the fence, but just in a semicircle so my Beyblades don't run away from me.
Super Vortex is fun for novelty, it was my first stadium. The amount of smash produced by Vulcan back in the day was so great that it would actually send the defense combo running around the stadium without touching the ground. The speed of the rotation + force of smash would cause it to completely lose all spin. Normal Pegasis wheel would stadium out the opposing bey too.

That semicircle thing is a good idea for tournaments. I blade on a carpet with a black TT Attack stadium.
I use my Pegasis Thunder Whip, Which has SO MANY DENTS!!!! Its funner than crud though. I also use a Modified (cut up all to heck) Metal Masters MXS, SO much fun when beys fly out of it! I also own a: Bolt Blast, Triple Battle Stadium, (my cousins) Burning Firestrike, and a Super Vortex Stadium (my first stadium(SO MANY DENTS!!!!!)). They ALL are pain in the keister to keep clean, though (dust keeps falling into them).
I have every Hasbro stadium ever released for MFB getting strongest bladert set and BB-10 for christmasSmile
I finally have a picture of the only Stadium I have - I just took a photo of it today

The old Dranzer Stadium: Dranzer Flame Field - its dusty and a bit worn out though XD
Its currently being used to hold our Nintendo 64 console, controllers and game packs in my little brother's cupboard XD
A very very old stadium that I haved since i was four! I dont know what the stadiums name is but its grey and it is very big! I am also have a wood arena I made by myself. Every single battle in that thing is so epic! Because It`s so small.
I have two fake arenas,Frisbee and a Cookie jar.
I have an old A-26 Offense type wich i purchased a long time ago for another purpose than play beys (in fact i bought to make a sonic experiment at a store of garbage things and cost me 3 or 4 $ new unpacke).

Some years later i discover beyblades and to my surprise this stadium is one of my favourite to play; i have a few other from T.T. and some infamous from Hasbro.

I can´t find any info in this A-26 stadium, so i want to share this if someone have one, for me is a very good stadium.
I use one of the stadiums from the "G Blade DX Set". It is miles better than the hasbro abomination I used years ago, but I can't say how good it is, since it's my first real stadium since my childhood. I usually mount it on my bed, and I don't use any of the fencing, although I may end up trying it soon.
I have been stuck with the Dragoon Hurricane stadium, which is actually one of the better Hasbro stadiums in my opinion, but hopefully will finally have my very own TT stadium soon.
i have a attack vortex stadium from the hasbro the first one that came out!
Takara Tomy BB-10 and a Hasbro Stadium with Penalty Pockets.
I have the Hasbro Bolt Blast Stadium and the Hasbro Metal Fusion Portable Stadium.
I have the bolt blast stadium and the triple battle set
my driger den is the winners stadiummm Grin
I have a Hasbro Hades Gate stadium that my little sis and I use. Damn, I love using Hades Kerbecs BD145DS in that stadium! I always win! Confused
I have the Pegasus Thunder Whip,Bolt Blast Stadium,and the Hasbro Mini Portable stadium
I have the Fireblaze stadium, and the L-Drago stadium.
BB-10 Attack type Beystadium
BBG-04 Zero-G Stadium Attack type

Our floor is hard concrete so our bottoms are wreck once they hit there so we place a mat in our play area.
I always use the MFB Attack Stadium for obvious reasons, but before that I used the Graffiti Den stadium, and before that Bolt Blast.