What video games do you play?

Now I just play Fortnite and overwatch and some Lego games
My interest over the years have changed, I’ve started playing games like halo, war thunder, metal of honor and some other stuff that isn’t very well known
SSBU. As my profile pic states, I’m a Kirby main, with Bowser, Ganon, Mega Man secondaries.
Im a god at using kirby in ssbu
Fortnite, and Minecraft, and Roblox plus all of their rip-offs
I play Geometry Dash, Pokémon, Minecraft, The Battle Cats, and Asphalt 9. I used to play Animal Crossing a lot, but not so much anymore. A long time ago, I used to play Mimpi a lot.
At this point in life I’m mostly just playing mobas and Harry Potter magic awakened
Minecraft, Used to play Roblox, but account stopped working.

And other weird rip-offs (used to)

Played Beyblade burst rivals for 1 day then decided to easy
smash, mk 8 deluxe, destiny, overwatch, terraria
roblox. roblox bedwars. roblox islands. slashing simulator. genshin impact. geometry dash. burrito bison(rarely) minecarp. fortnite sucks. uhhhhh, never gonna give you up. (gotcha!) i think thats all i play.
I use to play roblox but I realized im far to old for it. I started getting into dead by daylight though which is a really fun online horror game with many people who run around trying to fix machines while the killer hunts you down and hangs you on a meat hook
Recently I’ve been playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land (really good game and I’m on world 5 currently), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Minecraft.
I’m still stuck on the champion battle in Brilliant Diamond smh
got pretty addicted to this mobile game called smash legends, I can already hear my allowance screaming in terror.
kirby and the forgotten land is fun as heck and hype bro