What is youre favourite 'gimmick" bey and why?

Yes this the same thread that I made but I had to move it here where it belongs.
What is your favourite "gimmick" Bey and why?
When I say gimmick I mean Beyblade'sthat do special things such as:
Phantom Fox MS, splits in Two
Cyber Dragoon, springs up when hit hard
Trygle, does pretty much the same as Cyber Dragoon
So even if 70% of the time the Gimmick doesn't work and theyre really only useful for their gimmick, what is your favourite and why?
DRACIEL F-FORTRESS BASE! =D its a great part and a lovable design! =)
Phantom Fox MS, easily one of the most interesting beys to watch battle even if it usually KO's itself lol
AREO KNIGHT MS simply the coolest suckish bey ever Grin
ok, now i will contribute Grin

in no specific order:

phantom fox ms-bunshin core: just cause its really cool
trypio-flying defense ar (i think thats its name): who doesn't like flying ar's???
dranzer f-triple change sg+flame change base: really cool, you can change modes to suit your needs
driger f-full auto clutch: metal flat tip is suicidal sometimes for me and when its low on speed it spins free
Well now this thread has kinda kicked off,
i'll put my fave.
Magical Ape MS.
This bey is MADE for gimmicks.
It even comes with a crossover gear where you can put on a plastic gen AR. Also comes with pieces to play around with. pls its got the smallest HMS AR.
Thats why I like it.
Also hasa gyro.
This is quite a necromancy, but since we are still in HMS & Plastic Remembrance Day, I just wanted to post that I discovered Slash Riger MS at Anime North this year at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION, thanks to Shadow selling it. Unfortunately I think it was reserved for someone else (Shining God MS ?), but I found its gimmick super cool : on top of being super spiky with CWD Free Crusher, the vertically mobile spikes at the bottom seemed like an interesting concept that I would want to try because I cannot believe that it would work too well hah. Anyway, just as a collector's item, it looks really cool.
I've always liked Trygle's gimmick. I remember playing with it when I was younger (it may not have been trygle but I know it was a red jumping base.). Although obviously it sucks, it's so awesome!
Slash Riger MS.
Huge freaking claws are sticking out of a spinning top. Whats not to like?
Trygle's and Cyber Dragoon's gimmicks in my opinion were boring. Yes, I do realise that Cyber Dragoon's was used in the anime, but like ... that's just a spring for it to lose! I would have preferred the Base to not have a free-spinning ring.

My favourite was just simply the Engine Gear Series. Every Beyblade was awesome, Dranzer GT in particular.
Pretty much every HMS in the Gimmick series is super enjoyable, though I'm a sucker for Round Shell's sniper mode.
I enjoyed Jumping Base and Einstein MS (Smaller AR's have it work better in my experience) because it could sustain an average amount of stability.
Jumping Base is neat, it's the only jumping SG from plastics that doesn't just fall over when hit - it hops around late game and is generally a cool part to mess around with, with the three tips (and the ability to use Burning Kerberous' as well - and use its tips on Burning Kerberous' SG, though neither of these things are legal).

Phantom Fox MS is a classic. Loved the gimmick since I first heard about it all those years ago. Aero Knight's ridiculously tall RC is pretty cool too.