What is Beyblade to you

. just like the tread said what is beyblade to you????

To me

its something that i can do when am borde something that i can play with my little brother and my friends am 15 turning 16 on Jan 24 and my mom asked me why do u play beyblade and i said to my mom would you rater have me going to party smokeing weed geting drunk geting some girl i dont even care about pregnant now she dosent bug me anymore she know see what i see and thats a game like any other football soccer basketball hockey plus i have been beybladeing since i was younger so beyblade to me is a fun way for competition try something new you dont have to be the most popular person you dont have to be a guy or a girl to play you dont even have to be a serton age you got beybrad and kie V and spinster who are over there 20 and they still play

So what is Beyblade to you ???-
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Not Beyblade the hobby.

Your ranting can simply go in the "Ugh Parents" etc thread in Beyblade general.
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