What do your families think of Beyblade.

Honestly every member of my family dislikes beyblade so much, I'm not allowed to talk to any of them about it ):
They thinks it’s so loud and expensive
They hate how there are pieces everywhere
They don't really care much I spend very little of my time actually using beys, i'm more of a collector.

(Jul. 18, 2020  4:40 AM)CheetoBlader Wrote: They think of this: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-UGH-PAR...D-FAMILIES

Sorry, Didn't see that. TBH though would that be considered necroposting?

(Jul. 18, 2020  4:37 AM)Nik P. Wrote: They thinks it’s so loud and expensive

My Dad thinks they're a waste of money lol
My dogs don't like them since they're loud and noisy. My Dad's been playing since the start and he likes them, brother doesn't care, Mom doesn't care for the most part but sometimes is concerned on how much money I spend on beyblades.
A waste of money, a waste of time. A childish game.
i have luck, my father occasionally play beyblade with me, my parents dont hate it, but my grandma thinks beyblade is stupid
My wife tolerates my Beyblade hobby, but isn't interested in Beyblades. Will occasionally help me test combos. Dislikes the noise.
My parents and siblings and in-laws all think it's funny, but don't give me any grief over it. They know better than to do that. They know the consequences for picking on someone's harmless hobby.
My parents kinda like it, They'll play it with me sometimes. My mom really likes Rock Aries and Burn Phoenix
My mom thinks its a waste of money and a couple years back, she yelled at my brothers so loudly over them wanting to toss out their old Beys
To be fair from the parents perspective all their kids do is play with spinning tops that don't really get them anywhere or do anything. They could participate in tournaments but its not like its an official sport they can make a living off of. They can be really harsh about it though.
they think its a waste of money and loud and a head ache so they stopped buying beys for me now i can only gets beyblades if i get it as a gift from someone
My moms exact words: Its a childish game meant for children!!

If only if i could go to an alternate reality where im not shamed and teased over a spinning top Unhappy
My family may not care much but I get bullied for it so much outside.
TBH None of my friends care but I still have some friends that get me some for my birthday.
Some of my friends play, but my family are not so happy about me playing beyblades (but they don’t throw it out since they know I like it Smile)
My parents do not like it that much, but they tolerate beyblades and buy me some. Though, I buy some by myself with my own money.
They take me to every tourney we can. They help me host. They buy a lot of beyblades. They help me test combos. I think it’s safe to say they support me.
Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that there is a thread for this already? Fine, whatever.

My dad doesn’t mind, as long as I stay ahead of my class, and aren’t talking about it nonstop. The second part is extremely easy for me because I’m too shy to do so. But, he doesn’t like taking me to tournaments, which is understandable. I mean, from a normal tournament participants point of view, they’re just sitting there for 3-5 hours watching their kid play with spinning tops, when they could be off doing their own thing.

But, he’s still semi-supportive of hobby.

My sister on the other hand, wants little to do with it. But, she does like fidgeting with the gimmicks (like Tornado Wyvern’s free spinning ring). Although, she did help me get my first Beyblade set thing, because I was short a few bucks. …And then she regretted it as my collection started to grow, and I didn’t drop the hobby after years of it.

So, yeah. That’s what my family thinks of Beyblade.
My family does not mind me playing beyblade as long as I keep it out of the way and when they are watching a show or are on the phone not to play it or go down stairs to play it. Some times i do talk about it alot so my dad is sometimes shocked when i dont talk about it.My older sister some times gets annoyed when I talk about it to much. Tho my dad and sometimes my mom are really the only people that ever play with me and since my dad is at work during the week days and my mom is busy I most of the time have to play single player
Someone punched me in the back in 4th grade because I beat them in a beyblade battle at school lol. And what’s even funnier is that they didn’t suffer any consequences didn’t even get in trouble because of it 😂 I think I’m starting to become dead inside
my family hates beyblades
(Jul. 21, 2020  7:50 PM)BladerUmar Wrote: my family hates beyblades
My cousin and my uncle's thinks beyblades are for kid. I beg to differ