What do you think about Variant Lucifer?

Its beautiful, it's gimmick is beautiful, Lane is beautiful. Just beautiful.
The rubber shield thingy probably just causes it to lose stamina, but it looks FREAKING AWESOME.
Lucifer probably will be good due to extra weight. Variant looks like it's too spiky for defense, but not strong enough for offense. 2D seems decent especially since the blades retract at lower speeds. Mobius is like Bearing, but not Bearing. Don't know if it'll be good or not.
I think the gimmick will reduce its stamina with every hit. Not sure how firm in place they would be so it could work against itself. This does remind me though of Kerbecs Blade Blast and a few others from Hasbro's Stealth Battlers.
The gimmick will decrease stamina, but its gonna be very defensive and powerful. And the blades are a lot better than the old mfb ones which ran out of stamina whenever it hit anything the wall lol
While the blades may be a drawback the mobius driver seems to make the barrier more effective
Race Longinus I'll tell you what I think: I think you should use the existing and recent product thread for this upcoming product, instead of opening up a fresh thread in Q&A! Maybe hold off on making threads until you know which ones to use or where they go. Grin