What do you guys think of beyblade burst beys being all metal but having rubber too?

Hey Everyone,
As you all know the Beyblade burst saga is most likely coming to an end next year. However I was wondering how the Beyblade burst beys could evolve. And my main idea was that perhaps the Beyblade burst beys (e.g. sparking beys) could be fully metal. But they can have rubber if you want as well. What do you guys think?
Because I know whenever a Beyblade burst product comes out and there is metal on the bey, people end up getting really excited because it may end up hitting hard. E.g. Zwei Longinus, Nightmare Longinus etc. But you can end up having rubber on the Beyblade too, if you want the spin steal gimmick etc. I personally think this would be cool! And also having a bey thats fully metal, will solve a lot of problems such as Beyblade's breaking.
Perhaps the launcher can be customised in order to withstand the weight of the metal bey.
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