What are your beyblade shipping mishaps.

Look at the title above. My worse mishap was ordering Mirage Fafnir and getting Super Hyperion, which I already had.
In april I ordered Hyperion Glide and Helios from amazon, they never came and we cancelled the order. I got those beys from everwish. Then Hyperion and Helios from the amazon order just randomly came.
Same thing happens to me with my Hyperion, but I ain’t cancelling mine, I still have hope after 3 months and waiting at pre order
I bought hyperion and helios at the beginning of the year. It didn't come so we cancelled the order.
I ordered the set with the beylogger for $100 and it took 3 months instead of 1 week so we canceled it since we went on vacation when we got back there was footage of someone taking the package Soo that’s why I don’t use eBay anymore
Oh this brings back memories! LMAO!!!!!

1st Mishap:
My first Mishap was on Amazon with Lost Longinus Gold version, Wild Wyvern and Jail Jormungand(together for $55), which didn’t arrive past the delivery deadline and ended up getting my refund. I ordered another Gold Lost Longinus with another bey that I do not remember. After a week of the delivery of the second Gold L2, the Late package of L2 with W2 and J2 arrived. I immediately contacted Amazon with the fact that I didn’t want to get into conflict with the seller as well as facing possible charges. They said I can keep the product without paying any fees.

2nd Mishap:
I ordered a Red Z Achilles from the RB that came with Blow dash(which costed $15). As it arrived in the mail, I immediately knew something was very off. As I looked through the mailbox, the package was smaller than the size of the RB. I opened the package (I should have recorded the package opening) and was dumbfounded to the point that my mind was traveling through the Milky Way. Inside of the package was not the RB Red Z Achilles, but the Holy Knight Z Achilles as well as the Gold: Zan layer weight(which was valued $10-20), Sting disc($25-30), and the Charge driver($25-40). Just like the first mishap, I immediately contacted the seller whether he/she was aware of what they just sent me was intentional or a misorder. They 100% were aware of what they have sent me and I was Bamboozled!!! So much had happened from that incident that my mind couldn’t process for a whole week of the confusion and shock.
2 cases, the first was a NIP Lime Green Dragoon MSUV which was lost in the mail.

While for the second it isn't shipping per se, but I moved house a few years back and lost quite a few NIB Beyblades in the process- Dragoon MSUV, Dragoon MS, Samurai Changer MS, Wolborg MS, Death Gargolye MS, Dragoon V2, Dranzer V2, Driger V2, Burning Kerberous, and Voltic Ape.

Yeah... I was pretty annoyed about that.
Random amazon reviewer: I bought this for my son as a Christmas gift, but we got a golden one instead, not the Slash Valkyrie advertised. His Christmas is ruined. Wish I can do zero star.

Anyways, got a Zwei Longinus from ever-wish on behalf of a friend, got Slash Valkyrie.
One time people shipped Kristina Kuroda and Valt Aoi. That was a mess. Who does that?

Jokes aside, I’ve had friends who’ve gotten two of the same thing, while only ordering one. Then again, they ordered fakes so Uncertain
I wanted b-179
The seller gave me a USED dimension!!

Everything else was cool
(Jul. 27, 2020  1:26 AM)Orochi\s Blade Wrote: I wanted b-179
The seller gave me a USED dimension!!

Everything else was cool

B-179 isn’t out yet. I don’t even think it’s been revealed.
(Jul. 27, 2020  1:29 AM)CheetoBlader Wrote:
(Jul. 27, 2020  1:26 AM)Orochi\s Blade Wrote: I wanted b-179
The seller gave me a USED dimension!!

Everything else was cool

B-179 isn’t out yet. I don’t even think it’s been revealed.

Agh, not that! Whatever triple bosster set Lord spryzen comes in!
I ordered 1 rbv 20 from Ever wish and got it earlier this month, but they just sent me an email that they actually lost the first one that was shipped out and the one they sent me is actually a replacement 😳
I’ve been waiting nearly two month for Orange Connex to delivery my 3.style order. I got all the great parts cheap during one of their auctions but it got stuck in NJ and just never moved.

I also got oof’d by kj-style on eBay ordering the MFB burst remake set. Was suppose to come in January but took until March to show up. Learned my lesson with that seller. Was very shady.
Well (positive) I once ordered a Hazard K beys (the year od the dog version) and the seller accidentally sold.me 2. Good thing os I nreded thpse extra parts
when ordering from takara tomy in amazon.jp, how are the odds for a mishap?
Ordered a TAKARA TOMY B-111 01 RARE Crash Ragnaruk / Roktavor R4 from BeysAndBricks and received a unbranded knockoff B-03 Uncertain
ordered the big B-50 stadium from a korean ebay seller...was supposed to take a month, took like 2 months. i was watching tracking online, and it shipped from customs to my local post office, THEN my local post office shipped it back to customs where it sat for like 3 weeks. i tried calling my post office and they were like "customs asked for it to be sent back we dont know why". ..... FINALLY get it...and it had a DENT in the playing surface! it wasn't really packaged very well. not super fixable (i've tried lots of things). i message the seller that i want a refund, they packaged it without adequate padding and it dented in shipping. The seller was super apologetic and gave me a refund and told me to keep the stadium for free. its kind of annoying it isn't perfect but its still totally usable.

tldr : got dented stadium for free

other things:

-ordered one random booster on amazon, got two! (checked and didn't order two, wasn't charged for two)

- bought big bang genesis from hong kong seller (took a chance, it was cheap)...was supposed to be shipped worse case scenario in a month and a half. messaged seller a few times, no communication at all. ebay refunded me my money....like seriously FOUR months later, a package shows up, im like WTF is this? and its big bang genesis!

- son and i started with hasbro, and since the whole fam was having fun we decided to invest in takara tomy. first one we bought was like, deathcyzer or something. quality was obviously better than hasbro, so i bought the brand new (at the time) zwei longinus off amazon. i was ALMOST that amazon reviewer : "wtf this is NOT what we ordered i think they sent us a fake!" when we opened it and it was one of the rare GOLD GT's! I had read about TT's having fakes problems when i first started buying them so first thing that came to mind was "oh no we got a fake!" ....but then i did research and found out about the 1/72 chance of getting gold GTs. pretty lucky for second TT ever!
and of course we played with it hard and has the usual battle damage, then i see an un-played with one on ebay for like 100 bucks haha