Weirdest Beyblade Place

What some of the weirdest places you have beybladed? What i mean is did you once beyblade in a pool or on the snow.
I have played beyblade on the ice yesterday. Me and my lil bro found a nice bowl like ice pit and used it as a stadium. The ice did make it fun though we did have to find a new pit sometimes and we would have to take a couple minutes to find our beys in the snow.
Umm. Okay?

Probably on either a delicate surface, or on the slope of the toilet's border Speechless

EDIT: I did it on ice too.
In an earth pot
In the deepest reach of the underworld.
oh yaa i also used my burn phonix on a ice cube and the metal sharp made a hole in the ice
on a rock with a pit and if you went out of the dish, your bey would be washed away by the creek if it's raging
When I got my first 2 Beyblades (Bakushin Oh and some other one), I also got a Clear Hasbro Beystadium, and thought it would be fun to place the Stadium in the pool and battle in a pool.

It was pretty cool, because one of my friends swam under and looked at it from below.
i tried skipping my old plastic bey over rocks and water, didn't get anything on water but my friends got their mfbs over, but i was able to skip 3 rocks in a row.
i played beyblade in a trampoline. every time jason and i jumped, the beyblade jumped! i brought stor caricorn and it jumped 5 feet in the air when i jumped at the same time!!!! it was epic.
wait, i have done beyblading on a trampoline before but never with storm capricorn. i have got to try that, when im allowed to go on my tramp again as the old springs break every time i jump.
On the back of a dog. XD
well if at school count yeah and the wierdest is in a sand box Tongue_outmy cousin did his battle in a kitty litter box Tired that was gross good thing it wasent my beys Tongue_out_wink
Basin of water. The weird thing: Earth Bull C145WB made a water shield around it...
Oh, and the time I was waiting in line for a local tourney, I was in the toy store, me and my friends saw a Thomas & Friends train set, and guess what we did.
On a chair and a pinball machine!!!!!!!!!!!
I also did it in a stadium filled with snow! Flame Saggitarrio is really good in it!
in a water fountain at school
In a chair at school in the middle of class. I thought it was pretty funny
I played on a garbage can once!
(Jan. 21, 2011  11:51 PM)Jump454 Wrote: In a chair at school in the middle of class. I thought it was pretty funny
Did you get a dettention or have to call your parents??!!
in a sink lol
On a high hill with Bumpking and Storm Capricorne.
in a smoothed down pothole
and also an empty pool
Can you actually beyblade if a full pool or is there a limit to the height of water?
On a pan of uncooked rice. Our beyblades were flinging rice everywhere.
When I had some plastics, I modified some tips, for them not to get worn, and my pool got drained, so I ran some tests.