Weird places you've brought your bey.

i take my beyblades every were bathroom,school every palce i have gone too!!!!
I must be pretty normal compared to the majority of the Blading community, lol. The weirdest place I've ever brought Beys was my school, even though they were specifically banned there. Apparently, they "encourage gambling..."
Beyblades encourages gambling as much as checkers does. I've brought my bey into the middle of a checkers game, and I'm proud of it! Even though I ruined a perfectly good game of checkers.
I brought my beys into the capital building of my city and to histooric slavequarters, school, 2000mi. drive
I've brought my Beys to the movie theater, public restrooms, the grocery store, to my campground, and to a hotel in Wisconsin. I just brought my Hades Kerbecs to Church this morning. Tongue_out_wink Really, I did!
I brought my Gravity Destroyer to a roller skating rink earlier today.
I brought my beyblade into school....didn't get caught.Smile
(Sep. 30, 2012  7:43 PM)Duck of Hades Wrote: I just brought my Hades Kerbecs to Church this morning. Tongue_out_wink Really, I did!
That's messed up!

Brought mine sailing. Almost capsizedPinching_eyes_2
I brought my Earth Eagle on a roller coaster and launched it off. It was too worn out anyway.
Flash Goriem - That was the point. Tongue_out

Eternal E - That's just plain sad. Some kid would've paid $20 for those parts. Poor Eagle. Crying
i take my beys everywhere i go,to restraunts,trips,washroom and to parties , i sleep keeping them beside my pillow and take my twisted tempo 90wd , meteo ldrago and hades kerbecs to school everyday and we bunk some classes and play with them and i have never been caught
@ duck of hades: That happened a month ago. I managed to launch it to a place where you could legally go ans watched some random kid pick it up. he said he'd either pay for it, or battle for it. We battled and because of the attack baced wd(wxwxf(wide xtreeme wide xtreeme flat)) I won, due to the fact that he used it and we were battling on the pavement. And now I get to launch my rock leone off my house, YAY!
I mounted and unmounted them in the subway and i think my goddaughter take her beyblades to a gasoline station (?) when she travel
I also brought my Beat Lynx TH170WD to the mall and on the bus(OC Transpo)
I've made my lil keyring Driger S into a necklace =3
So it goes everywhere ^^
(Apart from the shower as I don't want the stickers getting ruined XP)
I used to wear a necklace with a black metal face with broken twine. It went everywhere with me, until I tripped and lost it due to the string breaking when I got up.
To a concert xD It was my first ever bey, I think.
I brought the CORE ONLY of Big Bang Pegasis to school. I showed all my friends who were clueless to the sport of blading, and they thought it was a ninja star, A.K.A. The shrukien.
i brought my jade jupiter to school (it makes more noise then i thought with the metal balls clanking all the time)
I brought my Flame Byxis to a tall guys house.
I have my beys at my residential school. Does that count?
I've brought my bey to school and people always try to steal my TT beys oh yeah and I brought my beys to my dads store so I wont get bored

EDIT: My 4th grade teacher let us play beyblade in class for the last day of school Grin and I also battled in the school bathroom XD
Bringing Flash Sagitario to school. Also brought several beys into a library.