Weights of MFB

Kreis Cygnus Weight (TT)

Face bolt 1.05
Cygnus 3.22
Kreis 42.62
- Metal Frame 21.58
- Metal Core 21.04
145 1.46
WD .83

Total 49.18 grams
I recently got my own personal electronic scales, so I went and measured all the parts I had on hand.


I apologize in advance if it's kind of messy. I originally made it for my own personal use, but then I remembered this thread.
Byser: That document is a gem Smile Thank you for sharing, and glad to see you posting again.
Absolutely! Thank you Byser!
I posted this in the Beywiki section not knowing this thread existed, so I'm just going to copy+paste the thread's OP here. I weighed a little over 275 pieces.


I recently got a penny scale and I have a LOT of parts, so I wanted to try and help out the wiki by posting the weights of my parts to either corroborate or challenge the weights in the Beywiki. I made notes if there were significant weight differences. If I have more than one of a part, I listed the weights of each and an average weight. I don't have every part, but I have a lot, and I figured this would be good information seeing as not everyone has a decent scale. I decided to make this its own post rather than going through each existing piece's thread and cluttering up the board. If I get new pieces I'll always upload their weights here. All weights are in grams.

For the sake of time, I did not do weights of all my wheels or tips since the vast majority of them are wildly outclassed. If you have a request I'll weigh something if I have it. If I get any new pieces I'll weigh them and add them to this thread.

  • MF-F weighs more, on average, than a regular face bolt, contrary to what I keep reading.
  • I have three Kerbecs, and none of them are above 3 grams, much less the heaviest clear wheel. They're all Hasbro.
  • My Aquarios aren't really consistent, despite both being from Hasbro; one is much heavier than the other. I should try some solo spin tests with Phantom ___ AD145WB sometime to see which is better for stamina.
  • My clear BD145 from RVB7 is MUCH heavier than my three Hasbro ones. In fact, for the most part, non-Hasbro parts were heavier than their Hasbro equivalents.
  • My "Bronze" Pegasus II is considerably heavier than most clear wheels I own (3.25g), hence why I use it so much.
  • My Flash, at 46.65g, is heavier than my lightest Basalt (46.29g). No wonder the darn thing destroys everything!
  • LW105 weighs more than DF105... Okay, not sure how that works, considering one has three wings and one has four, but sure.
  • My new GB145 I got from my Gravity Destroyer Stamina Ver. weighs .4 grams less than the norm... Sad, as it's probably my favorite looking one I have (transparent gold).
  • M145 is pretty heavy, lol, but that doesn't make it any better.
  • My 230s from Flash and from my Ultimate Blader DX Set are both over 4 grams while those from Hasbro aren't nearly that heavy.


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Interesting weights. Odd that one of your Aquario's is much lighter than the other, along with the face, it's one of the lightest in your collection of faces, second lightest if I'm reading it right.
And what's up with your 230's? LOL They're all pretty inconsistent! I guess they're a bit harder to make consistently the same weight though, considering the overall shape and size of it.
I created a program that really helped me enter all those weights:


This is a basic console program, no real UI to speak of. What it does is it asks you to give a name for a .txt file and then writes to it section names and weight data formatted for posting on this forum. It also calculates the average of weights if you have more than one piece. I couldn't have weighed all those parts so quickly without it.

I'm a CS major and have been programming since I was in middle school, so if there is ever anything that can be made easier with a program, I make one, heh. If I could get Visual Studio re-installed on my new computer I'd make prettier programs with actual UIs with C++/CLI, but right now all I have is Dev-C++ and that limits me to console apps. Still, if anyone has requests for programs, I could try my hand at other ideas.

This is a .exe, and while I promise it's not a virus, always take caution before downloading executables Wink
I haven't tried the program as I have no use for it at this time, but damn, that sounds impressive. Keep up the awesome work!
Wow, no posts in all this time? Well, this should be a meaningful Necro (and double post, too).

I weighed all of my Metal/Chrome Wheels that are legal for the new Limited Format. I've included any mold or brand info I know, as well as wear when relevant. All weights were done on a calibrated scale, so should be accurate, and it's all in a google docs spreadsheet. I'll update it with any more Limited-Legal MW's as I get them.

[link removed here, see edit 2]

EDIT: Updated with Clear Wheels, Tracks, and Tips. Will probably weigh my stuff that isn't legal for limited and make a separate document including those tomorrow.

EDIT 2: Published version (easier to navigate) which contains all of my weights, updated whenever I get anything new: LINK!
Tomorrow, I'll try to find and edit in my post from the General Hasbro Beyblade thread where I compared the weights of some of my Hasbro and Takara-Tomy Chrome Wheels and Tracks/Bottoms. For now, here're a couple of weights on Flash and Phantom:

Takara-Tomy Phantom (whole Wheel w/stickers): 42.2 g
Core: 2.4 g
Frame: 39.8 g

Takara-Tomy Phantom (whole Wheel): 42.5
Core: 2.4 g
Frame: 40.1 g

Takara-Tomy Flash (whole Wheel): 45.2 g
Core: 21.8 g
Frame: 23.4 g

Hasbro Flash (whole Wheel): 46.3 g
Core: 22.8 g
Frame: 23.5 g

EDIT: Tomorrow's too far off, so here're those measurements now (as well as some of Dracomageat's):

(Jul. 31, 2013  11:40 PM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote:
(Jul. 18, 2013  1:41 PM)Dracomageat Wrote:

So the trend doesn't exactly continue but I still haven't seen a lighter than TT Hasbro chrome wheel.

I finally got some weights in on multiple Wheels, so yeah:

(Aug. 01, 2013  1:09 AM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote: Takara's gray E230 disk: 5.3g
Takara's red E230 disk: 5.5g
Sono-Kong's gray E230 disk: 5.5g
Hasbro's red E230 disk: 4.9g

Takara's gray E230 core: 2.3g
Sono-Kong's gray E230 core: 2.3g
Hasbro's red E230 core: 2.2g