Weights of MFB

(Jun. 11, 2011  1:26 PM)th!nk Wrote:
(Jun. 11, 2011  1:21 PM)BeyFan Wrote:
(Jun. 11, 2011  8:24 AM)th!nk Wrote: Depends what you're dealing with. On lighter parts it matters, but I guess for MW's, it's okay.
I have my doubts that 0.1 of a gram would be making the much of a difference with lighter parts of a bey. The influence of a lighter area, if we're simply basing it on the weight, would be negligible.
People still wish to know the "absolute" heaviest parts, methinks, even if it is pretty minor. When comparing CW's, you end up with a whole bunch just reading "3g", so yeah.
Eh, nitpicking IMO. Either way, I only weighed this because no one else had done so. Testing and weighing aren't things I really care about, since I'm not into the competitive side of the game.
(Jun. 11, 2011  9:36 AM)th!nk Wrote: Umm, why is there a CW called "Beowulf" measured by Guardian in the document?
There isn't a beowulf CW.

Sounds pretty cool though, doesn't it?
(Jun. 11, 2011  1:24 PM)Uwik Wrote: Clonetos: Here you go buddy

Nightmare: 32.57 gr
Rex: 2.78 gr
SW145: 4.28 gr
SD: 0.64 gr

Oh thanky you hmmm..... I see.... Rex is decent and nightmare is um... I dunno if thats good... LOVE IT!
th!nk: I'm quite sure "Beowolf" is actually Beafowl. Must be a typo ...
Also, I recently measured my Hasbro Aquario clear wheel at a friend's place, it read 3.6 grams. Although, that could be a calibration error as you have said before.
(Jun. 15, 2011  3:23 AM)zode76 Wrote: what is unicorno CW weight??

Whoever manages the document in the first post, I think it is time to remove Aikemi's weights from all the pages. It is odd that some of the weights are just decimals away from the average weights, but generallythey are too aberrant.
A lot have been wondering the weight of Scythe Kronos parts:

Kronos CW: 2.7 G
Scythe MW: 37.33 G
T125: 1.84 G
EDS: 1.13 G

Thanks AkirasDaddy and mpiptan
BBS: Are those AD's weights? If so, you need to add the PC Frames weight, as Scythe must use both the Metal and PC frames. His weight together should be 39.72g

As I said on previous pages, I really want to see all weights "standardised" or "calibrated" somehow. I think it's important we do this from a scientific standpoint.

Don't know if I posted this before, but when people weigh their Kerbecs CW's (as we need more weights for them), can they check they have a hole on the underside of their CW's? Just checking, as that would explain the increased weights some find, I think...
The PC Frame and Facebolt would finish it off, unfortunately I do not have the weights for it.
They were in his video. If you want them, I posted them in the Scythe Kronos thread Tongue_out
You should change "Scythe MW" to "Scythe Metal Frame" in your post to prevent confusion. It'd be really good, because otherwise people will be misled.

Scythe PC Frame: 2.39g
Scythe Metal Frame: 37.33g
Scythe, therefore: 39.72g
(As I said, taken from AkirasDaddy's video).

They were hard to spot.
Since I'm new here and probably won't be attending any events cause I live in Poland but I wanted to contribute something to the community.

I have a korean Strongest Blader Set while one of my students got japanese Strongest Blader Set and...:

korean (SonoKong) Blitz - 44,03 grams
japanese (TakaraTomy) Blitz - 43,54 grams

korean Basalt - 47,44 grams
japanese Basalt - 47,48 grams
Thank you for the contribution! I'm in the midst of an overhaul to the list including new data and new beys, so this is very timely.
Hasbro Basalt - 48.02 g ( my heaviest)
TT Hell - 40.7 g
Hasbro Hell - 40.8g
TT Vari Ares - 44.0 g
SK Vari Ares: 44.06g

I have following Beys - if you want me to weigh them, just ask:

Mercury Anubis Brave Version 85XF

Blitz Unicorno II 100RSF
VariAres D: D
Basalt Horogium 130RS
Nightmare Rex UW145EWD
Screw Capricorn 90MF

Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F
Storm Pegasus 105RF
Cyber Pegasus 105F
Twisted Tempo 145WD
Grand Cetus WD145RS
Thunder Leone GB145BS
Rock Zurafa R145WD
Ray Serpent M145MS
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Dark Gasher CH120FS
Rock Aries ED145B
Gravity Destroyer AD145WD
Burn Fireblaze 135MS
Storm Capricorn M145Q
Thermal Pisces T125ES
Thermal Lacetra WA130HF
Ray Striker D125CS
That would be great. We already have weights for all of the common beys released prior to the maximum series, but could definitely use mercury Anubis (and ither limited releases) as well as maximum and 4d beys.

Each part should be weighed separately on a calibrated gram scale that ideally measures to the hundredth, at minimum to the tenth.

Thanks again!
Ehh I forgot duo and death

Death - 44.11 g( the best that I saw)
Duo - 42.7g
And even then, having more than just one individual's weights is good for producing the most accurate averages, so even if we have weights for all the common Beyblades before BB-95, it can be good to have more if you have time.
(Dec. 13, 2011  8:59 PM)Kai-V Wrote: And even then, having more than just one individual's weights is good for producing the most accurate averages, so even if we have weights for all the common Beyblades before BB-95, it can be good to have more if you have time.

For most of the common beys we have upwards of 7-8 measurements (not just 1), but you are correct that a larger sample size is better - a statement very near and dear to my analytical heart.
Ok, let's go with parts:
VariAres D: D - 50.51 grams
VariAres (+ Facebolt) - 45.12 grams
Delta Drive - D: D - 5.39 grams

Blitz Unicorno II 100RSF - 50.21 grams
Unicorno II Facebolt - 1.09 grams
Unicorno II CW - 3.29 grams
Unicorno II (CW + Facebolt) - 4.38 grams
Blitz - 44.03 grams
Spin track 100 - 1.04 grams
Performance Tip RSF - 0.76 grams

Basalt Horogium 130RS - 57,42 grams
Horogium - 2.71 grams
Metal Face - 5.19 grams
Horogium (with MF) - 7.91 grams
Basalt - 47.44 grams
Spin track 130 - 1.34 grams
performance tip RS - 0.73 grams

Nightmare Rex UW145EWD - 41.13 grams
Facebolt - 1.20 grams
Rex - 2.73 grams
Rex (with facebolt) - 3.93 grams
Nightmare - 32.41 grams
Spin track UW145 - 3.62 grams
Performance tip EWD - 1.17 grams

Mercury Anubis 85XF - 34.55 grams
Mercury - 29.05 grams
Anubis CW - 2.87 grams - Facebolt - 1.07 grams
Anubis CW + Facebolt - 3.94 grams
Spin track 85 - 0.87 grams
Performance tip XF - 0.69 grams

Diablo Nemesis Weight (TT)

Face bolt 1.06 g
Nemesis 3.24 g
Diablo 51.27 g
X: D 7.25 g

Assembled weight: 62.82 grams
(Dec. 31, 2011  7:12 AM)Arupaeo Wrote: Diablo Nemesis Weight (TT)

Face bolt 1.06 g
Nemesis 3.24 g
Diablo 51.27 g
X: D 7.25 g

Assembled weight: 62.82 grams

Holy. Diablos is heavy. Super size me.

Thanks for the weight Arupaeo!
Its my pleasure.

I'm still working on a comprehensive update of the weights google doc, but in the mean time have another weight to contribute.

Fusion Hades Weight (TT)

Face bolt: 1.05 g
Hades: 3.19 g
Fusion: 43.95 g
AD145: 2.84 g
SWD: 0.78 g

Assembled weight: 51.81 grams

Diablo Metal Frame: 25.34 gr
Diablo Core: 25.99 gr
Diablo Metal Wheel (together): 51.33 gr
Omega Dragonis Weight (TT)

Face bolt 1.07
Dragonis 2.85
Omega 37.85
- Metal Frame 12.66
- Core 25.19
85 0.88
WF 0.71

Total 43.36 grams