Want to set up a tournament


I'm the president of my Uni's anime society, and we're wanting to run a beyblade tournament.
Any recommedations to a new-comer on how to run the things and get a tournament set up on here?

- Will
Hello! Welcome! And good luck. Here's the process for first time organizers, it can be a long process:
That process is:
1) Be involved in the WBO community. You can't even take the organizer quiz without at least 50 posts of decent content.
2) Ready a venue and a timeframe for the tournament. You might have an easier time with this if you can find a venue on campus.
3) Post in an existing thread or make a new thread in the appropriate region subforum asking if people would come to a tournament at X location at Y date
4) Once at least 4 people have confirmed interest/participation, take the organizer's quiz. Get 3 of your club members to sign up for accounts and announce their interest in that thread. ?
5) That quiz often takes many months to be approved, so make sure your event is far enough in the future

And that's why I wished you good luck, the process can be downright daunting.
What area is would it be
That's a very good question. If it's close enough to some experienced organizers, you could get their help, especially if you can provide a venue.
Likely to be hosted somewhere near Derby.

Wanting to run a taster for the society to look at interest pretty soon, so wouldn't be a proper tournament for a while by the looks of it.
Not been in the scene for a while, any recommedations on good stadiums to get?
Looked around and beys seem to be pretty easy to get hands on though, but stadiums seem to be a bit more 3rd party from having a quick look around.
There are a ton of places called Derby. Do you mean England?

Anyway, the problem becomes "you can only advertise events here that are proper WBO tournaments", so our help might be limited in scope if you're going a more unofficial route.

The WBO rules indicate which stadiums are tournament legal based on the format.