WBO x Zankye Collaboration: 100K Zankye Subscribers Event, Giveaway, and Celebration!

i'll take orange
I'll take green
Damn @[Wombat] you're right. Somebody should've tagged me earlier...
I'll take purple please.
I will try the yellow one
didn't even know I was allowed to win lol

I'll take Purple Smile
You guys reeeeally love Face Booster PURPLE.

All of the Face Boosters have been awarded. Smile
[Image: 100k_subs.png]

We at Zankye's Youtube Channel just finish to reach 100k subs, and want Thank You all for the support, even the ones who hated us in the past (present?) and made us more popular. Thanks again
Awesome that it happened before November at least, so the tournament celebration was not too early. Congratulations !
Thank You.
Big congratulations! 100k is a huge achievement!
Thank You very much!
Congratulations man Wink
By the way I have a passport. Wish I had taken part
Congratulations, Zankye! Glad to see the forecast wasn't too far off. Smile
Thank You. Actually was going to be 29th but the weekend was good so we were able to shave one day. Thanks for the support

congrats to Zankye for getting +100k subscribers! you definately earned it!
Thank You very much again
Thank You
Congrats at the 100K! Hopefully you'll hit that 200K soon! It'll also be great to see your Silver Play Button. Also I know you're getting a ton of congrats haha, so no trouble if you don't want to respond!