WBO Promo Card Campaign - New Distribution Method Coming Soon

I would like to ask something:

could we print out our own ones using the same template? just because I would have no access to transport to get any cards, and I can't get anything from people who are older than me, yet I would still like to help.
I would like to help out also!!!
I live in corona,queen new york!!!
(Oct. 10, 2011  2:29 PM)preshant Wrote:
(Oct. 10, 2011  1:02 PM)BeybladeStation Wrote: Electric is the representative of India..

but you know india is a vast country and there are different states and i think electric is from bangalore
it would be difficult for him to give these cards to those people in different states
so far as i know Kai-v can trust nitroneo for mumbai, gokurox for chennai and electric for his place
in the OP..if i not mistaken..thats the job of the country representative..he will send some amount of the cards the one who request in the other region in his country..so yeah..you guys can ask the country represntative..

@Nwolf..ask them to mail the country???

i think it would be easier if the country representative names listed in the OP so that those who want the promo cards can contact the country represenatative..last time i checked...it is not there...
Where is my closest area representative?
I live in corona,queens new york!!!
I realy realy realy want to help out and im pro with starting to get people into beybade and the WBO so having cards to do the job for me, :o even better!!!!!! I live in Chicopee, MA.
I would like to distribute these cards along Virginia. I live in Stering,VA.(Would this help me become a moterator?)
as my post said i would gladly help in my state Virginia i live in appomattox,VA
So is Blitz the UK representative?
(Oct. 10, 2011  3:32 PM)Kaylaomaru Wrote: i would gladly help in my state Virginia i live in appomattox,VA
How far is that from Sterling? When can we make an apointment?
I would love to distribute these promo cards! Awesome, there are so many people (about 6-8 of them) who think that they are the best in my school using an illegal beyblade combo (MF Lightning Wolf 100HF) XD, I want to teach them about this site, so they can learn about advance concepts in beyblade, and that you shouldn't call yourself No. 1 using an illegal beyblade combo, and especially, so I can get my Amber Face. BTW, I like this idea, a form of advertisement that will not cost the WBO any money (excluding shipping). Well anyway, who is a representative in the MA, USA area? I'm guessing that they are from NY, correct? Although I am totally surprised that Deikailo isn't our area representative...
Who is ny area representative???
@X-saber soon i guess at the Richmond,VA tournament im making or where do u want to meet at?
I suppose Bluezee is mine. I live in NJ.
Is there a rep in arkansas, i know at least 5 people i could give cards to.
Hey, i would like to join the campaign!
Who is London's representative? I am guessing it is Blitz?
Sorry if someone else has asked for this area, i couldn't be bothered to check.
Anybody for NJ? Me?
(Oct. 10, 2011  4:47 PM)DrAgOoN XD Wrote: I suppose Bluezee is mine. I live in NJ.

Bluezee is banned permanently. What gave you the idea that he was an Area Representative.

People seem to have trouble understanding the concept of the Area Representatives. Their primary goal is really just to ship out cards to whoever, in their region, asks for some. I even told them that they did not have to do promotion themselves if they did not want to.

There are not Area Representatives for each country, so even less for each state or each city. I already wrote that we had about ten Area Representatives, so I do not know how you can think that there is one in every state or something. Here is a map I made with the location of the current Area Representative (the dots) and the area we expect each of them to cover right now until/if we can find more Area Representatives in the future :
[Image: wboarearepresentativema.jpg]

The blue dots are the "unsure". Either some of them have not received their cards yet due to a technical postage problem, or their situation is uncertain so they should not necessarily be thought of as firm Area Representatives.

Hopefully with this map, everyone can see how close or far their closest Area Representative is. I really hope that in the future we can cover even more ground and have even more Area Representatives, but I decided to go with those people for the first round of this campaign, because I had no idea what sort of feedback we would be getting, if this campaign would be popular, etc.

I should be sending a message to each Area Representative today to let them know who they should contact to get their shipping addresses and send them some Promo Cards. Therefore, as requesters, expect to get a message within the next few days, and be sure to have your inbox able to receive new messages!
so who is the representative for peterborough in england? or is there not one?

also can we print off our own cards, or do we need to get them from the representatives?
Well if you need a "Central" person, I could do it!
(Responding to Kai-V) Oh. I didnt know about Bluezee. I am sorry for him. Well I will be one if you want. Just tell me!
I can do just about the north/yorkshire england since hopefully im going to get a tourneys done in york or leeds, hopefully even in my own town middlesbrough ?
Wait does that mean Kaylaomaru is not one of them? Because I did not see him in the map.
Cool idea. Maybe you could tape them to some Beyblade packages at Wal*Mart or something? XD
I want to help out, but I was just wondering if there is a certain AGE you must be to do this?
Oh, and btw, I live in New York.
(Oct. 10, 2011  2:06 PM)Dark_Mousy Wrote:
(Oct. 10, 2011  12:06 PM)TITAN Wrote: I be in need of an NC rep!

I might be better suited to be NC's representatives considering im the one who runs the tournaments and can travel easier then most of the other competitors. I think me and ziro would be good choices.

I second this statement! I wasn't saying I want to be the rep. I kind of expected you to already have some...