WBO Promo Card Campaign - New Distribution Method Coming Soon

this is egxactly what i have been looking for, a WBO buissness card to give out to the many noobs i help every weekend at local stores. i would love to have hundreds of these, where is the nerest rep in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia? i cant wait to have at least one of these, it will get me the last 2 refferals i need to get the amber face.
got 50 cards in my hand..
-about 10 is distributed
-15 cards is passed to Whatzzer

anyone from Malaysia that interested in promoting WBO can contact me.. Wink
*as stated by the committee, the card given should be yours..it should be distributed.. Smile
I'm interested in helping. I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Smile
I'm interested in helping. I'm in Melbourne, Australia.
who is the preson with the cards that i can get
What is the closest to Sydney?
I would love to help get more members on the site, I'm guessing our local distributor would be Blitz.
I would like promote these cards to Broadheadsville,PA. It's a small town but I know some bladers there and I am pretty sure they will join
I guess I just have to wait until Uwik got the card. A lot of people here in Jakarta compete in WBBA tournaments which the local distributor of Takara Tomy products helps arrange. I want more people to know about WBO tournaments in Jakarta. The cards might help to promote WBO & the tournaments. I also got support from a place where we can host the tournaments regularly & they will help to promote the events as well, as long as we bring crowds to their place.
i might want some cards
we have a Few ppl in my school ...
but then again i dont know if im suited for it
I live in Phoenix,AZ ,have judged at 2 tournaments in the west been to 3 and have won 2nd and 3rd place.
Who's the representative closest to Marietta, GA?
i live in perth in australia, craigie and id love to do it
I have a few questions:

1. So, its a card that we give out to people who likes beyblades and wants to be a member of this forum, correct?

2. If I am a representative of my own country, will you give me the cards or will I print them out?

3. Lastly, are this cards for free, or those the representative pay for them?

Just curious XD
Well, considering our community has major problems gathering members, may I know if anyone is already elected as representative in India?
Especially Mumbai. We probably never got any members for the tourney since December, I guess. I've been buying a LOT of beys at the moment for my friends(Yes, because I am an expert at finding shops which might have a good collection of beys Tongue_out). But, whenever I tell them about WBO, they end up laughing at me, and simply walk away with a mere thank you(and the payment) for the bey I gave them.
They say- "How could anyone possibly create a site for micro-mini tops?!"
I did manage to get those 2-3 friends of mine, as you can see in my referrals. But, I have lost contact with them and I do not know about their whereabouts. I remember 2 people who laughed at me when I told them about WBO-
1. My friend, for whom I bought Storm Aquario.
2. A guy I met at a toy shop. He was the original buyer of the aforementioned Aquario, but he readily gave it to me when I told him that I could give him Capricorne in exchange.
Electric is the representative of India..
I'm interested inhelping. I live in Cumming, Georgia. Any representatives around me?
i went through and saw no one for Vegas Crying but i want to help out blading isn't wide spread in las Vegas i know i have many enemy's on here but i have been going to tournaments more often and i teach classes on shooting combos ect so i would like to help
(Oct. 10, 2011  12:06 PM)TITAN Wrote: I be in need of an NC rep!

I might be better suited to be NC's representatives considering im the one who runs the tournaments and can travel easier then most of the other competitors. I think me and ziro would be good choices.
I would like to help out with those promo cards i live in corona,queens,new york!!!!
(Oct. 10, 2011  1:02 PM)BeybladeStation Wrote: Electric is the representative of India..

but you know india is a vast country and there are different states and i think electric is from bangalore
it would be difficult for him to give these cards to those people in different states
so far as i know Kai-v can trust nitroneo for mumbai, gokurox for chennai and electric for his place
I live in the Los Angeles Area and I'm interested.
I'm interested in this project. So if you plan on the south east asia, I'm from Vietnam. I could tell my friend to help me out. Together raise an awareness of not using fake bey.
i live in appomattox,va and ill be sure to help out
Reminder but i am in the Lemont Illinios USA area and i would love to pass out cards our would love to get some for the TRU event on the 22