WBO Organized Play Rule Updates Aug 2021: Burst Limited Ranked, Clarifications etc.

Hey World Bladers!

Outlined below are several important new ruling additions, updates, and clarifications to some WBO Organized Play rulebooks and the Organizers' Guide. View all WBO Organized Play Rules & Resources here, and a summary of the changes below:

Updates Overview
  • IMPORTANT: Burst Limited: Ranked starting August 2nd, 2021
  • Burst Limited: Knockouts in Deck Format Finals now 2 points
  • Burst Classic: Ban List Update - Shot Driver
  • Burst Classic: Rulebook Clarification on Disk Legality
  • All Burst Formats: Clarification on "Gear" Attachments
  • All Burst Formats: Clarification on "Limit Break" Disk Usage
  • IMPORTANT: Event Proposals: Date Conflict Adjustment

Burst Limited Updates

[Image: O1mPu3B.png]

IMPORTANT: Burst Limited goes Ranked starting August 2nd, 2021!

Thirteen months ago, we annnounced Burst Limited as a up-and-coming format for Burst, featuring a ruleset and banlist that focused on two main points: creating an environment for some older God and Cho-Z era parts to thrive, and one that would also be balanced well enough for Hasbro parts to also be competitively viable as well.

After thirteen months of events, testing and format updates, today, we are excited to announce that Burst Limited will become a fully-fledged ranked format starting Monday 2nd August!

Thank you everyone who has participated in unranked Burst Limited tournaments, those who have tested parts and combos in the format, and the overall enthusiasm the community has shown for Burst Limited. While various ongoings in the world have not made development of this format easy, we appreciate everyone's efforts to develop this format despite the circumstances.

But this isn't the end to development of this format either! As a limited format, we plan to routinely update this format to keep battles feeling new and fresh, while still keeping it the same format you've come to know and love. As such, we look forward to growing this format with you all as well with the many exciting battles to come.

Knockouts in Deck Format Finals now worth 2 points

As our first major change to Burst Limited, we've made the decision to increase the points a Knockout (KO) awards in Deck Format Finals to 2 points. The rulebook has been updated accordingly:

Burst Limited Format Rules - Deck Format Wrote:Scoring
  • Matches are to 5 points.
  • Out-spins: 1 point
  • Burst and KO: 2 points.
  • Non-contact knock-out or burst: 1 point
    • If a Beyblade exits the stadium or bursts without making contact with the opposing Beyblade they’ll receive 1 point.
  • Frame, God Chip, or Driver Chip falling off: 1 point.

While this change may have come out of the blue for some, we have made this decision based on two main factors;
  • The prevalence of Dash Drivers and Opposite Spin combinations.
  • The level of skill required to score a knock-out, particularly with the current metagame in this format.
Please note that this only affects Deck Format Finals, and knockouts will continue to award 1 point in preliminary rounds.

Burst Classic Updates

[Image: 9teimoH.png]

Ban List Update - Shot Driver is now Banned

In line with our existing ruling on Drivers with integrated Disks within this format, we have taken the decision to ban the Shot Driver from Burst Classic. The rulebook has been updated accordingly:

Burst Classic Format Rules - Banned Parts Wrote:Performance Tips/Drivers
  • ...
  • Metal Accel, Metal Fusion, Metal Defense
  • Hybrid, Ignition’, Generate, Shot
  • All HyperSphere Drivers

While we prefer not to restrict parts shortly after their release, given the nature of this Driver, we determined to be the best choice of action to not upset the metagame. However, as with all restrictions, we welcome the community to contribute to testing on this part within our Burst Classic Customizations subforum should anyone feel that this decision should be overturned.

Rulebook Clarification on Disk Legality

Traditionally, we have routinely updated the Burst Classic rulebook to immediately restrict Disks from new systems. However, this has become confusing and tedious for not only players, but for us as well.

Within Classic, we have been clear from the start that the original lineup of 25 Disks available during the Single and Dual Layer eras are intended to be the only usable Disks within the format, with newly released Drivers being the main variable to mix up the metagame.

As such, we have simplified the listing in our rulebook to specify the Disks that are permitted, rather than add clauses for those that aren't. Please see the rewritten ruling below:

Burst Classic Format Rules - Legal Parts Wrote:Forge Discs
  • Aero, Armed, Boost, Bumper, Central, Down, Force, Gravity, Heavy, Infinity, Jerk, Knuckle, Limited, Magnum, Nine, Oval, Polish, Quarter, Ring, Spread, Triple, Upper, Vertical, Wing, and Yell.

We hope this change provides clarity within this area and reduces the number of assumptions or guesses that take place when we haven't updated our clauses on time.

All Burst Format Updates

Rulebook clarification on "Gear" Attachments

Following some enquiries regarding the recent "Gear" attachments introduced during the Dynamite Battle System, we would like to clarify that these Gears may not be removed between battles in a match. Please see the clarified ruling below:

All Burst Format Rules - Beyblade/Part-Specific Rulings Wrote:Part Attachments (e.g. Xtend+ Chip, +X, +Z, DB Gears)
  • Cannot be removed from a Beyblade for the duration of a match once it has been submitted to the judge for inspection.
  • If an attachment comes off during battle, the opponent is awarded 1 point.

This rule is in-line with our previous rulings on Layer Attachments, Frames and Driver Chips. Our intention has always been that these attachments create a composition that cannot be changed between rounds, so if you choose to use compositions such as Dynamite+F, Nexus+S or Venture+V, you are doing so knowing that these attachments may not be removed.

Rulebook clarification on "Limit Break" Disk Usage

We have also received a number of enquiries regarding Limit Break System Rings and their compatibility with Drivers with integrated Disks, such as Shot. We would like to clarify that, while these may fit together in certain circumstances, these are not intended for use with these Rings, and we have updated our ruling on usable Limit Break System Disks to take this into account. Please see the updated ruling below:

All Burst Format Rules - Beyblade/Part-Specific Rulings Wrote:Limit Break Layers
  • Limit Break System Rings (Burn, Volcano, and The End) may only be used with Limit Break System Disks (Cho, Ou, and Kou).
  • Drivers with integrated Disks may not be used in combination with these Rings.

This rule is in-line with both our existing ruling covering Disk usage on these Rings, and the intended usage for these Rings based on Takara-Tomy and wbba guidelines.

Organizer's Guide Updates

IMPORTANT: Distance Restrictions added for events with conflicting dates

With WBO Organized Play events throughout the world ramping up once again, we would like to take the opportunity to clarify what has been a somewhat ambiguous guideline from us at times: the distance restriction between two events.

This restriction was added several years ago as a way to enforce respect within communities, and not let two events from different hosts essentially sabotage each other by being too close. Our existing restriction did not place a specific distance on this, and was instead assessed on a case-by-case basis from us, and sometimes permitted with consent between the two Organizers in question.

Today, we are clarifying this restriction to state that events from different Organizers may not be within 50 miles/80 kilometres of each other if they are to take place on the same day. The clause that permits this to be overruled if both Organizers agree remains in place. Please see the updated ruling below:

Organizer\s Guide - Planning Your Tournament Wrote:Date Conflicts
Organizers may not host an event within the same week as another Organizer within a 50 mile/80 Kilometer radius that is already hosting an approved event without their written approval in the event proposal for their secondary event.

We hope this provides some clarity on how we assess the distance between events, and allows Organizers to better plan their events should they host on the same weekend.


If you have any feedback on these particular changes, or any questions or suggestions for further adjustments or additions, please post your thoughts below or in the WBO Organized Play Rules thread.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of WBO Organized Play! We appreciate any and all feedback and are always looking to improve and clarify things where possible.
So, I read all of this and I only have 1 question, so I don't know this for a fact but I'm pretty sure there are metal drivers then the three you mentioned, (Especially with the Spriggan set coming in a week) Will all Metal Drivers be banned or only those 3 (Sorry if this is a bad question I'm trying to learn more about the competitive side of Beyblade)
There were no changes to Metal Drivers on the banlist within this update. We're still keeping an eye on these (particularly with more releasing soon), but we have nothing to add on this particular update.
(Aug. 01, 2021  12:30 AM)UnseenBurst Wrote: So, I read all of this and I only have 1 question, so I don't know this for a fact but I'm pretty sure there are metal drivers then the three you mentioned, (Especially with the Spriggan set coming in a week) Will all Metal Drivers be banned or only those 3 (Sorry if this is a bad question I'm trying to learn more about the competitive side of Beyblade)

If you are referring to Burst Classic and the ban on Metal Defense, Metal Accel & Metal Fusion - then it’s just those three (for now). They are drivers with metal caps, unlike Astral Spriggan’s driver which has metal tips (similar to Orbit metal, Iron, Yard Metal - which are Classic legal).

Metal Xtreme and Metal Destroy are releasing soon so those could possibly join the three currently banned Metal drivers.
Do single layer teeth wear more often than other systems? I heard they do.

If so, i dont think metal drivers will help stopping their wear
(Aug. 01, 2021  11:04 PM)Attila Wrote: Do single layer teeth wear more often than other systems? I heard they do.

If so, i dont think metal drivers will help stopping their wear

On some layers, yes.

Metal drivers are actually well known for wearing down teeth. Metal Drivers + Single/Dual Layers = Bad Idea. But not prohibited.
Wow. Excited for that change in Limited KO ruling. Hazard Kerbeus just got more OP, tho I would say it is pretty hard to score consistent KOs
(Nov. 16, 2021  5:51 PM)Carpenter Wrote: could i use savior valtryek

nope only hasbro beys some low tier god and cho-z beys
not sure about gt the last time i heard about those they were considering it Haven't seen an update though