Voltaic Ape

Wrote an article for what is, in my opinion, the best looking beyblade of the plastic generation (I have odd tastes ok). Enjoy!

Quote:Voltaic Ape

Attack Ring (AR): Mountain Hammer
The Attack Ring of Voltaic Ape, Mountain Hammer, is deceptively aggressive: while mostly round, the two Ape heads that are the focal point of its design produce a fair amount of smash, however, in less aggressive setups, they produce a high level of recoil, making this part highly unsuitable for [[Defense|Defensive]] customisation, including most [[Compacts]]. Mountain Hammer does have some [[Smash Attack]] use, though the compact shape can be quite limiting. These combinations focus on using high weight to enhance momentum, and while this is usually not as effective as conventional smash attack setups, it can still be used effectively in a competitive situation.

===Use in Smash Attack Customization==

AR: Mountain Hammer
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Right/Left (HMC)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base

This combination focuses on the bludgeoning effect from its weight and small size, as well as limiting the recoil of Mountain Hammer. It is surprisingly effective, given it breaks almost every rule of [[Smash Attack]] customization. It does have one significant limitation, however: it is noticeably less effective against opposite-spin opponents, and as such, is best only used against beyblades which use the same spin direction.

Uriel 2’s SG Grip Change Base can be used for additional speed and power, however, it is a very fragile and expensive part, so this is generally not recommended. That said, it is arguably the safest combination to use that base in, as the areas which make contact with the base are relatively low-profile, meaning there is less stress on the weak gold plastic which the base is composed of.

Weight Disk (WD): Magne WD: See Magne WD

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (North Core)
See [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears | Neo Right SG]]

Support Part (SP): Defense Ring
Without a doubt, Defense Ring is the prized part of Voltaic Ape. It is hugely popular for [[Zombie]] customizations, and with good reason: it has notches that can steal spin from contact below the weight disk, it doesn’t interfere with the round perimeters of Wide Survivor/Wide Defense, the location and shape protects against upper attack, and it has excellent life after death, possibly the best of any Support Part.

The relatively compact shape also means it finds secondary use in compacts using Driger V2’s Customize Change Base.

Use in Defensive Zombie Customisation
This combination is the standard Grip-Based defender, a Zombie customisation using the grip from Wolborg 2’s SG (Bearing Ver. 2) to withstand hard hits, while being able to steal spin, counteracting the poor stamina of the tip. Defense Ring enhances this combination, giving additional protection against [[Upper Attack]], and offering excellent [[Life After Death]]. In addition, this combination can be launched aggressively to score KO’s against opponents with very weak defence who might otherwise outspin it. As such, it is easily one of the most powerful [[Defense]] Customizations in the entire plastic generation.

AR: Twin Horn (Takara Gabriel)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG (Bearing Ver. 2) (Wolborg 2)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

Use In Zombie Customisation
Defense Ring’s excellent life after death and spin stealing abilities make it one of the best choices for [[Zombie]] Customizations. The use of Burning Kerberous’ SG gives excellent stamina alongside decent ability to take hits when coupled with the round perimeter of the beyblade. This combination is almost impossible to outspin without a specialised Zombie-Killing customization, though it does suffer from a weakness to [[Attack]] types.

AR: Tiger Defenser (Driger S)
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo Left SG (Double Bearing Core) (Burning Kerberous)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Bearing Base

Use In Compact Customisation
Though Metal Change Base (Driger S) is generally preferred due to smaller size and lower height, the extra weight of Customize Change Base and Defense Ring, and generally less-aggressive tip, means they can still find their place amongst the best compact combinations. Defense Ring also helps compensate for the extra height, by giving some measure of protection against [[Upper Attack]].

AR: War Lion
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (HMC)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Change Base

Blade Base (BB): Customise Metal Sharp
Customise Metal Sharp is a relatively tall base, consisting of a central pole and a relatively flat platform. The tip is a somewhat wide conical metal spike; however, as it loses balance, the plastic surrounds provide extra stability and aid in life after death, producing excellent stamina, and surprisingly impressive stability.

However, the height and shape, alongside extremely low grip tip make it an easy target for lower attackers, especially [[Upper Attack]] customisations, which can throw it around with little trouble. In addition to this, almost all stamina bases, including Customize Metal Sharp, are heavily outclassed by zombie parts, and as such this base is rarely considered for serious competitive use.

Alternate Versions:
Voltaic Ape - Limited Green Ver. (Aeon Shop Limited; comes with 10 Heavy instead of MG WD)
Voltaic Ape - Shadow Black Ver. (Random Booster 11)

Whilst Defense ring is the only truly competitive part of this beyblade, it is arguably the best Support Part ever produced for [[Zombie]] Customizations, which are possibly the most common users of Support Parts of any type. Most bladers need only buy this once they have already obtained the more important parts of the plastic generation, though for Defense and Stamina enthusiasts, the excellent performance and large range of uses for Defense Ring in such customizations means they should endeavour to own multiple copies of this beyblade.

Should be prettttttty good. Smile
I think the metallic Green Ver was just a regular recolour release, but if it had a special name or limited release or whatever, let me know Smile

The combination in the AR section is based on one Synesthesia mentioned in Plastics Part Discussion, that I found very useful. He used Uriel 2's base, but yeah, Dragoon V2's base should be a decent substitute, though I must say I haven't verified it personally yet, I will do so tomorrow, and am confident that the combination in the AR section will work fine with it, I generally only include combinations I have used, but I want to get some feedback on the article as is, and wasn't comfortable recommending anyone use an SG Grip Change Base due to the fragility.
You forgot to mention the AR name in the AR section - and you should also probably not abbreviate them as such, since it looks nicer when it is not a large compilation of alphabet soup.

What's this about Dragoon V2's BB being fragile, now? Mine may as well have been shot from a winchester into a brick wall and it is still dandy...
Class article, well-written and very informative but not overcomplicated. Nice work! Voltaic Ape was always a personal favourite of mine, even out the box it was a strong beyblade. One of my favourite combinations was:

AR: Master Draciel
WD: Magnetic WD
SP: Voltaic Ape
Base: Voltaic Ape

Yeah, that combo would get smashed by anyone with decent knowledge but back in the day that combo never lost! I always loved the base. I know it's quite tall, but that combo would spin for ages. I still have like 3 Voltaic Apes in my collection! Anyway, great article, it was a fun read Smile
Fixed that, I blanked on the name when I started writing the article and forgot to correct it. And I'll go expand the titles, though I generally plan to do that when I put it on beywiki (hence the lack of beyboxes and stuff)

Customize Grip Base, Dragoon 2's base, is very solid. SG Grip Change Base, Uriel 2's Base, is the opposite, which is what I was talking about Smile

Zain: Would you believe I have that EXACT customisation sitting next to me? It is actually a really surprising combination. I actually mentioned something similar in the first draft I wrote up, but I don't think it is competitively viable enough to warrant it, in the end. They are difficult to KO, but not that hard to beat.
Aha, that was my problem. For some reason I saw V2 and then immediately correlated Grip Base to it... my mistake!

Anyway, it looks nicer, now.
LOL really, the same combo? That's a hell of a coincidence! Yeah, wide defense and wide survivor sound like much better options, unfortunately my bey collection wasnt too big so I had to make do with what I had Unhappy What I loved about the combo was that when it was starting to lose, the attack ring would start dipping and it would go around in these slow circles, then when the other beyblade hit it, it would straighten out again! I reckon the base is underestimated by a lot of people, but there are better choices. Defense ring is a beauty though!

Are you going to be writing more wiki articles on plastics? Can't wait to read em!
Yeah, the base has really surprising self-righting ability, because the tip isn't just that metal point, the plastic part surrounding it gives it a really nice ability to continue rotating with lower balance, and right itself. Plus, when that loses balance, it can then keep rolling around on defense ring for a while.
I think with the MFB "Metal Sharp" part being so terrible, a lot of people see that in the name and ignore it, but it's a good base, though like most stamina bases, it's outclassed by Zombies :c

Yeah, I've got a few other drafts up and am working on a ton more, trying to get the wiki full of useful information before this year's plastics remembrance day! Grin

EDIT: Just threw in a mention of the impressive stability, it's notable, especially for anyone coming from MFB, hah.

Realised I was wrong about gyro stability, it's a high-rpm defense part, eh.
Right, I've updated the Alternate Versions section to be a little neater.

I was wondering, what was the green version released as? Was it a tournament ground limited bey or something?
No idea tbh. There are some on ebay so you could ask Kai-V to translate the text on the box which might tell you. However rationalizing it's rarity compared to the Blue Wolborg 2(which is very very rare) I don't think it's likely to be a tournament one similar to the Blue Wolborg 2 since you can still find them on ebay.
It is called "Limited Green Ver.", it was a shop exclusive (Aeon Shop), and it came with a Ten Heavy Weight Disk. If someone can find me a picture of the Random Booster Vol 11 box, I can probably confirm the name of that version too.

Keep doing this, one day I might know about plastics.
I'll add that in now, thanks very much Smile
The name of the RBV11 version (Shadow Black Ver.) is confirmed by a number of sources (Damashii's database, amongst others) so there's no worry there, but thank you for the offer Grin

If I reach my aim, anyone who so wishes should be able to gain an extensive (and accurate) understanding of plastics using Beywiki alone. That's the long-term goal, anyway.
No, I meant that me searching the Internet for information and translating things will probably help me a lot, hah. For instance, Random Boosters in plastics had no product code ?
That makes more sense, heh.

As far as I am aware, they at least did not use the regular product codes of their era. That said, there were other product codes (H- instead of A-, and some recolours apparently used the H code too?)

If you want a real exercise, you could try to find the names of the various dranzer S recolours, as there are a bunch we aren't sure on.
I really wish we had the list of released for the H- series too. I don't really understand what the point of them was for certain. It's very likely it was just rereleases with other things added (clear versions of the S series for example) Also no the random boosters definately didn't have product codes.
I do wonder if they were Hong Kong releases, based on the H and where most of them are being sold from, but it's just a guess. I'm attempting to compile a list of H-Code releases from what I can find on ebay, but there aren't many there.
Amazing article, Th!nk. You might not know me but I'm a big fan of you lol.

I recommend changing "...same spin.." to "Beyblades spinning in the same direction." Sounds more proffesional for an article.

I have always been fascinated by Voltaic Ape for some reason. Smile
I'm aware of you, as part of my mental list of "people I wish would post more often". Smile

Mmmm, good point, I was iffy about that too. I've tweaked it now, based on your suggestion, thanks Smile

You aren't alone, I was always fascinated by it as a child, but it was really hard to find v/v2 series beyblades, so only recently was I able to get my hands on one, and it really is a very nice beyblade.

I chopped up the extremely long-winded Overall section.

th!nk, you could save me like half an hour of work by taking note of the extensive formatting used in this article - particularly the formatting that occurs on combos.
If you look at my earlier drafts, I used to format them before posting (well, carp I wrote them), however after some complaints about readability, I decided to leave it until things were approved, under the illusion that I'd be posting them and could do it then or w/e.

I will go format my other articles appropriately.

Good job cutting up the overall, too.
If the work is too heavy for you, you can just give it a seal of approval and allow the OP to add it in and spend their time. (Which should be a part of their responsibility considering they've undertaken writing the draft.)
Post edits you made so OP can do it.

IIRC Kei did this, though I do think he did also put articles up too a lot of the time.. But yeah, if I were you and wanted to focus on getting drafts up: let OP do it.
He'd tell people it was ready to go up, and then they would just not put it up and expect him to do it and complain that he wasn't.

Anyway, the number of drafts that were actually ready was a lot smaller than I was expecting. I gave him a few others to look over, and just went ahead and uploaded the ones I saw no fault with.
On the miniscule chance you missed some of the rewrites I didn't create individual threads for, my signature contains a handy dandy link section for all my articles, which will send you to the exact post they're in, and all the formatting should be done for you! :3

Oh, I edited the article to include the hasbro name variation as well as changing the typing to defense, and just fixing the AR's of a couple of the combinations, which I know is pushing the minor edit thing but yeah, I don't quite know why I used those two AR's in the first place, and the changes I made are universally agreed upon (Twin Horn for left spin stamina, War Lion for Defense), I held off my beloved Hasbro Twin Horn/War Lion SAR setup as I know it would be a little too far, seeing as it isn't commonly used (even if it is common sense, Hasbro's twin horn being rounded in left spin and the SAR absorbing even more of the impact). Tongue_out

Hm, maybe my perception was skewed by the amount of drafts I had waiting... Oh well, I'll try to keep you busy, I've got my list of plastics I have that need articles, a few drafts already in the works, and even a list of plastics I can't write articles for, and even one or two more little plastic projects I'm cooking up. I actually want to see the plastics section of the wiki complete before Plastics Remembrance Day this year, though I think it could be a struggle with rarer beys like the RB Prizes, the two rare Hidden Spirits (Bakutenryu Zio and Avairon, though they are just recolours of each other), and some of the Hasbro Engine Gear releases, I'm going to try to encourage people who have them to write about them, and will offer what help I can to them to do so.
I also think the HMS Section could be completed before then, as only Dranzer MS, Dranzer MF and Aero Knight MS still need articles.

But yeah, enough about my wild dreams of completion, glad to see this up, now the Voltaic Ape links across the wiki are Orange again, and this time they actually link to an article! Grin
Ah, keep in mind, I was only really filling in yesterday. I'll probably sub in again in the future, but Kei is planning to do a bunch of work this weekend. As for Balance/Defense, all I could find said it was Balance, so I went with that. Still, getting more high quality drafts up isn't a bad thing.
To be blunt, you got more work done in one day than has been done in a few months. I understand Kei is busy, but I mean, yeah. One day, a few months. One day - few months. Speechless
Hm, I thought he had other commitments this weekend, but eh, as long as work gets done.

I trawled through my various resources, box images, and so on, I got Defense from all of them, syeah.

Anyway, yeah. Will try to get this thing done. There is one other thing I'm looking at obtaining and scanning, and old book from takara, a customization guide book. Let's just say, their rules were a lot looser, but they open up a lot of possibilities...

Hm, looks like the SG section disappeared, probably during one of the edits I made from my phone. I've updated the article and OP with it.
Made some formatting fixes to this article and Galzzly. Formatting aside, thank you for doing such a great job on the content for this article (among many others), th!nk. We've needed someone for a long time with such a huge passion for Plastics, like yourself, to take it upon themselves to improve/expand that section of Beywiki.